10 Places In The World You Need To Visit Before It's Too Late

There are so many incredible places in the world to visit that it's difficult to narrow it down to just a few. Since everyone is creating bucket lists, however, it's important to work out what places are absolutely vital to see.

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Often, the places we need to visit before it's too late depends on the person doing the traveling. It's difficult to appeal to everyone. However, we've created a list of places that has a little bit of everything. So while you still can, check out these 10 amazing places.


The Great Wall of China is a significant part of Asian culture and history. it's an incredibly popular tourist destination but there is a very simple reason for that. Both the story behind it and the construction itself is very impressive.

Although it can get busy up there, it has to be said that walking along one of the great wonders of the world is definitely a bucket list task. By visiting the Great Wall you can get a greater sense of Chinese history. The Wall itself is truly amazing to look along the length of, as it just keeps going.


The Great Barrier Reef is literally running out of time. Due to extreme climate change, the Reef is actually becoming bleached. When this happens, parts of the coral die off. Without the coral breeds of fish also start to leave or die.

There are increased methods to try and save this amazing location. In fact, there are all sorts of schemes, including growing seaweed, which you can help donate to in order to protect this habitat. Snorkel in the Reef before it's too late although don't try to bring back any coral. This is a beautiful place which needs to be protected.


Cambodia is a very complex and beautiful country. However, if you do make a trip to this Asian country it's important that you make a few very specific visits. While it's worth checking out the local culture and amazing locations, it's the temples that you must visit.

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Cambodia is home to some of the most impressive places of worship in the world. Their ancient temples are really something to behold and many of them are still being used today. It's especially worth visiting Angkor Wat.


Greece is a beautiful country. The food and the beaches that it has to offer are second to none. Greece is also known for its Christian Orthodox beliefs and its classic churches. They are a tourist attraction by themselves but Meteora steps it up a notch.

These amazing natural rock formations are spectacular to visit. Amongst them are various Orthodox places of worship. The terrain is tricky to negotiate and it's a trek to get up there, but once you're there you know it's the type of place that needed to be on the bucket list; it's actually a UNESCO protected site.


The Grand Canyon is one of the many natural wonders in the US that should be on anyone's bucket list. As the natural environment is gradually changing it's worth visiting right now! There's nothing in the world like this amazing canyon.

For anyone who loves getting in touch with nature, some of America's other national parks are worth visiting as well. However, the Grand Canyon, which has been created after years and years of water erosion, is unmatched in the country.


Venice is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and the whole of Europe. It's so unique because of the structures being built on water. The food and atmosphere in Venice showcase the best of Italy, but it's the architecture that you'll be interested in.

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There are a number of incredible religious buildings across the city. The churches and cathedrals are all breathtaking inside. Of course, you need to take a trip on a gondola as well as visiting some of the tiny shops in the many narrow and beautiful streets.


While many of these places will represent a lot of beauty and a lot of happiness, Auschwitz is obviously a much different kind of trip. But, it's more important than anything else on this list. Everybody should visit Auschwitz once in their life.

The concentration camps represent the worst of humanity, which is why we should remind ourselves of it and keep on learning from these awful events. The tours you receive at the camps are extraordinary and there are some heartbreaking stories to learn that will make you feel a little bit more in touch with history.


The home to the Lord of the Rings, it's well known by now that New Zealand is a place of natural beauty that everyone should visit at some point. If you're a Middle Earth fan then there's plenty to do, but even if you're just a lover of nature then New Zealand has so many amazing mountains and lakes.

Aside from all the natural beauty however, New Zealand is actually quite underrated in terms of its culture, people and some of the other things on offer. The people of New Zealand are some of the funniest in the world and there's some great cities to visit across the country.


Barcelona is simply stunning. The beaches, the churches, the parks. There's so much to do that it would be impossible to fit it all in one week. The culture of Catalonia is truly astounding and needs to be experienced first hand.

This is a location that we urge everyone to visit, but if you are perhaps from the States then it's definitely worth exploring. It's so different from what can be experienced in other Spanish cities, perhaps because of the art, architecture, and feel of the city.


The Galapagos Islands have an important place in scientific history. They were, of course, the Islands that Darwin first started to discover the process of evolution. These are also some of the best places in the world to observe wildlife.

There is a huge variety of animals that can be found nowhere else on this planet. The culture of the few people that inhabit these areas is also so different from anything you would have experienced before. Even a short trip would be life-changing.

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