Is anyone out there into scary movies? How about haunted houses? And who is interested in real ghost stories and spots that are actually filled with creepiness, magic and legends? Then get ready to learn about these 10 witchy destinations, and be sure to add them to that bucket list of dream vacations!

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From museums dedicated to the history of witchcraft to locations where witches roamed or were buried, the following tourist attractions are all fascinating. They're not for everyone, though, as some believe these tales are all just a bunch of hocus pocus. We know better, though, right?

10 New Orleans

New Orleans has a rich history in voodoo, with a couple of attractions to see based around it. There is a Historic Voodoo Museum, which is one of the only museums of its kind on the planet. There are the three Saint Louis Cemeteries with their vaults. This is where Marie Laveau is buried, and she is the most well-known person associated with voodoo.

There is also a Pharmacy Museum, with interesting instruments, apothecary bottles, herbs and potions, and there is the Museum of Death, with exhibits that were sent in by serial killers and with other strange items centered around death.

9 The Witches' Well

At the Edinburgh Castle, visitors can find The Witches' Well. This fountain, along with its plaque, exists due to the fact that numerous witches were put to death here. The ornate design shows off witches’ heads, a snake, a foxglove plant, gods, Wiccan symbols, hands holding a bowl, and an evil eye.

Water used to flow from this fountain, as well, and the Roman numerals on it tell the years when many Scottish people were burned at the stake. This was a sad part of history, but this is a beautiful tribute.

8 American Museum Of Magic

Since magic is often associated with witches, up next is the American Museum Of Magic in Marshall, Michigan, which has been called the Smithsonian of American magic. While it is not solely focused on witchcraft, it does contain the biggest collection that is all about magic and that is available for all to see.

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Books, photos and other artifacts going back centuries tell all about magic and magicians from around the world (including, yes, Houdini). There are regular events held at this museum, too, such as Camp Abracadabra where kids can learn some neat tricks!

7 Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is located in Boscastle, Cornwall, England, and it focuses on witchcraft and magic in Europe. Built in 1951, it has exhibits relating to folk magic, Freemasonry and ceremonial magic. It has a recreation of a cunning woman's cottage, divination tools, information on the witch trials and artifacts relating to alchemy and Satanism.

Many of the pieces in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic also previously belonged to notable people who practiced witchcraft and magic… pieces such as a ritual chalice, talismans and an altar slab.

6 The Witches' Market

In Cerro Cumbre, La Paz, Bolivia, there is El Mercado de las Brujas and La Hechiceria (which translates to The Witches' Market). This market is operated by witch doctors of the area called yatiri; they wear black hats and have pouches that carry their talismans and amulets.

At this market, the yatiri sell things such as potions and plants that are used in rituals. One of the most interesting items for sell is dried llama fetuses, which people bury under their homes, as an offering to Pachamama, a fertility goddess who is over planting and harvesting and who is known as the earth/time mother.

5 Magicum Museum

Another place that is focused on magic is The Magicum. This magic museum, which can be found in in Berlin, Germany, covers magicians, alchemy, astrology, occultism and, yes, even witchcraft. There are tools that were used for torture, cauldrons, a love spell and many other magical props, exhibits and artifacts to see.

Plus, this is the first interactive museum on the planet that focuses on magic and mysticism, as it covers the history of it all and allows people to discover it in a whole new way.

4 Harrisville Cemetery

In Rhode Island, travelers can visit the Harrisville Cemetery, which is where Bathsheba Sherman is buried. She lived in a farmhouse in the area and was accused of sacrificing a baby to the devil. Later, reports even claimed that she passed away in a strange way and that her body turned to stone back in 1885.

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Most will know her due to her activities in the 1970s, though; the Perron family moved into her old house, she started haunting them, and this tale is told through the movie The Conjuring.

3 The Town Of Witches

Triora is where the final witch trials happened in Italy, giving this spot nicknames such as The Town Of Witches and The Salem of Europe. Due to its history (Several women were called witches and were blamed for bad weather and crop shortages.), there are several spooky attractions and events in Triora.

There is the Ethnographic and Witchcraft Museum, which covers the agricultural history and the witch trials with artifacts and recreations. There are tours that allow people to see where these accused witches lived. And, each year, there is a summer witchcraft festival and a big Halloween celebration.

2 Danvers, Massachusetts

Everyone has heard of the Salem witch trials, and part of these events happened in Danvers, Massachusetts, which used to be called Salem Village. Rebecca Nurse, who was convicted, and Samuel Parris, a minister during the time, were both from this place, and these real-life people are both mentioned in The Crucible.

Nurse’s house is still around and is a historical landmark that visitors can see. There is also a Tercentennial Witchcraft Victims Memorial, as well as an old tavern called Ingersoll's Ordinary, which was an important site during the trials.

1 Salem

And then there is Salem, with The Salem Witch Museum, The Witch House, the Witch Dungeon Museum, the Salem Wax Museum and the Witch History Museum. There is also a Bewitched statue, and there are filming locations that were used in Hocus Pocus. Even the normal parts of town incorporate nods to history, as cop cars have witch logos and since the Salem High School’s mascot is the Witches.

This popular city offers up tours of notable and witchy locations, which, of course, include stops to creepy, old, beautiful cemeteries that hold many who were involved in the witch trials.

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