Landmarks are wonderful things, aren't they? Whether big or small they all hold an important place in the history books, from South America to Australia and beyond. If you go into any form of travel shop or into the home of anyone who enjoys jetting around the world, you'll likely see many shots of the well-known landmarks in all of their glory.

It can be easy, especially if you travel a lot, to take things a bit too seriously. Perhaps the 'shine' involved in getting excited about getting on a plane, a train or a bus is wearing off, and you need something new or different in order to keep your mind occupied. In this instance, we're simply going to run through a selection of images that detail some of the places you may have been to - from above, and from below.

It may not mean much to a lot of people and it may seem like a complete waste of time, but we quite like the idea of 'enjoying the little things' in life, and this is an example of that. We're so used to viewing these locations from certain perspectives in order to get the 'best side' of them, when in reality, life is all about taking the time to step back and breathe.

That can often mean a new kind of viewpoint, or perhaps just an appreciation for how magnificent a lot of these structures are. Whatever the case may be, we think it's all pretty interesting.

26 ABOVE: Mount Everest - Earth's peak

Ah, Mount Everest. We'd bet good money that 99% of you out there, just like us, could probably never even dream of climbing it or even considering the possibility of doing so. Regardless of whether that's due to a lack of interest, lack of funds or fear of the dangers involved, it's all relevant.

This shot pretty much explains why so many folks just want nothing to do with it, and you know what? We can understand the logic. Not everyone is into the 'daredevil' type of lifestyle, and not everyone wants to put everything on the line - especially when you can be just as happy sitting at home.

25 BELOW: Eiffel Tower - Bonjour

It's the big one (literally).

The Eiffel Tower is big, bold and beautiful, and despite all that has happened over the course of the last few years in Paris, the Eiffel Tower has continued to stand tall as one o the beacons of strength and solidarity amongst the French people.

There are three levels that you can look out on when you go up the Eiffel Tower, and trust us when we tell you that the second level is enough to make anyone dizzy. So then, you can probably imagine (with the help of this shot), just how unnerving being up at the top would be for someone who doesn't exactly like heights.

24 ABOVE: Grand Canyon - There Are No Words

The following is an image of the Grand Canyon over in the United States of America. In our mind, it's probably one of the best feats of nature in the world, and very few people would disagree with that.

The thing we love is that we could've easily selected 25 pictures just of the Grand Canyon, and the article probably would've been just as compelling - if not more so. It just goes on for what seems like miles and miles, and for any of you living over there in Arizona who are sick of hearing about it, just try not to take it all for granted.

23 BELOW: The Louvre - What A Structure

It's official: we've found the coolest place to hide in a zombie apocalypse.

In all seriousness, though, the Louvre is one of our favourite parts of Paris without a shadow of a doubt - and the whole of France, too.

Have you ever watched Anchorman when Ron talks about being in a glass case of emotion? This is kind of what we'd compare that to. You've got the tremendous art on one hand, and then you can look up and feel something completely different.

From the outside looking in it may not look like much, but it's a whole new story when you're in there.

22 ABOVE: The Gherkin - Great Patterns

The Gherkin in London is one of those buildings that everyone knows, but nobody really knows what it's for. Regardless of that, though, the architect who was in charge of building it almost certainly knew what he was doing, and yes, we're basing that off of this image alone.

We love seeing things that are different when it comes to landmarks, and this certainly fits the bill. When looking straight down you can just see, feel and experience this lotus-like vibe that anyone can appreciate. It's the best 'design' you're going to see on this list, by quite some distance too.

21 BELOW: Taj Mahal - It Seems So Perfect

There's an argument to be made that this image, looking up at the Taj Mahal, doesn't give you enough of the story in comparison to looking at the whole thing. We can get on board with that idea without a shadow of a doubt, but we still think the patterns and the structure of the building as a whole are magnificent, and you can certainly see that here.

The Taj is just special and it's the first place people think of when considering a trip to India, and rightly so. Even if you aren't religious we can all but guarantee that you'll get a feeling that you've never had before, purely from standing outside of it.

20 ABOVE: Niagara Falls - Washed Away

Look at that drop.

Some would say Niagara Falls are a little bit overrated, and when looking at them head-on, we'd actually tend to agree. However, from this angle, everything changes. We could write 300-page scripts for 10 different Hollywood movies based on this shot alone, because it just gives us such a sense of clarity.

You could even argue there's an analogy in there somewhere, too, perhaps relating to the fact that one minute you can be on top of the world - and then the next you're falling off the side of a cliff. That sounds over the top and probably a bit too dramatic, but come on now, just look at it.

19 BELOW: Christ The Redeemer - A Sign Of Hope

Christ the Redeemer is with the people of Brazil, and more specifically Rio, every single day. He watches over them with pride and does so 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sure, you can debate the pros and cons of religion and the state of Rio as a city all you want, but you can't deny the people Christ the Redeemer.

When you look up at him it almost makes it feel even more impactful, as if you're just waiting for some kind of redemption. You may not exactly be into any of that kind of stuff and we get that completely, but in times of darkness, this is a more than appropriate shining light.

18 ABOVE: Ground Zero Memorial - Incredibly Touching

We don't need to be the ones to tell you that 9/11 was one of the worst tragedies any of us will ever experience. As such, the Ground Zero Memorial is a fitting way to remember those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

Millions upon millions of people visit Ground Zero every single year in order to pay their respects, and it really is as powerful as you'd imagine it to be. When you look at it from above, it almost reminds you of what was once there - and it's also a sign of the strength of the nation's people in the face of such heartbreak.

17 BELOW: Notre Dame - French Magnificence

You're going to see a few entries from the city of Paris on this list, and for good reason. While some people may forget it, the French capital is one of the most remarkable cities you could ever possibly hope to visit.

Notre Dame is a big reason for that, both due to the structure on the outside and the inside. The area surrounding it is breathtaking enough, but actually going up close gives you a whole new level of respect for the culture of the building and the city as a whole. If you haven't been, then we'd highly recommend it.

16 ABOVE: Great Pyramids of Giza - What A View

Isn't it just crazy that these pyramids exist?

The historical roots of Egypt, as a nation, have been well documented over the course of the last few hundred years. The pyramids, while unusual, will never fail to take our breath away.

The Ancient Egyptians built them and they're still considered to be a 'Wonder of the World' to this day, which is a testament to how well they've done to preserve this piece of history. We absolutely adore them if only because they're unlike anything that can be found throughout the planet, which is always a good sign of success.

15 BELOW: Sagrada Familia - Unfinished


Sagrada Familia attracts a lot of attention from people either living in or visiting Barcelona, mainly because of the back story involved in building it. For years it's been one of the most famous examples of an unfinished structure, and while we're just a few years away from seeing it finally be completed, we're unsure how we feel about that.

It's going to be an absolutely brilliant moment when it occurs but at the same time, the 'unfinished' stereotype that it is often associated with can be quite fun. As you can see, looking up at the cranes makes it no less intimidating.

14 ABOVE: Sydney Opera House - G’day Mate

Sydney, as a city, is just kind of 'there'. We don't particularly think it has too much character as a whole, but when it comes to the Opera House, you've got a building that people will continue to associate with the country of Australia for decades upon decades to come.

It's on a whole new level when it comes to the quality of landmarks, and seeing it from above really is a lot of fun. Why? Because you're going to get a completely different angle no matter where you're standing, mainly because of how odd the design is. We love it either way, though.

13 BELOW: Leaning Tower of Pisa - Slightly Intimidating

Much like Sydney, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is quite easily the most astonishing thing about Pisa as a destination. Because of that, it's one of the busiest landmarks in all of Italy. In comparison, somewhere like Rome has a variety of other things for you to do and see.

As it turns out, though, looking at the tower from this angle is actually pretty scary (at least in our book). The natural lean is frightening enough but because of how tall it is, it almost seems as if it's just never going to end. Some people are into that, but not if you're afraid of heights!

12 ABOVE: Great Wall of China - Goes On For Miles

It's time to debunk the theory once and for all: you cannot see the Great Wall of China from space. While it is easily the longest landmark on this list by a considerable distance, and while it would probably take well over a year for you to realistically walk the length of it, that just isn't true.

What is true, though, is that it's just amazing to look at. Simply by gazing upon it we instantly feel a mixture of emotions, but most of all, we feel at peace. We can only imagine what the sensation of actually going there must be like for all of those who have attempted it.

11 BELOW: Big Ben - London Is Calling

While Big Ben may be out of action right now, that doesn't mean they've just thrown a big sheet over him as if it doesn't exist. Big Ben is still one of the most important structures not just in London, but the world. When you walk by Parliament it's one of the first things that captures your attention, and rightly so.

From this particular angle you can appreciate and understand the precision of the design, and that's before you even get to the top. It doesn't initially seem that tall when you're looking at it on the television either, but trust us when we say that it's fairly gigantic.

10 ABOVE: Mount Kilimanjaro - What A Peak


Sometimes there are no elaborate sentences and there are no superlatives that can be used, other than wow. Mount Kilimanjaro is often considered to be one of the most intimidating mountains on the planet, alongside the aforementioned Everest.

Yet people still seem to love it all the same. This shot, of the peak creeping through into the sky, is an indication of the sacrifices that need to be made in order to reach the top. We don't just mean financially, either, because mentally and physically it's going to take a major toll.

If it doesn't, then fair play - you must be from outer space (which is ironically not too far away from Kilimanjaro).

9 BELOW: Empire State Building - Empire State Of Mind


Empire State of Mind, y'all.

The anecdote that immediately sticks out to us regarding the Empire State Building's entry is that you probably wouldn't actually know that it's the ESB unless you were very knowledgeable when it comes to architecture. From this angle, while it may look amazing, it still comes across as a little plain - until you zoom out and see the whole thing properly, that is.

If you ever get the chance to learn more about the building or speak to anyone who knows a lot about the history behind it, then take that opportunity with both hands. It's such a famous part of New York City's skyline, and it always will be.

7 ABOVE: Angkor Wat - Forever An Important Spot

Picture a place in your mind that you can go to and escape. Now multiply the impact of that place by about 10,000, and you've got Angkor Wat.

The temple is at the forefront of a patch of land that spans 208 hectares, and if you didn't  already realise, that's pretty big. People come from around the world to visit Angkor Wat and rightly so, because it's the kind of destination that you can tick off your bucket list whilst simultaneously experiencing a life-changing event.

That event? Just soaking it all in. Just look at the above shot and try telling us this isn't one of the most insane places on Earth.