During the 1950s and 1960s, air travel was completely different from what it is today. In the era of Pan Am and Concorde, this time became known as the Golden Age of Flying. The ultra-expensive fares and luxurious amenities created a completely different atmosphere at the airports, as well as on the planes. Yet, things have changed greatly over the years. Cheap flights, long lines and increased fees in anything that was once considered all part of the initial ticket, has changed what it's like to travel. The change in the atmosphere has also changed the type of apparel that is now seen as common when traveling the friendly skies.

While people often put a huge amount of effort into the best items to pack for their suitcase when traveling, sometimes the actual ensemble for heading to the airport doesn't have the same amount of thought. The outfits chosen for a vacation usually take precedence in the minds of travelers and the biggest concern for their traveling outfit usually revolves around comfort. Although it's definitely a good idea to think about wearing something comfortable when traveling through an airport, that's not the only factor to consider when choosing this particular outfit. The airport experience is often filled with long lines, waiting periods in uncomfortable chairs and maybe even a trip to the food court. The time on an airplane can be equally as uncomfortable and the outfit that one chooses for airfare should reflect what it's like to travel the friendly skies in this new age of air travel. Check out our list of the 25 pictures of people spotted at the airport wearing all the wrong things and see what can be learned from their travel ensemble mistakes.

25 Gwen Stefani In Black Leather Shorts

There are some celebrities that can easily fit into one specific category when it comes to their signature look but that doesn't seem to be the case with Gwen Stefani. Her rocker past has definitely showcased some of her more outlandish looks but she's also seen as quite the glamour girl with a great sense of fashion and style. However, it was this particular look when traveling through Los Angeles International Airport in 2015 that had people wondering what she was thinking. Part of the look seemed to go with the athleisure trend because of the ultra-comfortable sneakers and matching jacket. Yet, the black leather shorts and the leggings seemed a bit odd. While it may have been comfortable, the metal accents on the leather shorts probably weren't the best choice for getting through airport checkpoints.

24 Lorde In A Canadian Tux

In 2014, the New Zealand-born celebrity, Lorde, was spotted the day after the AMAs. She had previously been seen partying with fellow celebrities, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, and people couldn't help but remark on how fresh-faced she looked as the 18-year-old artist with a huge amount of appeal. Yet, her look at the Los Angeles International Airport didn't exactly scream fresh-faced beauty of young Hollywood. Instead, she donned a look that seemed a bit stiff. Lorde wore a striped t-shirt and paired it with a Canadian tuxedo. Style Caster stated, "the term comes from Bing Crosby, who was once denied entry into a Canadian hotel for wearing blue jeans, which prompted Levi's to create a denim tuxedo to qualify as formal wear." While jeans are often thought of as quite comfortable, a full-on Canadian tuxedo doesn't exactly seem like the most comfortable ensemble for traveling.

23 Vanessa Hudgens in Ill-Fitting Jeans

Vanessa Hudgens is probably best-known for her role in the High School Musical film series but she is equally known for the highly publicized romantic relationships she's had. This may be one of the reasons for this particular ensemble that she wore in December 2017 while traveling with Austin Butler at Los Angeles International Airport. She wore the hat a bit low, which may have been an attempt at keeping a low profile while traveling with her beau. Yet, that didn't stop photographers from recognizing her and publishing a myriad of different photos during their time at the airport. Yet, it wasn't the hat that seemed to really be the star of the show since it was the ill-fitting jeans that seemed to have people sitting back and scratching their heads.

22 Demi Lovato In Ill-Matched Accessories

Demi Lovato is an accomplished singer, actress and television personality but she's also become a huge figure in the world of fashion. Her most recent collaboration with the activewear brand, Fabletics, has been a huge hit and people generally think of her as having great fashion sense. Yet, this particular ensemble had people a bit confused since it wasn't the ideal outfit for traveling. She wore this oversized red coat when traveling at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris in November 2017. While the coat seemed quite bulky and ill-fitting for a traveling accessory, it was the ultra-high Christian Louboutin heels that definitely solidified that this was not an ensemble suitable for traveling. Not only were those heels undoubtedly difficult to walk in through a large airport but they were probably not that great for getting off and on while checking through customs.

21 Rihanna Pairing A Sweatsuit With Heeled Boots

Rihanna is a music artist that has become known as a huge icon in the world of fashion and she's often the first to spark a trend that spans across the globe. Yet, not all of her looks seem to have become the latest new craze with the general public and some of them don't even seem like a great fit for any occasion. This was made evident when she appeared at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City back in November 2017. While the athleisure ensemble definitely seemed comfortable enough for a traveling outfit, it was the boots that had people wondering about her comfort level. These Jimmy Choo x Off-White Sara Boots resemble a stereotypical cowboy boot but features a marshmallow aesthetic.

20 Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson In Leather Pants

Shay Mitchell is an actress that is probably best known for her role as Emily Fields in the hugely popular television series, Pretty Little Liars. As a member of young Hollywood, she's definitely been spotted amongst the popular crowd by various photographers. From Hollywood hotspots to jet setting around the world, Mitchell is a favorite to capture by the paparazzi. This particular photograph was taken when she was traveling with a fellow celebrity, Ashley Benson, in March 2014. While her lengthy white top seemed comfortable enough, it was the black leather pants that had people questioning her ensemble choice. Mitchell has actually worn black leather pants on more than one occasion so the world can assume that this is a style she favors. Yet, it probably was a bit cumbersome while traveling through John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

19 Rihanna In A Hooded Onesie

Rihanna is a music artist that is constantly seen jet-setting around the world, whether it's for her sold-out concert tours or for various fashion events. She's become known as a true icon in the world of fashion but that doesn't mean that every ensemble she chooses has been a huge hit. This particular look went with the athleisure trend when she was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport in 2014. She wore an oversized hooded DKNY onesie that didn't seem to do anything for her figure. While frequent travelers might think that this would actually be an ingenious ensemble in regards to comfort, the extra material may not be the best choice. In many of the photographs during this travel venture, she can be seen fighting with the hem of the dress and all of the extra folds of material.

18 Mischa Barton In Lengthy Bell bottoms

Mischa Barton is an actress that has had quite a rocky path throughout her time in Hollywood but there was a time when she was heralded for her fashion sense. She chose this particular ensemble when traveling to the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival. She arrived at the Nice airport in an elegant navy top and wore a knee-length trench that seemed to really add to the simplistic look. While the jeans she chose seemed comfortable enough for a traveling ensemble, there was definitely a mistake in not getting them hemmed to the right length. The oversized bell-bottom style paired with the extra-long length didn't seem like the best idea for traveling. From the tripping hazard to the inevitable gunk floating around the airport floors, travelers might want to steer clear of anything that might be dragging them down.

17 Kate Hudson In A Double Slit Skirt

Kate Hudson is a celebrated actress that has made a huge mark in the fashion industry through her endorsement deals and ad campaigns. Yet, that doesn't mean that she hasn't made a few fashion mistakes over the years. This was evident when she arrived at Nice Airport for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. While the halter neck to her dress was a great choice since anything cutting too far in the neckline can become a hindrance when carrying shoulder bags, the style of the skirt portion and the flimsy material might not have been the best choice. The two slits on the side of the skirt and the silky material doesn't exactly scream warmth and that should be taken into consideration when walking through a drafty airport or sitting on an airplane.

16 Charlize Theron In A Black Leather Miniskirt

Charlize Theron is an Academy Award-winning actress that has collaborated with some of the biggest fashion designers around the world. It should come as no surprise that she's often seen traveling to various airports all over the globe and the majority of the time, it would seem that she always knows the right outfit to wear for her traveling needs. Yet, that didn't seem like the case when she was spotted at Nice Airport while traveling with her son to the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The oversized denim top seemed like a comfortable choice but pairing it with a black leather miniskirt may not have been the best option. Not only is leather a bit restrictive but the miniskirt wouldn't allow for much warmth on the plane.

15 Lady Gaga In A Black Cocktail Dress

Lada Gaga first started out in the music industry for being known for her over-the-top antics when it came to her stage performances and her fashion choices. While she has since toned down her public persona in both of those regards, there was a time when her self expression was seen in more than just her music videos. This particular look wasn't as outlandish as some of her other airport styles but that doesn't mean that it is something that the average traveler should choose for their next vacation. She was spotted at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, wearing this black cocktail dress, paired with heels and a jacket. Not only does the dress seem like it did little to keep her warm on the plane but the jacket seemed a tad difficult to get on and off.

14 Heidi Klum In A Mismatched Athleisure Look

Heidi Klum is a hugely successful model that has transitioned into a beloved fashion designer and television personality. Being an accomplished businesswoman and wearing a multitude of different hats, it's not surprising that she's often spotted at the airport. Yet, not all of her travel looks are akin to what she's previously been used to on the catwalk. She chose this particular ensemble in December 2017 when she was spotted at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Klum wore an athleisure ensemble that consisted of a pair of striped leggings paired with an oversized sweatshirt that was more like a dress than a shirt. A silky bomber jacket was thrown over it and she completed it with a plaid scarf. Needless to say, this was undoubtedly a look that wasn't going to be winning any awards.

13 Taylor Swift In Knee-High Socks

In 2014, Taylor Swift was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport wearing an ensemble that was actually quite appealing at first glance. The Miss Patina shirt looked extremely comfortable for traveling and the eyelash detail gave it a great little pop. Yet, the rest of the ensemble didn't exactly seem like a great fit for traveling. The Everlane shorts didn't do much for keeping warm on the plane and the knee-high socks left much of the legs exposed. While the elastic at the top of the socks seem restrictive enough, many of the photos of Swift show some wrinkling towards the ankle that prove how high maintenance the socks were while walking through the airport. To top it all off, she donned Christian Louboutin heels that didn't seem at all comfortable for traveling.

12 Rita Ora In Mismatched Ensemble

With Rita Ora being a celebrated television personality in the UK and a well-known songstress all over the globe, it should come as no surprise that she's often spotted at various airports around the world. While she's definitely had some hit moments on the red carpet, she's also had her fair share of misses. This particular look was captured in 2014 when she was traveling through Los Angeles International Airport, alongside Ricky Hill. While her jeans seemed loose enough to create comfort on the plane, the excessive layers and the abundance of accessories weren't exactly great for traveling. The bomber jacket thrown over the extra-long layered duster was just another apparel piece that might give a traveler a hard time through checkpoints and the hat, glasses, and metal necklace definitely wouldn't help.

11 Sienna Miller Pajama Look

Sienna Miller is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and has starred in a number of ultra-memorable roles. Many people have likened her look to that of previous beauties from the Golden Age of Hollywood and she's continued to prove that she can play a great range in characters. While it's not surprising that she's often seen at various airports around the world, it is a tad surprising that she would put such little effort in some of her traveling looks. This particular ensemble was chosen for a trip through Los Angeles International Airport in November 2014. While people are often looking for outfits that will be comfortable during their travels, there is a difference between choosing something comfortable and throwing on some pajama pants.

10 Chrissy Teigen In Over-The-Knee Boots

Chrissy Teigen started out being known as an accomplished model but her persona has definitely evolved over the years. Nowadays, she's seen as a celebrated television personality, as well as a popular influencer all over the world as a wife and mother. She's always exhibited a huge sense of style, whether it was her numerous pregnancy looks or her trend-setting ensembles. However, that doesn't mean that all of her ensembles have been carefully chosen to suit the individual outing. A great example of this was when Teigen was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport in 2013, wearing over-the-knee boots and a leather jacket with metal accents. The boots don't seem like the most comfortable choice in footwear for walking through an airport and neither of these accessories seemed like the best choice for getting through airport checkpoints.

9 Heidi Klum In A Denim Jumpsuit

Heidi Klum is thought of as one of the most successful models of her generation and is known for having an amazing figure. While her personality has definitely helped to land a number of different roles, including a few television personality spots, it's her physique that people often think of when considering this German beauty. However, that doesn't mean that she always chooses outfits that will help to show off the fact that she's managed to maintain her physique through the years. A great example of this was when she was spotted at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City in 2013. While it may have been comfortable, it didn't do anything for her figure and it seemed a bit cumbersome in the fabric.

8 Katie Holmes In A White Minidress

Katie Holmes was once considered a burgeoning talent of young Hollywood when she starred on the television series, Dawson's Creek. Yet, she seemed to take a bit of a backseat in regards to her acting roles once she started to focus on being a wife and mother. People didn't get to see much of her on the big screen for awhile but that didn't mean they didn't see her in a multitude of publications. She was constantly being spotted jet-setting around the world. This particular ensemble was something she chose when she was spotted at Taoyuan Airport to attend the "Artistry on Ice" figure skating event in Taipei, Taiwan. While the green coat definitely added a pop of color and appeal, the white mini dress probably wasn't the best option for wearing on a drafty plane or walking through an airport.

7 Katy Perry With Ears Headband

Katy Perry has created quite the reputation for donning some over-the-top looks throughout her time in the public eye as a pop sensation, from the infamous cupcake bra to her wide array of colorful wigs. While the world has become accustomed to that type of style when it comes to Katy Perry, it's interesting how that can translate to the regular person. These definitely aren't the types of looks that anyone else would want to emulate, whether it's heading to the local grocery store or picking the kids up from school. While it may work for a pop star, it won't work for the general public and that's definitely the case for this particular travel ensemble. Perry wore this look in October 2013 while traveling to Narita International Airport in Japan. From the pantyhose that are prone to snagging to the combat boots with difficult to remove laces during airport checkpoints, this entire ensemble probably wouldn't work for the average traveler.

6 Jennifer Lopez In Parachute Pants

There was a time when parachute pants were actually only a style that was made famous by the rapper, MC Hammer. Yet, that doesn't mean that there haven't been other celebrities that have tried their hand at this look. Jennifer Lopez actually donned this style when traveling to Narita International Airport in Japan in March 2009. It seemed to have mixed reviews from her critics, with some commenting on how comfortable it looked and others criticizing it for doing nothing for her figure. Yet, the overall look of the ensemble seemed to take a backseat to its practicality in the context of travel. All of the extra folds of material don't seem like they would be well-suited for traveling through an airport and that's not even considering how the length would jumble up with the boots she chose to complete the look.