To anyone taking a trip, there are a few things to consider to make a trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Packing the right things and keeping one's itinerary as organized and hassle-free are key to a good trip, another is picking the right hotel room. A hotel is a traveler's "home away from home" which some people taking a lot of time and consideration when they book one. For some, a simple room with a comfortable bed to sleep in is all that is needed. Some people don't even want beds, a sleeping bag or tent and the great outdoors is their idea of a great way to sleep. And for others basking in the lap of luxury is the only way they want to spend their downtime from a vacation.

There are a lot of hotels around the world, all of them vary in styles, sizes, and functions. As more people travel the more intricate hotel rooms get, with hotels wanting to accommodate their guests every whim and tickle their every fancy; for a price of course. Some hotels offer luxury amenities like room service, and others offer themed rooms that are often a hit with guests with kids. The list we bring today features twenty-five hotel rooms built for guests with very specific tastes in mind or those that want something a little out of the ordinary. These rooms might be strange, but we think all twenty-five of them deserve the top rating of five stars.

25 Loisaba Wilderness Ranch

These Starbed rooms are lodgings offered to those visiting the Loisaba Conservancy and guests are treated to a unique experience of sleeping underneath an endless African night sky.

The Starbeds overlook the 56,000-acre Loisaba Conservancy allowing guests to sleep to the sight of roaming hippo, elephants and more of Kenya's resident animals.

And guests can sleep easy at night, knowing their slumber won't be disturbed by any curious critters as they are guarded by a team of traditional Laikipia Maasai and Samburu warriors.

24 Notel

Melbourne seems to enjoy putting places, like movie theaters and cafes, up on top of high rise buildings. So it was only a matter of time before hotels go the same treatment. James Fry, the owner of this Melbourne rooftop hotel has blended the past and present together to create the Notel.

The Notel features six luxury 1970's Airstream trailers converted into posh modern cabins decorated in pink and monochromatic colors.

There are standard rooms and a "deluxe" room that includes a private outdoor spa. And guests check in with their smartphones, which also acts as their room keys, neat!

23 Free Spirit Spheres

Ever want to experience the joy of a treehouse, well a person can with this hotel in Canada. The Free Spirit Spheres is a set of three rentable orbs that hand 15 feet above-ground. Each orb has a name, Eryn, Eve and Melody, and is fitted with a bed, dining table, and built-in speakers. Each sphere is connected with a series of drawbridges and spiral staircases, and each one has its own private bathroom, located 50m at the base of each sphere. It might be a cool way to relive one's childhood, but these rooms are for adults only.

22 Hotel De Glace

Now, when most people think of what makes for a good hotel room, a room made out of ice probably isn't their first pic. But the pictures from Canada's own ice hotel, Hotel de Glace warmed us up to the idea with their amazing themed suites. The Hotel de Glace features a number of stunning ice-sculpted rooms. The room pictured above is one of their suites with a fireplace that, according to Valcartier's website, adds "a touch of coziness and magic" to a guest's stay.

21 Eden Hotel

This Taiwanese hotel doesn't have just one or two themed rooms, it comes with 22 differently themed rooms for guests to choose from. Each of the 22 rooms follows one of four themes; world - with rooms decorated to make guests feel like they've traveled to faraway counties. Fashion - quirky styled rooms that'll make anyone feel like they've walked into a fashion show in Milan (travelandleisure). Movies - rooms themed after popular film franchises like Batman, and other fantasy suites, like the one pictured above which would make for a perfect style for any honeymooning couple whose taste runs towards the avant-garde.

20 Sala Silvermine

Feel like most hotels are too full of people? Then this hotel in Sweden just might be the right fit.

The Sala Silvermine hotel is considered to the world's deepest hotel, as it is an over 400-year-old silver mine (tripadvisor).

Guests who want a really private experience can travel over 500 feet underground to a suite built for two, with only candlelight to offer them any light. The suite is also adorned with lavish silver furnishings and guests have the option of taking their own private tours through the mines where they can discover winding galleries and eerily beautiful underground lakes.

19 Costa Verde

Sleeping on a plane isn't usually the most comfortable experience, but when it comes to this hotel in Costa Rica, sleeping on a plane is downright luxurious. Costa Verde is a hotel settled in a jungle oasis that caters to those looking for adventure, wanting a tropical family trip, and even those getting married (travelandleisure)! They offer plenty of more traditional bungalows but the star of their hotel is their refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 suite. It keeps the airframe of the plane while the inside is decked out in hand-carved teak furniture.

18  Hotel Kakslauttanen

The name of this hotel in Finland might give some English speakers a bit of trouble when it comes to pronouncing it, but it is easy to see why the rooms at the Hotel Kakslauttanen deserve 5 stars.

The rooms are made out of thermal glass 'igloos' that allows for the perfect view of the sky.

The rooms are very popular during the Autumn months as they allow guests to have a "front row" seat to the magical and breathtaking sight of the Northern Lights.

17 Attrap'Rêves

Want to enjoy the quiet beauty of nature but don't want to give up some of the luxuries had with indoor lodgings? Well, this hotel in France might just be the perfect place. The Attrap'Rjves Hotels allows their guests to sleep in giant plastic bubble domes. Each dome is made from recyclable materials and offers an amazing view of the French countryside all without having to 'weather' the elements! The bubble domes are fitted with silent blowers to keep the air inside fresh, and each bubble dome is spaced out enough that every guest maintains their privacy.

16 V8 Motel

Know someone who likes cars? And we mean who really likes cars, then this hotel in Stuttgart Germany is probably the perfect place for them. The V8 Hotel is the hotel of every car lovers' dream. Every single room is different and is furnished based on a specific car or car related theme. The furniture and beds are often made from real car parts. Staying at the V8 Hotel isn't just for the older car enthusiast, there are rooms set up for kids and families as well.

15 Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort

Italy is probably one of the most visited spots for vacations. And it isn't hard to see why, the country is full of many wonderful and beautiful sights, many from the ancient world. And the Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort is a place in Malta that connects guests to the ancient past. The resort is made up of a collection of old "sassi", which are houses dug into the rock. This cave hotel offers a luxurious stay along with an art gallery, two restaurants, and a bar.

14 Adrere Amellal

Anyone coming up on this hotel in Cairo Egypt might think they've stumbled upon a mirage in the desert. But the Adrere Amellal is no illusion, but a luxury eco-lodge that sits in the middle of the Saharan oasis.

The whole thing, from the building to every piece of furniture, is made of a mixture of earth, stone and salt water.

No electricity runs through the lodge, so every room is bathed in the warm glow of candlelight once the sun starts to set.

13 Poseidon Undersea Resort

The rooms in this resort are fitting enough for the god of the sea Poseidon himself! This luxury resort features 24 underwater suites that are 40 feet below the surface of a clear blue lagoon. Guests reach their underwater suites via an elevator and are taken to a five-star suite with luxury accommodations and a spectacular view of the underwater life of the Fijian Lagoon. Guests are also welcomed to interact with the fish, the push of the buttons allows them to feed them from the convenience of their room.

12 Kokopelli's Cave

Someone's first impression of a cave is probably far from luxurious, but this Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico gives the term "cave-dwelling" a whole new spin. Laying 21 meters below the surface and dug into sandstones that's several million years old is Kokopelli's Cave. The cave is fully furnished and even has a tv with a DVD player and a selection of movies. It has a full kitchen and dining area, with a master bedroom, a living area, and a waterfall shower and a jacuzzi tub.

11 One By Five

Paris, France is often considered the city of love and there are many hotels that play off that reputation to draw guests in. One By the Five is one of those hotels, offering a service that most other hotels could not - being the only suite in the entire hotel.

That's right, according to their website, One By the Five only has one room that is set up to stimulate guests' five senses.

One of the highlights of the suite is the bedroom, with a suspended bed and the ceiling and floor painted to look like the night sky, making a person feel like they're floating.

10 Jules Undersea Lodge

This hotel in the Florida Keys might not be the most luxurious of underwater hotels on our list, but it delivers an experience unlike any other. The Jules Undersea Lodge originated as a research laboratory and sit at the bottom of a lagoon. The only way guests can reach it is by scuba diving 6 meters into the water. Once there they will find a space for two with showers and a mini kitchen. Guests can enjoy the view of all sorts of exotic fish as they lounge by their window. There's even a scuba diving pizza delivery service!

9 Oliver's Travels

This unique room is probably one of, if not the, most luxurious and most expensive rooms on this list. Oliver's Travels who specialize in luxury villas took things to another level by offering an underwater experience to their guests. Nicknamed the Lovers Deep, the company has a submarine (yes, we are not joking) villa available. It's called the Mile Low Club (oliverstravels). Guests can also actually pick where they want the submarine to be moored at, making the experience unique for every single guest. The villa includes a personal chef.

8 Wanderlust Hotel

Seeing new places and getting to experience new things might be good causes for wanderlust. The name of this hotel in Singapore is oddly fitting, not just because hotels and traveling go hand in hand but because the themed rooms just might inspire a sense of "wanderlust" in the guests that stay in them. The Wanderlust Hotel has 22 rooms categorized into five themes (trivago). The room shown above is apart of the 'Whimsical' collection with the theme of 'space'. It comes as a loft room with a rocket ship shaped sculpture filled with toy monsters pals to keep guests company.

7 Ice Hotel

Ever wonder where the "ice hotel" craze started? Well, look to Sweden's original ice hotel named, fittingly, Ice Hotel. Founded in 1989 it was both an ice hotel and art exhibit in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi. Originally starting as a temporary hotel that would be reborn and reinvented with each new winter, Ice Hotel now has a permanent structure featuring 20 art suites and art gallery. Guests also have the option of staying in the hotel's "hot rooms" during part of their stay.

6 Propeller Island City Lodge

Berlin is a city that has gone through several different transformations through history. Its more recent transformation has been one of the most avant-garde cities in the world, which puts the Propeller Island City Lodge in the right place.

Created by the artist Lars Stroschen, the whole hotel is like one huge work of art (tripadvisor).

Each room has a different and unique design, with the room pictured above called the Blue Room. This hotel was even featured on an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain spending a night in one of the rooms!