Shrouded in total mystery, an utterly complex region of the ocean that makes sense to neither pilot nor scientists... Or is it?

The Bermuda Triangle is located, geographically, in a location that wouldn't otherwise cause much of a stir. Over the years, stories collected began to give the area a bad name. These stories weren't just limited to bad weather and accidents - they entailed unexplainable weather phenomena, eerie time discrepancies, and even disappearances. While some of these mysteries have been solved over the last few decades, there are some whose echoes remain today as a reminder of what happens in this area.

While many occurrences can be explained with the introduction of modern technology and various oceanic and atmospheric studies, it doesn't always help to calm the nerves of those flying through the Bermuda Triangle. While it's not something most actively avoid, there are definitely some reasons to be cautious...

10 The Weather Is Suddenly Unpredictable And Dangerous At Times

Of course, this can happen anywhere. The Bermuda Triangle is prone to increasingly chaotic weather due to its geographical location, in addition to all that's going on under the surface. The sighting of rogue waves (which we'll get to later on), many of which are likely caused by the uneven ocean floor, are not uncommon.

9 Signals Get Crossed... Literally

It has often been said that this location is prone to magnetic anomalies that produce a variety of challenges: strange weather, compasses not working, coordinates rendering incorrect. This unique magnetic crossing is what alludes to many a pilot or ship captain getting lost in the Triangle's midsts.

8 The Time Zone Is Not Always What We Think It Is

There are stories by pilots claiming to have flown a very exact distance over the Bermuda Triangle, only to realize that the time lapsed, scientifically, can't be explained based on the mileage that was being shown. The navigational equipment simply did not match up with the timing, yet another strange mishap over the Triangle.

7 The Stories Of The Past Continue To Haunt Some Moden Pilots

While many of these haunting ghost stories - for lack of a better term - come from a time when technology was not what is it is today, they're still significant. Anything, from planes disappearing to wrecks found in unusual places and pulled up from the seabed, is fair game in this location.

6 Flight 19: The Plane That Never Returned

Flight 19 is probably one of the most well-known disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. What began as a routine training flight soon turned into a massive mystery, as the last transmission that was received told of compasses behaving strangely and, no matter how many times the crew changed direction, they seemed to get repeatedly lost.

5 Methane Explosions Could Explain Mysterious Disappearances And Are A Concern

While this is far more of a concern to ships that are prone to these gas explosions, that doesn't mean the effects can't be seen from the sky. When methane builds up under the pressure of the ocean floor, it's likely to erupt in a flurry of gas-filled bubbles, which cause a bubbling, sucking vortex.

4 Running Out Of Fuel Is More Likely When Time Has No Rules

While this is far less mysterious, many people have noticed that their fuel becomes an issue when flying over this wide expanse of water.

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Whether it be a timing issue or the fact that plane tech has the potential to malfunction, fuel is one thing that planes need to remain in the air.

3 Believers In The Exterrestrial Will Likely Know About The Triangle's Otherworldy Stories

While it's left up to personal opinion, some believe that this wicked Triangle has a bit more to it than just a helping hand from Mother Nature.

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Stories as old as Columbus make claims of mysterious lights that have appeared in the sky over the water, many still remain unexplained (and, honestly, unconfirmed).

2 Tech Problems Are Associated With Both Ships And Planes

On Quora, one man tells a story of flying over the Triangle where one of his mags shut down. While it wasn't a devastating issue, it's a concerning one - when he landed, luckily with enough fuel, there was no logical explanation for this mag to be out.

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This is only one of the multiple issues that pilots encounter.

1 Electronic Fog: Is It Legitimate?

Last but not least, electronic fog is something that's debated - and confirmed - by some. what happens when a pilot flies through this, or when a ship sails through it, is concerning. Electromagnetic fields seem to interfere with the electronics aboard a vessel, causing all directions, and potentially communications, to be off.

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