Since its birth in 2001, Disney California Adventure Park had hoped to draw crowds from far and wide to celebrate the meshing of California’s “fun in the sun” vibe with the magic of Disney. However, in the last decade and a half, Adventure Park has been a dud.

The 72-acre Anaheim park is home to many fun attractions, like a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and an ever-so classic boardwalk, but has failed to reach the expectations set out for it - drawing in only half the visitors as California’s other mega park, Disneyland.


In an attempt to excite new and old visitors alike, California Adventure Park announced plans to transform the Paradise Pier into a Pixar homage.

The new and improved boardwalk - which opened this past Saturday - was renamed to Pixar Pier in hopes of rejuvenating the old pier’s initial theme, rather than just scrap it completely.

Part of the upgrade included changing the park’s roller coaster from California Screamin’ to Incredicoaster, which borrows its name from the popular Pixar blockbuster The Incredibles.

The renovated coaster will tell the story of baby Jack-Jack while the rest of the Incredibles family tries to catch him. The story will be told with videos, projections, and more as riders weave through the ride.

“We are about blending what we love about the seaside with the great Disney-Pixar films,” park spokesperson Mirna Hughes said about what the changes mean for the 17-year-old adventure land.

The famous Ferris wheel in the center of California Adventure Park, which features Mickey Mouse’s face, was also given a new look. The 24 gondolas on the ride will now feature various different Pixar characters.

Other features being added to the park include themed food and merchandise for movies like Toy Story, Inside Out and Coco. Toy Story t-shirts and mouse-ear hats with alien or robot eyes are among the most popular.

And that’s not all!

Disney plans to build an expansion for California Adventure Park in 2020 that will feature superheroes from Marvel comics and movies like Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Iron Man.

Another big move for Disneyland in California this summer is the opening of Star Wars Land, something the movie mogul company is hoping will increase park visits by over one million.