The photos that you'll soon see are of active flight attendants who maintain their social media accounts quite active. Flight attendants lead fascinating lives that are sometimes chronicled by way of their posts, keeping all their followers quite fascinated. After reading this listicle, you might understand why people follow airline stewards and how they can have more than 40,000 followers on the social networking service.

Not only will the pictures below of flight attendants make you want to fly first class, but they may also convince you to become an airline steward. Contrary to popular belief, an airline steward can be a guy or a girl. The benefits of being an airline steward are enormous. Like any job, it has its pitfalls, but those who find themselves enjoying their role could have entered a lucrative career that is always an adventure. You meet so many cool people and see the world from a bird's eye view.

Whether flying with Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air France, or Etihad Airways, first class is a class like none other. Pay a premium price and receive undistracted attention from experienced airline stewards who know exactly how to keep everyone happy. These are 25 pictures of flight attendants (that'll make us want to fly first class).

25 Planes and selfie sticks

A selfie stick is a nice addition to this cockpit capture. Clear skies tell us that it's the perfect time to be flying first class with social media user travelerslittletreasures. On Travelerslittletreasures's social media account, we see photos of her travels to destinations such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Holland, Portugal, Japan, Thailand, London, and countless other places.

This photo may inspire you to fly first class, or instead, become a flight attendant and travel the world! An airline steward could have tea in London one week and a wholesome pot of Irish stew in Ireland during another. Follow @travelerslittletreasures for more travel posts!

24 Emirates Is The Sixth Biggest Airline

Robynfergusonn has over 43,000 followers. To be Insta-famous requires well over 100k followers. Robynfergusonn has what it takes to be Insta-famous if she continues to post photos and attract attention like she's been doing this past while. The rate at which one can obtain additional followers can grow exponentially if the person is well-liked on the platform. You'll want to check out Robynfergusonn. She has a plethora of photos of her captured around the world. Linking all your social media accounts and promoting yourself as a person has considerable influence. Many flight attendants who fly with Emirates have social media accounts. Emirates is based in Dubai and is airline luxury at its finest.

23 Have a great day!

Social media user Hildurhilmars knows how to be fashionable and be gifted at her job. Just because you became a flight attendant, doesn't mean you have to give up on your hopes and dreams. Being an airplane steward could bring you to places you've never heard of or been before. Hildurhilmars is confident and looks fabulous in her attire, ready to start her next shift as a flight attendant. She is flying for Wow Air which is not the most excellent airline, but at least Hildurhilmars is there to help out.

22 Flight Attendants Also Wear Seatbelts

Airline stewards have seats also! Unless you walk around the plane or decide to go to the washroom, you might forget that airline stewards have seats and are not always wandering around the plane. Imbrigita could be in the cockpit of this plane. The subtle hint is that she is wearing what looks like the pilot's hat! Imbrigita likes to travel to Dubai and everywhere else in the world. Her Instapage contains pictures of herself in places like Shanghai, Los Angeles, Tulum, Dubai and more. Insta user Imbrigita also posts videos on YouTube that highlight her travels.

21 Berlinerin Lost In Dubai

Mj_ek proves that airline stewards who fly with the Dubai Emirates are already in one of the most fabulous tourist destinations of the world. They might not need to fly to other places for pleasure, so the perk of discounted flights would be of no use to them. Of course, this assumption is ridiculous since even Emirate flight attendants want to explore the world.

Flight attendant mj_ek has more than 40,000 followers on social media; more than most other flight attendants on this listicle. Her caption says, "Berlinerin Lost In Dubai." She has over 323 posts on the platform.

20 Love This Life Emiliepix

This social media fan has just over 3,000 followers and growing, so ride first class with a cool steward like her. When she's not busy with her flight attendant job, she is out being a mermaid. You may wonder what that means, so comment on her account and hope she sends a reply.

Like most people who go into the airline steward profession, Emiliepix has a love for traveling. This is seen throughout her photo collection with more than 300 posts—each more spectacular than the previous. You'll have to send a request to gain access to Emiliepix's photos and videos. Standing on the beach of Hawaii, she looks beautiful. She has sandy hair that matches her surroundings.

19 Oriane Lavigne. Globe Trotter And Airline Steward

She's basically the Avril Lavigne of airline attendants. Her play on words for "Globe Trotter" is too funny. Flying with someone who is intelligent and gorgeous, you'll wish the flight never ends and thank the skies that you flew first class. Oriane Lavigne is good-looking enough to be a model. Her page has many photos. Flight attendants receive training that teaches them how to do their hair and how they should dress. Maybe that's why so many flight attendants seem attractive. Follow Oriane Lavigne at @oriane.lavigne on her social media. In one of her photos, she flies a plane herself!

18 Follow Papadosson wherever he goes

Papa Dosson looks like he knows how to fly in style. Scandinavian Airlines seems like a good choice for this individual who appears to be preparing for a flight. The cabin door is open in the background, and the staircase is there, which may indicate the airplane is preparing for takeoff or has just landed. Flight attendants are not required to clean airplanes. They are, however, needed to check planes for passenger belongings and to make sure everyone has exited. Papa Dosson shows that men can also be flight attendants while maintaining a strong following.

17 Got 10 Minutes, Take A Photo

Fitgingereef has more than 10,000 followers on social media and has made over 1,000 posts. Many of her photos provide a window into her life, including the ones that show her followers what it's like to be a flight attendant. Fitgingereef's posts show us what her job is like. The social media account has at least one post that is about flight attendant training.

Being able to see different towns and meeting new people makes being an airline steward the absolute best. Fitgingereef believes in "positive vibes only" and has stated this on her account.

16 Airplanes & Adventures

Riding first class is the life, especially when you're flying with social media pro and first class airline attendant Flywithmeghan. Since there will only be a few passengers around during a first class flight, you will have the undivided attention of someone like Flywithmeghan.

With over 12,000 followers, flywithmeghan is someone to check out. After flying first class with Meghan, you could become comrades. @flywithmeghan has a bunch of photos of her as a flight attendant and the planes she's been around. You can't miss her photos that were taken at LaGuardia Airport. The sunset is captivating.

15 Travel The Globe, One Private Jet At A Time

The difference between flying in a private jet and first class may not be as big as you think. It depends on the jet and the type airplane, but as long as Cindy.sun.shine is there to assist you, deciding to ditch an economy flight and make the upgrade should be an easy decision. Flight attendant Cindy.sun.shine is an LA girl in the private flying world. With so many different options it could be challenging to choose by which means to fly. As long as a capable airline steward meets your needs, you should be okay. You won't regret choosing to fly first class.

14 Flight Attendants Always Seem So Happy

It would be too cool to be a flight attendant. It seems like flight attendants are always so happy. Sure there are pitfalls of any job, but with the number of perks that flight attendants receive, one can't doubt the attractiveness of the role.

Belle_blancblanc is either in an airport waiting for her next flight or is inside an airplane. It looks like the former more so than the latter, but regardless of which it is, she seems to be happy enjoying the moment. The French phrase "Vouloir, C'est pouvoir" is written on her page. The phrase translates to "When there is a will, there is a way".

13 Traveller. Fashionista. Foodie

Marieelysenantel is a traveler, a fashionista, and a foodie. She is also a well-known stewardess for Air Canada. As stated on her account, Marieelysenantel is "Not a regular mom, but a cool mom." The duties of an airline attendant come with much responsibility. To get passengers to their destination safely and efficiently is a must.

"Perrier with ice and lemon?" If Marieelysenantel were serving first-class passengers, there's a chance that people will order alcoholic beverages. Passengers who are over their limit will be refused if they ask for additional drinks. Her job allows her to travel the world, and this is seen on her social media.

12 In The Cockpit With _Rainam

While flight attendants are not checking the overhead compartments of a plane, to make sure that passengers are ready to board, they might find time to check-in with the pilot. The pilot is going to be flying the plane and may be tasked with saving the lives of everyone aboard in the case of an emergency, which is why it's a smart idea to make sure he or she is okay. And, if there is time, it could be time to take a shared selfie. Social media user _Rainam likely won't quit one of the coolest jobs in the world anytime soon.

11 Having A Good Time

Apfelbutze says on her page that she 'hearts' roadtrips & getaways. Most of the time, flight attendants are working hard and don't have time to take pictures. Apfelbutze must have found a moment to take a selfie in the plane. From this angle, it appears as if she is standing next to the cabin door while inside the plane. Possibly passengers are about to board or have already boarded. Hopefully, the wind doesn't blow the paper away that is delicately taped next to the cabin door—it could contain vital information!

10 Bubbly Personality And Fun To Be Around

She's enthusiastic and into her job, unlike others who treat the position like a chore. Those who are self-motivated and don't need to be micromanaged will love this position. While working as a flight attendant, it is rare to have a manager aboard the plane. While not assisting passengers (depending on the length of the flight), you might find time to relax by the cockpit with other attendants to grab a bite to eat. Many plane rides are stress-free and allow flight attendants to make friends and get to know passengers.

9 Birthday On A Plane?

Either the plane is serving cake to first-class passengers or it is this person's birthday. Judging by his joyous expression and the presence of what looks like champagne, it must be a celebration of some kind. Regardless of what the cake is for, social media user Irysvcine stepped into the frame of this photo at the perfect moment. The angle couldn't be better. Kudos to the chef for this wonderful cake and brilliant display of first class service. Chefs will bring much more than a cake to their upper-class passengers. Now, do you want to fly first class?

8 Dubai Based Lifestyle Influencer And Stewardess

You may choose Emirates airline first-class after seeing this photo, especially since you might be flying with social media user Kikikeerati. She must be readying for a trip or recently landed since she is dressed in airplane attire. Emirates airline is an airline based out of Dubai but travels to many destinations around the world. For airline attendants such as Kikikeerati, it could be a short 2 hours of exploring a town; then it would be time to get back to work. In some cases, airline stewards are given time to get 8 hours of sleep only to leave soon after.

7 Creator Of #Flightattendantlife

In some cases, an even more sophisticated choice is to fly on a private jet. Airline attendants may have reached the top of their career ladder if they have become a private jet attendant. Social media user and master flight attendant @thefalife is a former commercial flight attendant who is now a private jet flight attendant. Renting a small private jet for a single trip could cost upwards of $20,000. You won't forget how you chose to "Experience the adventure" instead of flying in economy or first class. Experiencing a private jet is a rare treat that is suited for the rich.

6 Flight Attendants Get Free Hotel Rooms

One of the top reasons to become an airline steward is the fact that airlines put you in hotels for free. The salary of the position isn't bad, but if you're thinking of becoming an airline attendant, you might be won over by the fact that you will be put up in many different hotels. You won't have to book vacations (although you may get discounts) since your job lets you travel to many places in the world and gives you time to explore them. These photos may make you want to fly first-class. Flight attendant Thisisczarina is getting "ready for the skies."