Movies found in this listicle have themes that are inspired by movies, or they can be renowned hotels which appeared in famous films. Staying in these suites can be costly, but worth every penny. If you're traveling or vacationing, chances are, you'll be spending a great deal of time in a hotel. You may as well splurge for a treat to be in a movie-themed room such as the Twilight room at the Pacific Inn motel.

Most of the suites below are fitting places for watching the movies that they represent. How cool would it be to watch Tron: Legacy in the Tron suite or Star Wars at a Star Wars-themed Disney World hotel? More on that later. The rooms' designers must share a passion for the movies they represent. Their appreciation is evidenced in their care and detail. Upon seeing the hotels for yourself, you'll be reminded of why you fell in love with movies, to begin with.

Tired of the same suite you usually book at the Holiday Inn? These suites are available for rental and are not display rooms. Just about any movie fanatic would give these suites a four-star rank. These are 25 pics of hotels that are perfect for movie lovers.

25 Tron-Inspired Hotel Room At Hotel 99

The excellence of the 2010 Tron: Legacy is hard to doubt since most people had such high expectations before seeing it. Both the 1982 and 2010 Tron movies include Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/Clu. At times, the original 1982 classic feels like characters are in front of a green screen with little effort to hide the fact. Tron: Legacy surpasses expectations with respect to artistic design.

Certainly, this room is reminiscent of 2010's Tron: Legacy. This room is found at Hotel 99 in the Philippines. To stay in this Tron themed room (with a swing in front of it's LED T.V. that plays the movie, Tron), it'll cost about 47.40 USD per night.

24 The Shire Of Montana

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings enthusiasts must visit this quaint location in the forest. Individuals don't have to travel to New Zealand, the primary filming location of the Lord of the Rings, but instead to Trout Creek of Montana in the United States. At first glance, it has a high degree of similarity to what a house in the Shire would look like. The inside of the home is uniformly Hobbit-esque.

Aside from the modern appliances, you'll find, it's the most accurate experience for a Lord of the Rings hotel. Just don't accidentally drop your elvish ring in the fire or you might get an unexpected visit from... Sauron!

23 Harry Potter Georgian House Hotel

The Harry Potter hotel is every Potterhead's wizarding fantasy come to life. Your magical wizarding chambers at the Harry Potter Georgian House Hotel will remind you of why traveling is awesome! Bedrooms are similar to what a student would experience in Hogwarts living quarters.

According to, "the rooms have velvet canopies on dark wood beds, plus trunks, potion bottles, and spellbooks." The website of also said the hotel package includes a Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesden. There are various styles of wizard chambers at the Georgian House Hotel, which is why Potter fans will be packing their wands in no time.

22 Twilight Hotel At The Pacific Inn Motel

It doesn't have to be a romantic stay since the Twilight suite is recommended to anyone who is a Twilight fan. The Pacific Inn Motel is a place to stay, and it is. The website of says, "STEP INTO THE WORLD OF TWILIGHT, WE ARE PROVIDING AN EXPERIENCE, NOT JUST A PLACE TO STAY" With a quote like that they must take the authenticity of their room seriously. Don't be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night to a vampire with pale skin and deep red eyes. It could be... Edward Cullen.

21 Despicable Me Room At Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

Despicable Me's introduction of Minions makes it a notable movie from Universal Pictures. Loews Portofino Bay Hotel found at Universal Orlando is the perfect place to take a family. When Despicable Me released, it became the tenth-highest grossing animated movie in history.

Missile beds and Minion curtains are reasons to stay here. An adult bedroom is connected by a single doorway and it features an upscale Italian design. Often, themed rooms in hotels that are designed for kids are connected to an adult room. Hotel rooms can make or break a trip, and offer once extraordinary experiences.

20 Star Wars Hotel In Disney World (Coming Soon)

Disney recently bought Star Wars for a whopping $4.05 billion. It's one of the most significant acquisitions in history, and now, Disney World is expanding their park with Star Wars attractions. As detailed by, "The first story of what is expected to be a two-story hotel will have 34 rooms, or "cabins," as they are called on the plans, with two of them being larger "first class" cabins."

What the future holds for this Star Wars hotel is unknown with ongoing developments. Will they include a Cantina bar or some other cool Star Wars themed rooms? The outlook seems likely for this hotel in a galaxy not so far away.

19 Secret Hotel Suite At The Cinderella Castle (Restricted)

According to, "This room is kept hidden from guests and all visitors. No matter how much money you'd be willing to pay, Disney does not book this hotel room for just anyone." Disney World's hotel has a hidden room with a limestone fireplace and ornate windows. If standing outside Cinderella Castle, you may see glowing windows; there's a chance that someone is staying in the suite. Unless you win a contest or pay a large lump sum of money, it is doubtful you will ever see the inside of Disney World's secret hotel room. Almost everything you find in this suite is Cinderella themed including the twinkling star jacuzzi tub.

18 Batman Suite At Eden Motel

The Batman suited at the Eden Motel is a Batcave of its own. Surely, a suite that is decorated with a combination of classic and modern Batman adornments would make Robin jealous. Anyone who is a fan of DC Comics or Batman should think this suite is totally awesome.

Without a doubt, this suite is bound to impress the Batgirls. Hopefully, the Ventriloquist isn't hiding in a dresser, and the room isn't Mr. Freezing at night. Does an uncanny butler deliver room service accompanied by anecdotes? You'll have to book the room to find out what lies in Eden Motel's Batman suite!

17 Wizard Of Oz Theme At The Roxbury Hotel

Even without hearing the rest of the suite's aspects, one can already see why it's a popular suite at the Roxbury Hotel. The Yellow Brick Road in the middle of the room leads into the wall! The amount of detail in the suite is one of the first things guests notice.

The only flaw in the design of this room is that Emerald City is in the distance. Oddly, the room has a design to fit Emerald City, but the Yellow Brick Road's horizon indicates that you are not there. Still, with such as cool concept it would be hard to pass on a stay in this marvelous Wizard of Oz room.

16 Star Trek Hotel Suite At Sao Paulo

The Star Trek suite at Sao Paulo is every Trekky's dream come true. This suite from another planet was once combined with tickets to Star Trek: Into Darkness. According to the website of, "the suite has space mural on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom, it has Star Trek delta shield pillows, and views of planet Earth on walls of the common area." To top it off, the bathroom is space-themed. While inside this Star Trek suite is probably the only time you wouldn't want to say, "Beam me up, Scotty.” To say that quote would be "Highly Illogical..."

15 Frozen Guest Suite In Hotel De Glace

The Hotel De Glace is a Frozen experience like none other. It's a Nordic nights' stay experience that is reminiscent of the movie Frozen. As mentioned by, the "Hôtel de Glace is a stunning yet ephemeral work of art and architecture entirely built of snow and ice."

It's also worth recognizing that Hôtel de Glace is reminiscent of the ice palace in the James Bond movie Die Another Day. The hotel has worked with multiple films such as Frozen and a Discover Channel television series. No matter what your frozen movie fave is, this hotel works.

14 Jurassic Park Suite At Royal Pacific Resort

Almost any child's dream or nightmare is to stay in a suite that is modeled after Jurassic Park. Nearly every kid was a dinosaur enthusiast at some point in their life, and many adults still are. Steven Spielberg's original movie is an Oscar-winner. The new Jurassic World series is also an entertaining ride.

According to, the suite is technically an extension of another suite. Attached to the Jurassic Park-themed room is a regular adult room with a king-sized bed. Staying at Universal’s Loews Royal Pacific Resort is a unique experience. The mural on the wall accompanied by Jurassic toys and Jurassic-themed beds make staying in this suite a true delight.

13 Mickey Mouse Penthouse At The Disneyland Hotel

There are too many cool features to love at the Mickey Mouse penthouse suite at the Disneyland Hotel. It would seem as if a Mickey Mouse cartoon came to life while staying in this suite. Whether you are a child or a child at heart, staying in the Mickey Mouse penthouse suite is a dream come true. Paintings of Mickey Mouse, plush dolls, coffee cups, and a corded telephone with a Mickey Mouse design are included in the rental. The shower's wall tiles follow a color pattern of red, black, yellow with a Mickey theme. The only way to complete this room would be for it to have Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for Sega Genesis.

12 Barbie Hotel At Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris

All those years of playing with Barbies as a little girl (or boy) is now going to pay off since you can stay in this all-around fabulous Barbie suite. The Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris is one of the few hotels with a fabulous Barbie-themed room.

One can see another suite with a Barbie-style at The Palms Casino Resort. The pad at the Palms Casino Resort is much bigger, but it feels like this room more accurately represents the theme of Barbie. The Palms Casino Resort Barbie room, however, contains a massive display case filled with iconic Barbie dolls.

People who have seen Barbie movies such as Barbie: Princess Charm School and Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses should enjoy either suite regardless.

11 Marilyn Monroe Hotel Room

It's a room designed for a Marilyn Monroe movie lover's delight. The suite isn't filled with Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. It is, however, styled in a way that is fitting of the outfits and memory of Marilyn Monroe, an actress, and model from the '40s, '50s, and '60s.

According to, staying in the Marilyn Monroe hotel suite provides people with a Tropicana bar & pool, a Bose sound system, a king-sized bed, and a large balcony overlooking the hotel's pool & cafe. At first glance, this hotel suite doesn't seem like a typical luxury suite. Its unique design makes it worth visiting.

10 Castle Hotel At Legoland

In the lower-right corner, you can see a pile of Lego, which must be for building Lego creations while in bed. It's probably not the only room with Lego inside of it. Unlike other themed-rooms such as the Barbie one, which won't allow visitors to touch the Barbies that are in a display case, Legoland surpasses expectations by providing guests with Lego blocks.

The themed bed and mural is also a huge bonus for staying the room. Breakfast is included when staying at the Legoland Castle Hotel. It's right next to the entrance of Legoland, so in explanation, it's radically awesome.

9 Talladega Nights-Themed Hotel Suite

Aside from having a bed modeled after Ricky Bobby's race car, this bedroom suite has everything to resemble Talladega Nights. The color scheme and hubcaps on the wall should be a giveaway that the room is modeled off of the Talladega Nights movie.

Enjoy long and sensational nights during a stay at The Curtis by Hilton. The painting in the background of this picture, which is of course found in the Talladega suite, contains everything that is Ricky Bobby. Have yourself a real Talladega Night while staying at The Curtis by Hilton. This room will enthrall Nascar and movie fans alike.

8 Pirates Of The Caribbean Suite At Disney World

The Pirates of the Caribbean suite at Disney World is an excellent suite like many other Disney-themed suites. Movie lovers are rarely disappointed when choosing a Disney-themed suite, especially if it is near a Disney Park.

Sleeping in a bed that is themed like a pirate ship is a dream come true. Aside from riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, this is possibly the best way to experience Pirates of the Caribbean in the real world. Most people's natural instinct would be to have a sword fight and jump from bed to bed upon entering this room. Who wouldn't?

7 Tarzan Suite At Hotel Explorers Disneyland Paris

Go wild over this Tarzan suite in Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Anaheim is an exhilarating experience, but it doesn't have a Tarzan room with leopard print bedsheets. As stated by, "This family-run property offers a free shuttle service from Disneyland Paris." The stump table and bamboo couch give it a big Tarzan vibe.

Thankfully, Disneyland has more than just one themed bedroom suit, so chances are, most will be able to find a themed-room fit for them. The Jungle suite is the perfect complement to visiting Disneyland Paris. If you're into the jungle theme or are a fan of jungle movies, it is worth the trip.

6 Park Hyatt Tokyo Suite From Lost In Translation

Staying in any suite in the Park Hyatt hotel is worth it since they have top-notch designs that are contemporary and cozy. Only a handful of hotels in Tokyo have panoramic windows like the one in this suite. Movie fanatics will indeed like this hotel which made an appearance in Lost in Translation. One of the top reasons to stay in the Park Hyatt Tokyo suite is to gaze upon the skyline of Tokyo. You can also lean against the glass (like Scarlett Johannson did in Lost in Translation) for a movie experience in Park Hyatt which is found in Tokyo.