From wasp crackers and pork intestines to gourmet burgers and fast-food desserts, our world is a colorful gastropub filled with different aromas, cooking traditions, and exotic herbs.

Chef Anthony Bourdain was one of the few celeb chefs who didn’t hesitate to take us on a delicious journey across the world and its secret recipes. In his shows A Cook’s Tour, No Reservations, Parts Unknown, and The Layover, Bourdain showed people that traveling can be a feast for the senses, literally! From North America to Asia, Bourdain traveled the world and the seven seas; he even explored the frozen magic of Antarctica!

Yet, celeb chef Anthony Bourdain avoided some places (for a reason). Here are 15 places that Bourdain never visited.

15 Anthony Bourdain Was Afraid To Travel To Switzerland

From Canada to New Zealand, Bourdain rediscovered the world with its fascinating flavors and colors. Nevertheless, there was one country Bourdain was afraid of: magical Switzerland. Believe it or not, the chef found alpine vistas, cheese, and yodeling terrifying.

14 The Chef Loved Exploring The Middle East... But Avoided Yemen

It’s not a secret that Anthony Bourdain loved the exotic scents of the Middle East. The chef traveled across Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and other pearls of the Middle East. Yet, he avoided Yemen. We should note that the country has been torn apart by a civil war since 2015 and 75% of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance.

13 Bourdain Wasn't A Fan Of Disneyland

Chef Anthony Bourdain was not only a celeb chef but a brave traveler in love with unusual places; he enjoyed exploring different cultures, cuisines, and delicacies. Thus, it’s no surprise Anthony Bourdain avoided Disneyland. Sadly enough, the increasing commercialization of this iconic and classic theme park is more than upsetting.

12 Somalia Wasn't On His Travel List For A Reason

From Morocco to Mozambique, Africa is a diverse place and a real feast for the senses. In fact, Antony Bourdain loved Africa’s delicious meals. Nevertheless, he never visited Somalia. We should note that the country has been torn apart by an ongoing conflict, which, according to Al Jazeera, left millions of people without a roof over their heads.

Chef Anthony Bourdain reshaped celeb chef shows. In his three popular shows, Bourdain revealed the beauty of our world with its magical spices, exotic fruits, and ancient cooking traditions. In order to encourage people to embrace cultures and cuisines, Bourdain favored off-the-beaten-track places and avoided popular destinations.

10 Bourdain Never Went To Sudan (Where Many People Are Starving)

From lush jungles to majestic dunes, Anthony Bourdain simply loved Africa. Yet, he never visited Sudan, once one of the most influential countries in Africa. Now Sudan is one of the most volatile places in the world where millions of people are starving, particularly in South Sudan (as per The Guardian).

9 Chef Anthony Bourdain Was Against The So-Called Bro-Food

Anthony Bourdain tried a wild variety of exotic dishes. However, there was one thing he disliked: the so-called bro-food. Besides, Bourdain regretted his role in today’s "meathead" culture, "And because I was a guy in a guy’s world - I was very proud of the fact that I had endured that, that I found myself in this very old... very oppressive system."

8 What About Eastern Europe?

Even though Anthony Bourdain had itchy feet, we should mention that he visited only a few countries in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, although the Iron Curtain is gone, the devastating prejudices against the East still exist. As a result, Eastern Europe - which consists of many different countries that are no longer a single entity - has always been overlooked.

7 Anthony Bourdain Never Visited Eritrea (For A Reason)

No surprise Anthony Bourdain loved the whole continent of Africa and explored its colors and flavors. Nevertheless, Bourdain never visited Eritrea. We should mention that the devastating conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, described as two of Africa’s poorest countries, destroyed thousands of families, as per BBC.

6 Chef Bourdain Disliked Brunch Spots

Chef Bourdain will always have gastronomical fans across the globe. However, many brunch-lovers will be surprised to know that Bourdain avoided brunch spots. As the chef said, brunch is a "horrible, cynical way of unloading leftovers and charging three times as much as you ordinarily charge for breakfast... Hideous."

5 ... And Maybe Didn't Like The Balkans

From the high peaks of Bulgaria and the pebbly beaches of Albania to the deep caves of Slovenia and the medieval villages of Romania, there's no doubt that the Balkan Peninsula is a beautiful and diverse region. Yet, Bourdain filmed only two episodes there, with one being a complete failure.

4 Perhaps Filming In Afghanistan, A War-Torn Country, Was Impossible

The Middle East is a melting pot of cultures, spices, and sceneries, so it’s no surprise Bourdain loved exploring its dishes and traditions. That being said, the chef never visited war-torn Afghanistan (for a reason). Perhaps filming in Afghanistan - a battleground of numerous international and local interests - was simply impossible.

3 Bourdain Loved Africa (But Never Went To Mali)

Although the Malian cuisine is rich and interesting, celeb chef Anthony Bourdain never visited Mali, once one of the richest countries in Africa. Sadly, the Malian conflict that started in 2012 has never really ended. In fact, according to Al Jazeera, the cross-border ethnic violence that started as a local problem is expanding and intensifying.

2 He Never Visited Wales

Although Wales - with its charming villages, green valleys, unique language, and ancient castles - is like a fairy tale, celeb chef Anthony Bourdain never visited this part of the UK. Compared to other filming locations (and unusual dishes), perhaps Wales was too ordinary for him.

1 Even Though People Love Traveling, Nobody Likes Plane Food

From fertilized eggs to smelly tofu, it’s not a secret that chef Anthony Bourdain didn’t hesitate to explore the world in order to try some unusual dishes. Yet, one thing he dreaded was plane food. Funnily enough, he left plane passengers a witty piece of advice: better sleep through dinner.