From Glam To Jam Jams: 25 Pics Of Stars Looking Totally Normal

We know, it's hard to imagine, but when there are no cameras around, most celebs look like us, which is to say they look totally normal. But that's very rare. Being a celebrity means having their photograph taken by the paps everywhere they go. So they have to look put together if they don't want to see candid images of themselves in People Magazine. What's worse is when celebs fly. They have to spend time at the airport, and the paps are all over the place. Prepared to be scrutinized, most celebs have learned how to look good in a casual, laid-back manner that's also comfortable if they want to survive a five or eight hour flight. If they end up looking stylish, that's even better. If they look effortlessly chic, that's no accident. Others take "normal" too far, though. Some celebs wear sweats and track pants or baggy plaid shirts and don't seem to care if they look sloppy for the cameras. They are comfortable in their skin and they are also unwilling to sacrifice comfort on their flight by wearing something more stylish.

So who pulls the normal look the best? From sporty track pants to oversized chunky sweaters, ahead you'll find 25 pictures of celebrities trying to look totally normal while traveling, eschewing the glamorous life for something more comfy and down to earth, possibly even PJs.

25 Jessica Alba

via HawtCeleb

Jessica Alba has a lot on her plate. She has her own successful company, she has two children and she's a top celeb. But when it comes time to travel via plane, she puts her kids in first class and suffers in coach, according to MarieClaire. It's all about the kids! And she never would ask her bodyguards or entourage to carry her bags, as she does this herself. Here's a piece she's wearing that may scream "normal" rather than "A-lister," a comfortable getup that includes a sherpa jacket and a jumper dress.

24 Eva Longoria

via GotCeleb

Now this is the way to look totally normal. And Eva Longoria has it down. The former Desperate Housewives star was caught at LAX wearing a white tank top, relaxed grey trousers, silver flat sandals and aviator glasses, according to Daily Mail UK. Like every smart traveler, she's seen carrying two essentials while up in the air: a jacket if the plane gets too cold and a soft faux neck pillow.

23 Kate Hudson

The Daily Mail UK

Before heading off to JFK with Danny Fujikawa and her four-month old daughter, Kate Hudson spent a cold day in Greenwich Village this past month. The outfit she wore while there was the same when she boarded the plane, revealing to all how layering really works, according to The Daily Mail UK. Wearing a military green peacoat, butter yellow pants, a long, taupe wrap and, of course, the requisite sunglasses, she can take off the peacoat in the cabin and use her long shawl as a blanket when the airplane starts blasting the A/C.

22 Selena Gomez

via celebmafia.com

Selena Gomez knows what to wear when traveling. That's because she spends a lot of time on airplanes for work and for magazine cover shoots. She knows how to dress warm for the cold A/C on a plane and, according to PopSugar, she's always "ready for the paparazzi, and packing a practical bag with all the essentials." Here she looks sensible and chic; she has to be because the pricey black dress is by sought-after designer Alexander Wang. But her coat, which looks expensive, is not, as Gomez is known for mixing high and low. The jacket is from H&M and made from imitation suede. And it only costs $70!

21 Ronda Rousey

via HawtCelebs

Ronda Rousey, the former UFC bantamweight champion, is one of the few celebs who goes without makeup when flying. She's also one of the few who doesn't care that she wears sweats or sports pants on the plane, which is her signature look, while other celebs look more put-together and stylish. But Rousey embraces the relaxed look because it's appropriate for long flights, as the Daily Mail UK pointed out. Above she's wearing the classic grey hoodie with kangaroo pockets, sneakers and black track pants.

20 Emma Watson

via Pinterest

Emma Watson doesn't know how to dress when she flies. Multiple times Watson has been caught at airports wearing very short miniskirts. It's totally inappropriate because she'll be cold in the plane. Who What Wear called Watson's mini dresses a major faux pas. But when it comes to shoes, Watson shines. She always wears stylish footwear, like mule loafers from Free People, wine-colored wingtip oxfords, Doc Marten ankle boots and her favorite, black combat boots from Good Guys Don't Wear Leather, because it's a brand that “doesn't use any animal products in its collections," as Watson told Travel + Leisure.

19 Angelina Jolie

via Vogue.com

Angelina Jolie always looks comfortable when traveling. That's because she mostly sticks with a no-nonsense black ensemble, whether that's a black v-neck paired with black trousers or a black cashmere sweater with black jeans. But her most no-nonsense, normal look can be found on her feet. Jolie always wears a pair of leather Everlane loafers, which features a stacked leather heel. They can be matched with anything and are both practical and affordable (under $200), according to Who What Wear. Of course, the loafers became a must-have for many women.

18 Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian made her way through the TSA lines wearing an oversized army bomber with a camouflage print to camouflage her baby bump! Underneath the puffy, she wore a loose-fitting black hoodie sweatshirt that coordinated with her black leggings. She looked at ease wearing comfy clothing, but even when Khloe dresses down, she's still a style maker as camouflage prints on clothing are all the rage now, according to Who.

17 Amy Adams

via ZImbio

Amy Adams is one of Hollywood's most bankable female stars. The mother of one, Adams has been in two critically acclaimed films and one of the very few who won back-to-back Golden Globes for starring in American Hustle in 2013 and as a troubled painter Margaret Keane in the biopic Big Eyes in 2014. When Adams travels, she always keeps it simple and flies commercial. And while flying, she looks not only totally normal but also comfortable, such as the jean jacket and jean combo seen above.

16 Kourtney Kardashian

via Entertainment Tonight

Kourtney Kardashian always travels private, but while her lifestyle is luxurious, the way she prepares for a trip is not. She told InStyle, "I always keep three bags totally packed for travel: one that goes inside my carry-on, one full makeup bag and one full toiletry bag that gets checked with my luggage." The way she dresses is also sensible. Here she's wearing a black hoodie with a graphic image on it, and she looks exactly like Khloe: comfortable.

15 Cate Blanchett

via Twitter

Cate Blanchett is the epitome of effortless chic. She's clearly the most fashionable woman in Hollywood. Blanchett also likes to look normal when she travels, but she never really succeeds, according to The Daily Mail UK. That's because she's usually dressed in tasteful black and wearing a unstructured blazer, like above. Her somewhat baggy shirt screams "comfy," but even when it's untucked, Blanchett still looks very put together.

14 Zooey Deschanel

via GotCeleb

Zooey Deschanel likes to travel, but she doesn't spend a lot to enjoy the place she's visiting. In fact, according to CNBC, her #1 travel activity is absolutely free: she goes on a walk. She would never waste money taking a cab to see some sites, or joining a group tour or a travel group bus. And while traveling, whether that's at the airport or on the plane, Deschanel keeps it real, like the image above where she's wearing a simple outfit of a sweater and jeans.

13 Stella McCartney

via CNN Travel

Stella McCartney was born into royalty. Her father is former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney. McCartney is one of the most important fashion designers of our time. She dresses the stars, but she too is a star. So when she goes "normal" when she travels, she still looks stylish, as Glamour noted. Here she paired a crisp white shirt with pocket slips and a collar with black ankle-skimming trousers. The black-and-white ensemble gets a jolt of pattern from a fun leopard-print bag.

12 Rachel Zoe

via YouTube

Fashion designer and mom Rachel Zoe is always prepared when she flies. She told Forbes that she normally packs a knit scarf and a cardigan, layering attire and accessories that adapt to the change of air on an flight. She also always brings with her a tote bag for her beauty essentials. But the accessory that makes her look totally normal is also one that camouflages her: a pair of oversized sunglasses.  As she said,“It is the ultimate jet-setter accessory . . . [and it also] protects your eyes from harmful rays.”

11 Kristen Bell

via Smarter Travel

Actress Kristen Bell and hubbie Dax Shepard like to save money, so they don't go to far-flung destinations. When they go on vacay, the couple prefer to go to their home State, which is in Michigan and which is where they can do "normal" family stuff, like kayaking and playing ping pong. When they fly, they only go on commercial airlines and one of Kristen's looks while traveling is to look totally normal. Here she is in her favorite Converse sneakers, jeans, white T-shirt and matching white sweater.

10 Sarah Michelle Gellar

via Celebzz

Sarah Michelle Gellar loves living on a budget and used her visit to Peru to find the best chocolate for her company, FoodStirs, to also have a vacay, according to Travel + Leisure. The mom rarely travels to far-flung places because of the cost, so Peru was perfect for her because she didn't have to spend money on the flight and the hotel since she was already there on business. Here she's simply dressed at the airport, a boucle sweater under a fur-lined parka, the perfect way to travel in comfort.

9 Claire Danes

via GotCeleb

The Homeland star, mom to two young children, knows exactly what it takes to travel by plane. She relies on compression socks or stockings. If you are flying, compression socks are a necessity, according to The Travel Channel. Sitting for a long period of time wearing regular socks will swell your legs and also cut off the flow of blood circulation. To avoid "Economy Class Syndrome" do like Danes. It's surprising, though, that she hates them and only puts them on "until it's entirely essential," as she told E! News.

8 Sarah Jessica Parker

via Pinterest

Sarah Jessica Parker is the epitome of style, but as she grows older, she told Today, she prefers to travel in very simple clothing. She said, "I was thinking the other day, I really want to limit myself to a gray sweatshirt and gray pants." Could she commit to a monochromatic gray color scheme when she's been known for looking so sophisticated at the Met Gala each year? Well, apparently she's already doing it, save for some tweaks while traveling. Today she's wearing the gray sweatshirt and carrying a gray sweater in case the plane gets cold.

7 Katie Holmes

via CelebMafia

When Katie Holmes travels, she really dresses down. She's wearing a very loose-fitting black-and-white plaid button-up shirt (Holmes loves wearing oversized plaid shirts while traveling) which she wore over a simple white T-shirt. Her pink boot-cut pants add a preppy pop of color to her outfit and her beige-colored suede booties reinforce her relaxed look, according to The Daily Mail UK. And she knows how to travel the right way, as she's carrying a bulky cream and black printed sweater because it's always cold in the airplane.

6 Lady Gaga

via Stylecaster

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous outfits that she puts on when flying. She's been clad in all leather, seen wearing a mask appropriate for a masked ball, worn lace-ups with gigantic heels and caught on camera in a barely-there bathing suit under a leather jacket.  But recently, Gaga shocked the world when she wore a more restrained figure-hugging grey dress that showcased her toned figure but was more modest in style as it covered her entire body. Over the dress, Gaga wore a beautiful trench coat by Fendi that was uniquely designed with panels of coated plaid. The entire outfit made her look sophisticated rather than provocative.

5 Keira Knightley

via HawtCelebs

When Keira Knightley travels, she tries to keep her skin hydrated while flying rather than wear a mask that may scare others. Instead she uses The Ordinary rosehip seed oil on her face. She told Vogue UK, “I completely fail to keep myself on an even keel with my skincare when traveling, but I have just discovered rosehip oil. . . Flights are so hard on your skin and they make it so dry, so I gave this a go and it really worked. Now I always travel with it." Her travel outfits scream "nomal," like the way she paired jeans with an Adidas shirt worn under a cropped jacket.

4 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

via YouTube

English model Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley is famous for being the face of Victoria's Secret, Burberry and Marks & Spencer. It's no wonder that if she has to wear something comfortable, like for a flight, she does so in a way that doesn't sacrifice style. This look is totally Rosie: glamourish, feminine and understated. She paired a black shirt with black Paige jeans, according to Glamour and, as a coverup, a pale pink silk jacket that resembled a night robe. Yep, it works!

3 Miranda Kerr

via Who What Wear

Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr also likes to take it down a notch when she travels. She goes for comfort, but that doesn't mean baggy hoodies and track pants, as InStyle noted. One of things Kerr loves to wear is a crisp crop top, and here she's wearing a white one paired with dark denim slim-fit jeans. The Australian beauty kept the colors muted, and her top coat, made out of threaded black and grey, is perfect if her flight once again blasts the A/C. We love the white Adidas Continental 80 sneakers that coordinates with her T.

2 Lily Aldridge

via The Daily Mail UK

Model and mother Lily Aldridge really knows how to pack. She only brings around three outfits and mixes and matches each piece to make every look different. As she told Travel + Leisure, she never travels without,"really comfortable scarves, because I like to get cozy on the plane since they can get so cold. And then when you land, if you’re in an exotic or tropical place, you can use them as sarongs. I like to travel as compact as possible." At the airport she's wearing a lowkey black ensemble, a pair of black jeans and a matching sweater with a fun design that seems both comfy and chic.

1 Kim Kardashian West

via tfln.co

We all know how stylish Kim Kardashian is. In any given episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she can be seen wearing different outfits, from a fun T-shirt with ripped jeans to a more sophisticated look in a LV ensemble that her husband hand-picked for her. When Kim travels, she's known for wearing all black, as People pointed out, like the pic above where her entire outfit is that color. The topcoat is perfect for layering and while this is Kim dressed down, she still manages to look stylish.

Sources: Glamour, CNBC, Forbes, Marie Claire, Travel + Leisure, The Travel Channel, Vogue UK, InStyle

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