The world is full of adventure, and it goes without saying that people love to take advantage of just that. When it comes to thrill seekers, there is something extremely liberating about being away from home, out of your comfort zone, and jumping into a completely crazy experience. We often hear people tell us to "take risks" and "live in the moment", well, what better way to follow that advice by jumping off a cliff, diving into deep waters or defying gravity.

So, if you're seeking a little more danger in your next travel destination, then wait no further. We have scoured the most death-defying destinations that are bound to bring out your inner daredevil. You should pack some extra courage in your suitcase just in case, because these 30 locations sought out by adrenaline junkies, are bound to make you sweat a little.

29 2. Everest Skydive - Nepal

Mount Everest is one location that many thrill seekers want to check off their lists. From climbing it, seeing it person or skydiving over it, there's tons to do! In this case, skydiving over Everest has become quite a popular activity amongst travelers, and has even become the self-proclaimed "most elite skydiving adventure", and we do not doubt it for one second.

The skydive takes place in Nepal, where divers can jump from a plane at 29,500 feet, and float straight back to the base camp. So, if you've been wanting to visit Mount Everest, how about fly over it rather than climb?

28 4. World's Steepest Coaster - Japan

Thrill seekers love a steep roller coaster, and they would absolutely love this one! The world's steepest coaster currently resides in Japan and is sure to make your heart pound like crazy.

According to Digital Trends, the coaster, names Takabisha, meaning "high-handed", has a drop angle of 121 degrees, and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2 seconds! This rollercoaster isn't playing around, so once you're buckled in, there's no turning back.

  1. 28 The Croc Cage - Australia

This one ought to make you tremble just a tad! Travelers head over to Australia where they can stare into the faces of some of the biggest saltwater crocodiles.

The activity consists of a cage, capable of housing two people at a time, is submerged into a makeshift pond that is home to a massive crocodile.

Those brave enough to dive into the cage, are separated by a mere few inches of glass from the crocodiles, making it one of the many places that'll certainly get your heart racing.

27 12. Palouse Falls Kayaking - Washington

A calm kayak through blissful waters can be quite the stress reliever, however, when your kayaking down a waterfall, it can be quite the opposite. Palouse Falls, located in Washington State, provides some of the most irresistible waterfalls for any pro-kayaker, or risk taker out there to plummet down. According to RedBull, Tyler Brandt attempted the ride on a 3.7 second freefalls over the 57-meter waterfall in 2009, that's higher than Niagara Falls!

26 8. Dine In The Sky - Belgium

Dinner In The Sky has become quite a famous attraction, with countless locations across the globe. One of the most well-known experiences takes place in Belgium, directly atop the Atomium.

The experience involves a full course dinner that takes place 50 meters in the air.

The table seats 21 passengers that are safely attached to their seats, for an hour-long meal of a lifetime. The only downside to this activity, is that if any guest has to use the washroom, they must fully descend each an every time, so be sure to go the bathroom before "pulling up a seat".

25 11. Edgewalk - Toronto

Next up on the list, the EdgeWalk! This Toronto based attraction takes place at the CN Tower. Participants suit up and get harnesses to the top of the 265m-high tower for a thrill of a lifetime.

They are guided by a professional guide, where they can lean off the edge of the CN Tower, facing the glory the city of Toronto has to offer.

This Canadian signature experience is probably not suited for those afraid of heights, but should definitely be at the top of the list for those who love them!

24 13. Volcano Boarding - Nicaragua

We've got skateboarding and snowboarding, but have you ever tried volcano boarding? One of the most extreme ways to slide a slope is at Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.

Many travelers have boarded down the live volcano, where they have reached speeds up to 80 kilometres per hour.

If you're up for the challenge, then wait no further, because this experience is one you don't want to miss out on!

23 14. Insanity Ride - Las Vegas

Adrenaline junkies might not consider rides like this an "extreme" activity, but when you are doing at the top of a Las Vegas casino hundreds of feet off the ground, then that just might change their mind. The "Insanity Ride" hovers 270 meters above ground, and 20 meters over the edge of Vegas' Stratosphere Tower, which according to Vegas Magazine, is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. If you've got what it takes, then hop onto these mechanical arms that will certainly get your heart pounding even before the ride takes off.

22 17. Great White Shark Swimming - South Africa

If you thought swimming with giant crocodiles was scary, how about swimming amongst some Great Whites! Cape Town, South Africa offers one of the most heart-wrenching activities, that lets you experience swimming with these massive creatures.

The activity takes place at Simon's Town and Boulder's Beach, where you can swim alongside some Great White sharks with only a few steel bars protecting you!

21 15. Ras Al Khaimah Zip Line - UAE

Ras Al Khaimah is the world's longest and thrilling zip lines! According to CNN, the zip wire is record-breaking 2.83 kilometers long, and is set to attract up to one million visitors by the end of this year!

The zip line can be found in Jebel Jais, United Arab Emirates, which is East to the city of Dubai.

Once harnessed in, you will then be shot into what can only be described as one of the most thrilling and electrifying activities one can experience.

20 5. Running Of The Bulls - Spain

The running of the bulls is a definite bucket list for many travelers to witness, however, it's quite a common sought out experience for few that are brave enough to be chased, gored and trampled by one of the world's most powerful land mammals.

The Running of the Bulls occurs in Pamplona, Spain during the month of July, where up to 15 bulls are released into the streets of the old Spanish city, plowing through anything and anyone in their way, says Travel Tips.

Although the event is quite an adrenaline rush, it has its many dangerous downsides, including the fact that 15 people have died in the event since 1924.

19 6. Snowmobiling - Canada

Canada is home to countless thrill-seeking activities! Whether you're looking for some fun in the snow, forest or lake, the land of the true North strong and free has some of the most exhilarating snowmobiling trails in the world.

One, in particular, can be found at the Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve in Newfoundland, which according to Iba Canada, is the largest protected area in the province that offers miles of uncharted terrain for the extreme sport.

If you're into some really fast and furious business, then grab your helmets and buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.

18 7. Marathon Des Sables - Morocco

The Marathon Des Sables, which translates to the Marathon of the Sands, is a six-day, 254-kilometer marathon through the Saharan desert in over 50-degree Celsius heat.

According to the Telegraph UK, the marathon is known to be the world's toughest foot race, that is so dangerous, it took the lives of two competitors in 2007.

The race takes place between April 4 - 14 each year, where participants test our their true abilities through some of the most physically demanding tasks.

17 9. Zapcat Powerboating - United Kingdom

Zapcat powerboating is one of the most intense boating experiences to date. It's imperative that you grab yourself a helmet, to only shed you from the intense waves that hit you, but to disguise the tears that will be streaming down your face.

According to Sail-World, Zapcat powerboating are races that take place on a Zapcat 55 - 15 inflatable race boat, that treads the waters across England. The sensation of both speed, and air that the boat reaches makes the experience one that you will never forget.

16 10. Dog Sled Racing - Alaska

Although dog sledding may sound like more of a leisurely activity than a pure adrenaline rush, think again! The feeling of being on a dog-powered sled, whistling past trees and beautiful scenic mountains at speeds faster than human ability is surely suite for any thrill-seeker out there.

Some of the most well-known dog sled companies reside in Alaska, United States, where dog mushing through vast tundra, moose, wolves, eagles and sometimes the occasional Northern Lights makes for one heck of an experience.

15 16. The Mount Hua Shan Ascent - China

Mount Huashan is considered to be one of the most dangerous and scary hikes in the world. The paths have since been reinforced due to the large amounts of tourists that visit the breathtaking views each year but remain to be insanely dangerous.

In addition, the "ledge walk" has a reputation for several falls each year, although no official statistics are kept, says Nomadasaurus.

Certain walks have you harnessed to a rope attached to the edge of the cliff, but even that can't be trusted. If you're willing to toy with extreme dangers to your life, which we highly discourage, than by all means, this is the perfect challenge for you.

14 3. Surf Shipstern Bluff - Australia

This one is for all you surfers out there! Shipstern Bluff is located in Australia, and has been deemed by travelers as one of the most "dangerous surf spots in the world".

From great white sharks, massive waves and a difficulty level suited for only the best of the best surfers, this Tasmania based wave is not for the faint of heart.

According to Liquid Surf, Andy Campbell became the first surfer to take up the challenge in 1997, that spiked interest with hundreds of others who went on to attempt the extremely difficult task.

13 18. World's Longest Cable Ride Car - China

The world's longest cable car is located at Tanmen Shan, which translates to Heaven's Gate Mountain, in China's Hunan province. According to Travel & Leisure, the cable car takes 28 minutes in total length from start to finish, the connects the scenic town of Zhangjiajie and Tianmen Shan via 7,455 meters of a cable car.

If that isn't impressive enough, the thrill of it all takes place at times the cable car reaches ultimate steepness at 38-degree parts, while ascending and descending at 1,279 meters.

12 19. Neuschwanstein Castle Paragliding - Germany

Paragliding has been a thrill seeker dream for some time now, however, imagine paragliding over a beautiful German castle surrounded by scenic mountains and greenery galore? Yes, please!

This can all happen at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, which reportedly inspired Walt Disney's creation of countless castles in his cartoons. If you're into some breathtaking views, while soaring through the sky, then this is the experience for you.

11 20. Harbour Bridge Climb - Australia

Next up on the list is the Harbour Bridge Climb! Located atop the Sydney Harbour, this beautiful landmark has seen more than 2,000 marriage proposals since it first went into operation.

According to ABC, the bridge climb comes in three packages, of 2 to 3.5 hour long climbs that allow you to experience all the glory the bridge offers all while learning the engineering behind the amazing infrastructure.

10 21. Great Barrier Reef Dive - Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is considered to be on of the World Wonders, and we can definitely see why! The Reef itself is so large, that it is reportedly able to be seen from outer space! So, if you are water lover, and want to experience the reef up close, then wait no further.

The best views take place at Hook Reef, which is on the east side of Southern Swain Reefs.

According to Reef Trip, has up to 50 meters of visibility that allow you to witness scorpion fish, parrot fish, fusiliers, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, starfish, and countless other amazing sea creatures.