25 Pinterest-Worthy Travel Hacks Every Woman Should Live By

A lot of time and money goes into planning the perfect trip. Traveling can be an incredible experience and can take you to all corners of the globe. You have the opportunity to explore beautiful new destinations and exciting new adventures. However, it can be tiring and challenging. It is very easy to fall into different plunders and end up hemorrhaging money, wasting time and failing to enjoy your experience.

As you begin to travel more, you learn things that save you money, are more time-efficient, and that enhance your experience. However, isn’t it great when you can do it perfectly the first time? There are so many small things that you can do that will make a large difference in improving the quality of your trip. Thanks to the growth of travel blogging and the internet, people have begun sharing their experiences and things that have simplified their life. Many of the hacks that you can use will improve the planning process, packing, travel and transit, and the logistics.

Here are 25 Pinterest-worthy travel hacks that every girl needs to live by.

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25 Pre-book and Pre-Plan

Via: Noxeo

You can spare yourself a lot of time, energy and stress when you pre-book and pre-plan. By booking your trip before arriving, you will be able to ensure you get the best deals, which will save you a lot of money (which you can then spend on more adventures).

You will be able to focus on exploring where you are instead of wasting time planning while you are on your trip. Don’t overbook yourself though because you still want to allow for spontaneity while traveling!

24 Enable Private Browsing While Booking

Via: Nomad Woman

This one is a well-kept secret, but such an easy hack. When browsing between websites, your computer keeps a log of this information. So travel websites often track your visits and will raise the prices simply because you have visited before. By enabling private browsing while booking, you can compare prices to get the best deal without being scammed into spending more money.

Every penny saved can then be put towards booking that amazing trip. With the money you save, you could book yourself a day at the spa, or spend it on a boat tour. The possibilities are yours.

23 Price One-Way Tickets Vs. Return Tickets

Via: World of Wanderlust

Many believe that by booking return, you are saving money. However, that isn’t always the case. At times it is more cost effective and time efficient for you to book two one-way tickets. If you are planning on visiting multiple locations on your trip or you are covering a lot of ground, it can be cheaper to book a one-way to Rome and a one-way from Paris.

Spending time back-tracking to where you flew in can be expensive and sometimes the bundles of a return flight don’t save you any money. Comparing the prices will save you money and allow you to find the best deals.

22 When Reserving With A Partner, Request The Window And The Aisle

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This probably sounds counter-productive but stick with me here. If you choose the window and aisle seats on the plane, you will, at a minimum, be in the same row together. If no one is placed in the middle seat, then you both get the full row to yourselves (and you can stretch out without worries of a stranger sitting next to you).

However, if someone does end up in between, it’s pretty easy to ask to switch to sit next to your partner. Don’t feel bad though because let’s be honest, we all know the middle seat is the worst place to be on a plane and they will be happy to switch.

21 Download Travel And Photography Applications Before You Go

Via: Canva

We all know that when travelling, Wi-Fi and cell-coverage can be spotty at best so take the initiative before you leave to download travel and photography apps that will make your life easier. In your planning phase, apps can be really useful for comparing prices, booking and keeping track of your reservations.

Apps such as Google Trips and Maps are essential for keeping track of details, and planning where you absolutely must visit. However, photo apps such as Adobe Lightroom and Google Photos are a must-have for editing photos and backing up your memories.

20 Be Prepared With Your Money And Bring More Than You Anticipate

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Money makes the world go-round and helps you get around the world. Always travel with a budget larger than you expect you need because things happen all the time, and you want to be prepared for any unexpected incidentals. Before leaving, make sure you have multiple streams of money to draw from in case your account gets frozen or you lose a card. You want to make sure you always have a backup. Separate your cards and pull out cash as soon as you arrive in the country and tuck it away just in case. If possible, use no fee bank cards because the easiest way to waste money traveling is to rack up bank fees from international transactions.

19 Scan Your Important Documents and Reservation Information

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Before leaving, you absolutely need to scan all of your important documents and have a copy of your reservation information. This may seem unnecessary but if you lose your passport, identifications, bank cards or can’t remember your hotel information, then this could save you a lot of stress. Simply scan the details into an email and send them to yourself or a family member for safe keeping. But be sure to inform someone of your travel plans and how to contact you on your trip.

Spontaneity can be a fantastic thing, but for your safety and peace of mind, tell someone your plans.

18 Be Smart And Efficient With Your Carry-On

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You have limited space allowed to you in your carry-on so use it wisely. First, pack sustenance for yourself with something to hydrate and snack on. Entertainment should be your next priority. Often you are left to your own devices because not all airplanes, trains or buses have TV screens. If you are a writer, pack a journal, if you enjoy drawing, pack a sketch pad. Always pack something to read (but don’t bring a brand new book, because you don’t want to find out that you aren't interested once you're trapped). Finally, be sure to pack headphones and a phone charger.

Flights can be very loud, so you can use the headphones to listen to music, watch a movie, or use earplugs to get some well-deserved beauty sleep.

17 Keep A Change Of Clothes And Toiletries In Your Carry-On

Via: Leotie Lovely

Luggage gets lost or is delayed every single day. Although you need to be wise about what goes into your carry-on, this is essential because no one wants to spend their vacation shopping for deodorant. Always pack a change of clothes for yourself and toiletries to get you through at least one night without your luggage.

You might not want to spend money on travel sized products that can be brought through security, but companies such as Lush have released shampoo and conditioner bars, toothpaste tablets and powder dry-shampoo that can easily be brought in a carry-on and you don’t need to worry about spills (and it's environmentally friendly)!

16 Bring A Reusable Water Bottle And Travel Cup

VIa: Instajunction

Save money and the environment by bringing your own water bottle and travel cup. Hydration is so important when you travel to stay healthy! You are constantly cramped into confined spaces with strangers and on the move, so you need to drink a lot of water to flush out toxins.

You can bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it up before you get on your plane, and you can bring a travel mug with your own honey, tea and lemon in it for your flight and you can ask the attendant for hot water! It will also remind you to drink more water when you’re out on adventures so you won’t forget.

15 Learn How To Manage Your Jet Lag

Via: Wood and Weaves

Your first instinct might be coffee, but that is actually opposite to what you need to do. The best way to manage jet lag is to listen to your body. Make sure to drink more water than usual. Hydrating with water will help flush out any toxins (whereas drinking coffee or alcohol can be dehydrating and can actually make you feel worse off). Shower upon arrival, it will help reawaken you, help you wash off the trip and make you feel fresher. Afterwards, try to go for a walk and get clean air. Once you begin moving, it will allow you to begin adjusting.

You will most likely go to bed much earlier than usual, but taking these steps will assist you to get used to the time difference faster.

14 Don't Give Up On Your Skin Care Routine, Just Alter It

Via: Thats A Leaf

Travel can often turn your skin care routine into a nightmare. Transit between places can dry out your skin, and the different eating and sleep habits can cause bad breakouts. Stick to a skin care routine that works for you. Moisturize on the plane and when you arrive. Carry baby wipes in your bag to freshen up mid-flight and when you land.

When you arrive at your destination, use a pair of eye-masks to help with any puffiness caused by sleep deprivation and apply a moisturizing sheet mask to help your skin bounce back from everything. Self-care is important and your skin will thank you for it.

13 Invest In A Quick Drying Travel Towel

Via: The Blonde and Brunette

Purchasing a quick drying towel is essential if you are going to be bouncing between locations or backpacking. Not every destination provides towels, so bringing your own ensures that you won’t spend your time scouring for a cheap option. However, between pools, the beach, showering and the hot tub, your towel can get soaking wet and take hours to dry.

Investing in a quick dry towel will be a lifesaver and ensure that when you pack it, it won't make your clothes wet and musty smelling.

12 Ditch MakeUp Products That Aren't Versatile

Via: Pinterest

As must as you might want to, you can’t bring your entire makeup collection on your travels so you need to be choosy about what you bring. Ditch non-essential make-up products that aren’t versatile or are only good for one look. Opt for products that can be used in many different ways.

Products such as the W3LL PEOPLE Multi-use Colour Stick can replace bringing many products because it can be used as an eye-enhancer, blush and lip-colour. It will save space in your make up bag for other products and gives you a reason to add a new product to your collection!

11 Eyelash Extensions - Gives You That Insta Ready Look, But Without The Pile Of Products

Via: Pinterest

Eyelash extensions can be a splurge; however, they can really pay off when you are trying to enjoy every moment of your trip. Instead of spending the morning doing a full-face of make-up to achieve that dramatic insta-ready eye look, you can wake up with one and go directly to brunch! You can leave behind the eye makeup, saving you valuable space and time. You will look done-up with none of the effort, which is what everyone wants.

They will pay for themselves when you can wake up early and go directly to the Path of the Gods to watch the sunrise over Positano.

10 Learn To Pack Like A Pro

Via: Pinterest

First thing is first, when packing rolling your items saves more space than if you fold your clothes. Begin by packing one of everything. Chances are, you only need one pair of jeans, one pair of leggings and one dress. Find pieces that fit into a single colour scheme and that can always be worn with at least one other item. You don’t need a new outfit every day, and you can re-wear things in new interesting ways.

Make sure to wear your heaviest items and shoes in transit to keep your luggage light, and bring a scarf because not only can it be used as a blanket on freezing cold airplanes, but also it can be used to cover up when required.

Finally, if you are a single woman traveling alone, consider wearing a ring on your ring-finger if you want to avoid male attention.

9 Want To Be More Organized? Invest In Packing Cubes, Waterproof Bags, and Smaller Containers

Via: Pinterest

You laid out your items, packed them perfectly but when you arrive, you have to pull everything out and reorganize it. That’s time-consuming and frustrating. Packing cubes can help solve the issue because they allow you to organize your clothing into groups and pull out the cubes as you get dressed. You can select what you need and everything goes easily back into your bag. Waterproof bags are also a wise investment for any toiletries going in your luggage just in case there are any leaks.

Finally, you can use different household objects to store other things; a glasses case can be used to store chargers and headphones, and pill containers are perfect for jewelry.

8 Pockets, You Need Them

Via: Pinterest

Ladies, we all know that pockets in women’s clothing is inconsistent at best. Make sure to wear items with pockets though when you’re traveling because it makes life significantly easier. When you’re flying, it will allow you to keep your passport, phone and boarding pass directly on you, and then you won’t spend time rummaging through your bag every 10 minutes looking for your most important items.

Further, when you are exploring new areas you will often be focused on your surroundings and not your bag so it's safer to keep those valuables directly on you.

7 Learn How To Wash Your Clothes In the Sink And Use Dryer Sheets To Keep Them Fresh

Via: World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust wrote an entire blog post about this, however, if you want to travel, you need to learn to wash clothing in the sink. This is an essential skill that will save you money and time waiting at the laundry mat.

Any type of soap will do, just fill the sink with warm soapy water. By swirling the clothes in the water you can get them clean, or you can rub the material together to get out tough stains. After draining the water in the sink you can rinse the clothes and then dry them.

You can use a towel or a hair dryer to dry your items, or if you have time, you can hang them to air dry.

6 Portable Chargers And Travel Adaptors, So That You Don't Miss That Picture Perfect Moment

Via: World Of Wanderlust

Investing in a portable charger and universal travel adaptor is essential. Charge everything overnight and throw both in your bag during the day. As you are taking photos, looking at maps and googling, your phone battery will die pretty quickly. Instead of needing to search out a café with a free plug available, you can continue to be mobile.

Having that backup in your bag will save you time and money and allow you to continue exploring. However, carrying your travel adaptor will also ensure that if you happen to be near a plug, then you can connect and charge up easily (and save the portable charger for emergencies)!

5 Learn Key Phrases And Use Translator Apps

Via: Pinterest

Being informed before you arrive is always important. Knowing local customs, and language can spare you many embarrassing or challenging moments. Find out what language your destination speaks and try to learn a couple essential phrases. Learning things like hello, yes, no, please, and thank you can go a long way.

Locals will often appreciate you attempting to speak the language and will be more apt to help you. However, if you are really in a jam and need to communicate, applications such as google translate can be a real lifesaver!

4 Download And Save Maps Offline

via:WOOD and LUXE by Phoebe Greenacre

Google Maps is a travel essential. You can now save maps for different destinations to be used later offline, and you can save locations pinned to the map. If you use Google Trips, you can select destinations that you want to visit and it will automatically sync with maps and save them.

You will never miss out on seeing something because you couldn’t find your way there. However, you can also save the location of where you are staying, so that way you can always find your way back! This will simplify your life so much and take some stress off of navigating through a new city.

3 Use Icloud or Google Photos to Backup Your Photos

Via: Pinterest

Your photos are a significant part of your trip and are what allows you to look back later and remember all of your adventures. You don’t want to risk losing them in the event that your phone breaks, gets stolen or lost. There are ample opportunities for things to go wrong while traveling so protect your photos using Icloud or Google Photos. Your photos will be stored on your drive and then you will be able to access them on any device at any time.

It is a convenient and safe option, and lets you not stress about carrying around multiple SD cards or a hard drive.

2 Never Eat Near A Tourist Attraction and Walk Everywhere That You Can

Via: The Travel Crush

Food places near tourist attractions are expensive, not authentic and generally not good. Occasionally you might find that diamond in the rough location that have good and well-priced meals, however, for the most part it isn’t worth it. If you get out of the touristy zones, you can go to places that serve true local dishes, and you will find places that don’t cost you your entire food budget.

When you can try to walk in-between all of your destinations because that is when you will find that magical little local café or that sweet old vendor who can tell you about the history of his country.

1 Don't Sleep In, Even Though You Are On Vacation

Via: Pinterest

This might sound counter to what a vacation is supposed to be, however, you will find the best times for exploring a destination are right at sunrise. Most tourists won’t be out and about until after breakfast which allows you to take in and appreciate what you are seeing. You won't need to move around crowds and you will be able to take as many photos as you want without anyone jumping in behind you. You will enjoy yourself a lot more and you will forget that you had to be up early.

Sources: World of Wanderlust

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