Some travelers enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. In contrast, others just want to relax under the sun and partake in incredible snorkeling excursions. Meanwhile, there's a whole other category of travelers interested in being at peace with nature, enjoying their own company and the tranquility of wildlife. For these nature enthusiasts, British Columbia's Pink Mountain is the perfect destination for them!

Though Pink Mountain is not built for the average hiker or novice outdoorsman, this vast British Columbia community is home to the Pink Mountain Provincial Park. This majestic Canadian park is home to one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, relatively untouched by the outside world. Nature enthusiasts skilled with backcountry camping will love tackling this provincial park. Willing and experienced nature enthusiasts should discover why Pink Mountain is a prime destination for their next itinerary!

9 Pink Mountain Is Actually Pink!

No, Pink Mountain is not just another cute or crazy name for a Canadian town! This British Columbia mountain actually turns into a shade of pink on some days, especially during sunrise. Some say that this is because the area grows vast fields of a flow known as fireweed blossoms. Of course, sunflower fields are beautiful, but there's something breathtaking about seeing a lot of fireweed blossoms nestled against a majestic mountain backdrop!

8 The Park Is Famous For Arctic Butterflies

Even though Pink Mountain isn't as popular compared to Alberta's Jasper Lake or some of Ontario's provincial parks, the area is known internationally as a home for the elusive arctic butterflies. These butterflies are rare species that are an incredible and stunning sight to behold.

7 Besides Butterflies, Bison Also Roam The Lands

Nature enthusiasts who plan on visiting Pink Mountain may also catch a couple of bison roaming around the fields. Though dozens (even hundreds) of these wild animals are grazing the mountain fields, they're not actually native to the area and were introduced to Pink Mountain around the 1960s (albeit accidentally). Today, the bison around the mountains is one of the very few places in the world people can see these majestic creatures.

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6 Otherwise, There's A Ton Of Wildlife To See At Pink Mountain

It's time to whip out the cameras because Pink Mountain is rich with wildlife and Arctic vegetation. Travelers who decide to visit this park will be amazed at the number of animals in this area, including caribou, elk, moose, deer, bears, and wolves. Even though these creatures are amazing when encountered face-to-face, proper precaution must be taken. Though beautiful, these are wild creatures and should be treated as such. Lucky travelers may even spot a couple of these animals while driving along the Alaska Highway, so care should be taken while driving.

5 Even The Vegetation Is Unique At Pink Mountain!

Pink Mountain is known to be home to an array of shrubs, mosses, trees, and flowers that can only be seen in unique alpine-tundra environments. These lush vegetations provide an incredible backdrop for wildlife photographers or nature enthusiasts interested in (safely) viewing some local wildlife at Pink Mountain.

4 Backcountry Camping Is Allowed, But Only For Those Who Are Experienced

Pink Mountain doesn't have as many dedicated camping facilities for the public, making it relatively remote. However, the area is open for experienced backcountry campers aware of the precautions and measures to ensure a safe and epic camping trip. Sorry glampers, there's no dedicated glamping spots at Pink Mountain!

3 Otherwise, There's An RV Park & Campsite Nearby

Pink Mountain is often a pit stop along the Alaska Highway due to its vicinity to the road itself. However, road-trippers who still want to check out the area for a night or two can stop by the local RV Park and Campsite, by the local gas station. There are facilities available at the area, including hot showers, fuel stations, Wi-Fi access, a general store (for clothing, food, souvenirs, fishing supplies, and other essentials), a post office, and much more.

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2 Hiking Is Available, But There's A Lot Of Unmarked Trails

Much like backcountry camping, hiking is still an activity available at Pink Mountain, but there are a lot of unmarked trails riddled in the park. Therefore, hiking should only be attempted by experienced hikers who know their way around tough and bumpy trails (which will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Pink Mountain).

1 The Mountain Is A Pretty Sight To See Along The Alaska Highway

As stated before, road trippers heading to Alaska or Canada's majestic land of the Yukon Territory will likely encounter Pink Mountain during their drive. Even if travelers decide not to check out the mountain in detail, it makes for a beautiful sight during long road trips. Of course, the best view can be seen during sunrise or sunset, where the shining sun illuminates a gorgeous glow on the mountain. However, care must be taken while driving, whether it's because of the bumpy roads or the possibility of encountering local wildlife along the way!

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