A lot of people out there like to make sure they travel with a companion, which is why couple often consider travelling together. This can be a great idea, arguably bringing the partners together, but that's only if people choose the right sort of place to travel to. Yes, believe it or not, but there are some places out there that couples really shouldn't be going to, as they're havens for single men, not those in relationships. Stay away, if you want your relationship to last!

What we've done is pull together some of the places that are known for being a haven for single men, places that would be a bad place to travel to as a couple. We know that a lot of relationships are stronger than others, but we think that even the strongest couple couldn't manage to visit these places without leaving the country and singletons.

So, we want to start saving some relationships, so let's get down to looking at some of the best places to travel solo, making them bad places to travel as a couple. Is everyone ready? Well then, let's get started!

25 Herradura, Costa Rica

One of the greatest things about this area is that it offers travellers the chance to get away from it all, removing a person from all of the difficulties of life.

This chance at solitude is destroyed by having a partner there. It means that the couple always has to be on the lookout for things they can do together!

We wouldn't be surprised if couples that go here end up realizing that they want to spend more time away from each other, rather than spend more time together...

24 San Juan, Puerto Rico

We think that this area is likely to be good for people who have just got out of a relationship, not for those who enjoy who they're actually with at the time.

It's a fantastic place for flirting, a place filled with young people, food and drink.

Going in a couple is ensuring that there will be some sort of jealousy and paranoia fuelled argument at some point, we can guarantee it. Wait till your partner leaves you, then get your ticket to this place.

23 New Orleans, Louisiana

When people think of New Orleans, they think of one long party, which isn't entirely true, but people who want to go when the party is at its best should probably go on their own.

There is a lot to be done, but it's best to go on your own and meet new people while you're there.

You will just end up resenting your partner if you go to New Orleans with them, as they will get in the way of making new friends. Go on your own and there's a real chance to flirt.

22 New York City, New York

This one may be a good place for a small amount of couples out there, but we don't think it would work for most, as it is known as the city that never sleeps. Sleeping is an important part for a lot of couples.

Partners who don't spend a lot of downtime can end up getting on each other's nerves, which can happen very easily in NYC.

We say, either go on your own or go in a group. There's no way a couple can go to NYC for any long period of time without breaking down!

21 Montreal, Canada

Montreal is known for having huge swathes of beautiful women, a lot of which are single. Nobody is too sure why this is, but it means that it's a perfect place for single men.

That's what doesn't make it a great place for couples to visit, as there's a lot of chances that a beautiful woman will take a liking to the man in a relationship!

What we're saying is, if you're in a couple and you don't want the man you love to have their wandering eye tempted, then Montreal is definitely somewhere that should be avoided.

20 Las Vegas, Nevada

Everybody in this world has heard the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." This isn't because couples go and have such a lovely time that they can't tell other people about it. Las Vegas is a haven for people who want to spend time indulging in their excesses, not a great place for partners to visit and enjoy a quiet holiday together. Seriously, unless you're the sort of relationship that enjoys getting involved with gambling and drinking, this place isn't for you.

19 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is so filled with young people looking for a date that it has actually become known for speed dating weekends. While this would be a perfect holiday for a single man, it doesn't make it a great area for loving couples who want to celebrate what they have together. We're not saying people can't go and ignore all that side of the city, but why not go somewhere else, somewhere that the two of you can really romance each other?!

18 Obonjan, Croatia

As a relatively safe country, this isn't a place where people need to travel in groups, so people can go solo on their own.

That being said, there will be a huge number of solo travellers, so there is a chance that your partner will find an excuse to go off on their own, or with another group instead.

We're not saying that everyone's relationship would end, but we're just saying that there's a big chance that something will go wrong.

17 Havana, Cuba

Travelling through places like Cuba are known for making people realize a lot about themselves, which is why it may not be right to go as a couple.

Let's be honest, we all have our flaws, so the bad thing that can happen is a place like Havana makes those flaws much more obvious.

We don't want a couple to go to somewhere that will have them questioning the great thing that they already have. Pick somewhere else instead.

16 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Okay, so there will likely be times of the year when this area is great for couples, offering some beautiful vistas, but we would suggest that you don't visit during the famous carnival.

The street parties are a fantastic chance for single men to pick up someone new, so couples don't want to visit the carnival together or they might struggle.

If you do decide to go during the carnival, make sure that time is made for a beach visit and relaxing time together wherever you choose to stay.

15 Miami, Florida

Miami is known for being filled with money and fun, which can be a great thing for anyone that is looking for some real frills.

However, we don't think the party vibe is for every couple out there. Only the younger relationships that were built on that sort of thing will likely survive this sort of thing.

There's a chance that more of a party atmosphere will be good for some couples, but for most, we don't think Miami is too good an idea.

14 Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known for having a wild side, one that can be exploited by any young reveller who is looking for a chance to cut loose in a way they can't find in another country, which is why young men flock to this place every single year. That's why it's not the greatest place when it comes to where couples should be going. They should go somewhere that throws the good parts of their country right out in the open.

13 Bogota, Colombia

There's a healthy lifestyle in this area that appeals to a lot of people, so there's a chance that some couples will enjoy what this place has to offer.

However, there's also an impressive nightlife, one that is filled with people who are looking to have a lot of fun.

For most couples, holidays are about relaxing, spending time together and creating memories that they can actually remember, rather than forgetting them instantly because they're out on the town!

12 Goa, India

Goa is filled with beaches, that are filled with young travellers looking to have some fun. This is because every single beach has numerous shacks and bars.

These are a fantastic chance for travellers to meet people, but not for couples to meet other couples.

If anything, these are the beaches that people should visit when they're attempting to start a relationship, not keep one going. Honestly, the amount of fun had on these beaches should not be missed, so go on your own!

11 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is known for its booze, as well as offering a chance to meet a lot of people who live a completely different life from in the US.

While there are a lot of sights that couples can enjoy together, they will likely be unable to remember them due to the beer and ale they'll be enjoying while they're on the streets of Dublin. 

Even couples who don't drink a lot will find that they buy a few rounds in when they get to Dublin!

10 Ibiza, Spain

This is an area of the world that people go to when they want to cut loose, want to spend some time with new people and throw themselves at a real party.

We don't think it's smart that anyone would go to this place with a partner, as there's no telling what could happen in a place that is so obsessed with having a good time.

A party island is not the best place for people to work on making a good relationship.

9 Cancun, Mexico

Of all the places on this list, this is the one that people seem to think has the largest amount of women, an amount that provides young men with a chance to flirt their way through the country.

If there's a couple out there that is looking for long romantic walks down the beach, then they should look elsewhere.

The beaches will be too full with distracting women if you decide on Cancun for your next holiday destination.

8 Tel Aviv, Israel

While Tel Aviv can be a great place to see at some point in your life, we wouldn't recommend that anybody goes with someone else, as things can get pretty serious when it comes to money. We know that a lot of relationships struggle with money, with it being a huge issue for many couples. Taking on an expensive boutique hotel with someone else, going to expensive restaurants, this is the sort of thing that can lead to some serious arguments!

7 Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica can be a bit of a worrying place, so some would argue it's actually better to go with other people, to make sure that there is safety in numbers.

However, this is where Hedonism takes place, a clothes optional resort known for the huge amount of playing that can go on.

We're not saying only people who want to go to Hedonism can go to this place, but it should be enough to point out that it may not be that smart for couples to go to...

6 Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is the kind of place that thrives on travellers which want to get out of their minds, which can be fun with somebody that you're with.

However, people can often go too far, especially when they're on holiday. Nobody wants to see the person they love get out of control. When they're in a foreign place, it can actually get a little worrying.

Amsterdam is the sort of place where people realize that their partner can't handle themselves when they're not sober, which nobody ever wants to see.