Because vacations are time-consuming and take a lot of energy to prepare for, one would expect that they’re worth all the stress for the sake of relaxation. But even on vacation, there are the pressures of being courteous to others including the people one is staying with. Whether it’s at a family home or in a hotel, taking other people’s feelings into consideration is a good way to not only get along with those who are taking the time and energy out of their day to host guests that are staying with them but also be a good guest in general. This is especially important when one is in a foreign country, as there is the additional pressure of respecting a culture that’s different from one’s own as well as representing one’s own culture in a positive light by being polite.

Yet some people who are traveling don’t show respect or common courtesy to others, because somehow they think they’re entitled to do whatever they want in a place that’s not their home. This can range from leaving a hotel room in a messier state than it was before, to completely decimating an entire home that was rented via Airbnb. Now who would do such a thing? Well, these people sure thought it was a good idea even if some of them weren’t in the right state of mind at the time.

25 A whole lot of trash

In another charitable act that quickly went sour, a woman and her husband offered their rental place in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to a family that, “Had nowhere to go” according to KPLC 7 who reported the story March of last year. Then after the family started living there, several complaints from the neighbors started cropping up. Among them, they complained about the stench and large amount of rubbish that had been accumulating around the place. These were reported to the city which in turn sent letters to the woman, and so she “Had to evict the family” KPLC 7 reported.

24 An unpleasant stench left behind

As indicated by the woman in this picture who’s plugging her nose, and the picture’s title, this room inside a hostel was particularly smelly. This is despite the fact that there’s a fan between the two beds in this room, which doesn’t appear to be turned on as indicated by the fan’s blades not spinning (though it’s possible the camera caught the blades mid-spin but the overall quality of the picture indicates this was not a very sophisticated camera). Also, there’s a random towel hanging on a string which could be the source of the smell but it's unclear.

23 Women are just as messy

In Christchurch, New Zealand, the Pavilions Hotel was struck by three female guests in 2016 who left their room in a messy state (as shown above) and bothered the nearby residents with a party they were having. According to Stuff, they were extremely loud and threw eggs at the cars in the parking lot by the hotel. So the hotel posted about the incident on social media, though the women denied what happened. Instead, they claimed it was a man who was responsible for the messy room, Stuff says, but this turned out to be false.

22 A messy tenant

In this picture, we see a typical example of a messy hotel room that happens to be in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. Apart from the unmade bed with the sheets and pillows strewn about, we also have a towel hanging over a mirror with a couple of stray pillows on the floor and armchair. Then there are the random articles of clothing scattered about, like the slippers on the floor and the jacket on the chair next to the desk with the cup on it that appears to be empty (though from this distance it’s hard to tell).

21 A gym left in a worse state than before

While the previous hostel might have just been smelly but otherwise pretty average as far as hostels are concerned, it’s nothing compared to this one. Located in Prague, as the title implies, this hostel is clearly not up to standards as far as maintenance is concerned. Not only is the carpeted floor dirty, but the lockers on either side look worn out implying that this hostel was formerly a gym which is confirmed by the blogger Travel With Ashley who took this picture. Plus, the close proximity of the bunkbeds indicates that there’s not a lot of privacy here either.

20 From bad to worse

According to, this house in the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, was “Built in 1887” meaning it’s quite old by today’s standards. Despite the house’s small size, it has apparently gone up in value for the past few years. This is despite the fact that in 2014, the house was busted by renters (as shown in the picture above) as documented by the WordPress blogger saintpaulbybike. It’s amazing that the value went up on this place at all, given the state it’s clearly in, yet that might be a good thing to keep unruly renters like these out.

19 Suspicious activity

While the previous incident may not have been the man’s fault entirely, the same cannot be said for this incident. In the seaside part of Melbourne, Australia, there is a settlement called Williamstown which became the location of several arrests this year. As stated by Star Weekly magazine, it began when two people were caught trespassing onto a house listed on Airbnb which they illegally entered using “A stolen credit card”. From there, the police swept the area and confronted other young people. Then in Esplanade Altona VIC, a similar incident happened though the house was left a total wreck.

18 Shattered Glass

If anyone thought places like New York City couldn’t be touched by the horrors of Airbnb, this story proves otherwise. In the Rockland County area, there is a small riverside community to the north of the main city that is appropriately called Grand View-on-Hudson. Here, a man rented his “River Road home” out to Airbnb early this year according to abc7NY only to return after New Year’s Day to find the aftermath of a wild New Year’s party even though he made it clear parties weren’t allowed. Among the damage included a shattered glass staircase (as shown above).

17 A suitcase full of pepperoni

So here’s an interesting tale: seventeen years prior, a man from Nova Scotia, Canada, went to British Columbia and stayed at a hotel in the city of Victoria called the Fairmont Empress. According to The Washington Post, “He brought a suitcase full of pepperoni” as a gift for some friends of his. But when he left the pepperoni outside, due to the hotel room not having a fridge, a bunch of seagulls not only devoured it but they also flew around the room. This in turn created a huge mess, and got the man banned from the hotel until now.

16 Not acting like a true guest

While Airbnb is relatively new as far as house rental services are concerned, it’s already racked up quite a bit of notoriety due to the large number of incidents where renters don’t respect the hosts’ living spaces and Airbnb itself isn’t quick to compensate the hosts for what happened. Take this image, for example, from an Airbnb host named Ryan who came back to his condo and found lots of things broken or warped like the bottom of this door which apparently had liquid spilled on it (though what type of liquid it was is uncertain) causing it to warp.

15 “New Years Party” - What a Mess!

Following the transition from 2015 to 2016, a woman who designs magazines for a living came back to her home in London, England, and found it in a state of disarray after renting it out through Airbnb according to the Travel + Leisure magazine. It turned out that the guests had been throwing a New Year’s Eve party which was apparently large in size. As a result, some damage occurred as a TV had been “Ripped off the wall” as stated by Travel + Leisure. Afterwards, Airbnb took action and removed the account of the person who rented the place that night.

14 “Landlord wants more protections” - Gotta Have Insurance

Within the city of Sioux Falls in the state of South Dakota, there are certain houses for rent that can be afforded by people with “Low and fixed incomes” through a special voucher according to the local Argus Leader newspaper. But two years ago, the landlord of one such house was stuck dealing with the mess left behind by a renter who also had several children under her care. While the renter claimed the landlord “Allowed the place to deteriorate,” Argus Leader states, the landlord was less sympathetic about the whole matter despite what he’s done to aid the program.

13 “Generous” - An Act of Charity Gone Bad

As a result of the ever-widening gap of income, the number of homeless people seems to increase every year. While most of us are taught to ignore their pleas for money, since many a homeless person winds up spending it on drugs instead of food, there are a few charitable souls who will go out of their way to help the homeless. Such was the case for a woman named Louise Elliott who raised money to give a homeless couple a hotel room to stay in for Christmas 2016, real-fix says, who wound up leaving it a mess.

12 A party gone very wrong

Though the image above may seem like the inside of a messy garage, it’s actually the inside of a house that became the center of an arduous legal battle. This began last year in Anchorage, Alaska, within an area called Lake Otis Pkwy where a woman had been renting out a place she used to live in when one renter came along. According to the Anchorage Daily News, he started having tons of people over which disturbed the neighbors and got the police’s attention. So the woman was forced to evict the man and deal with the mess left behind.

11 “Renters” - Costly Memories

Whether a house is rented or not, it does have history. With that, there are various memories associated with the place. While some are good, there can be bad ones as well. In the case of this landlord in Epsom, England, she was renting her family home out to two people. After staying there for a couple of years, they caused a lot of “Damage to the interior” as stated in an article by Bendigo Advertiser. After they were evicted, though, the two renters caused damage to another house they rented causing them to get kicked out from there too.

10 Super Bowl Gone Wild

Though the next Super Bowl won’t be for another few months, it wouldn’t be surprising if fans of this event are already planning their future parties for it. While some are a little loud but mostly harmless, some can get out of hand. Such was the case for this rented Airbnb home in Minneapolis, where a woman and her partner ended up having to clean their place up after the guests threw a big Super Bowl party with other people as reported by Kare 11. On top of that, the guests stole a bunch of things from the house itself.

9 “Over 6000$ in damage”

Here’s another bad Airbnb story: a man named Raphaël and his wife came home after a trip only to find their home in ruins after a wild party was held by the person renting it. Though the couple made it clear that parties weren’t allowed along with smoking, there were cigarette buds all over the floor. On top of that, their electrical equipment was busted thus adding up to about 6,000 dollars' worth of damage, Raphaël says. Yet when he tried contacting Airbnb about getting covered for the amount of damage caused by the renter, they couldn’t give him much.

8 Acting like children

When in Brisbane, Australia, one should be wary of the hostel described in this article posted on Living the Dream’s website. As the picture above clearly shows, it’s certainly a mess which is partially due to the people living here. According to Kendrick, the author of this article, a lot of the occupants were from Germany and quite young on top of that. So as a result, they were rowdy loud and obnoxious to be around. Plus there was a lot of “Clutter in one place,” Kendrick says, and there was this lingering smell that made the whole thing unpleasant.

7 “When Airbnb goes wrong” - Trouble in Paradise

While the state of Florida is known for having all kinds of crazy stories coming from it, this one takes the cake. In a close-knit community in Miami, a homeowner decided to rent her place out to Airbnb according to the Naples Daily News. While this did help her financially, it turned into quite a literal and metaphorical mess when a party got out of hand at the house. This in turn led to an eviction, “Tax fraud investigation,” says Naples Daily News, and a legal battle between Airbnb and the mayor of Miami himself. Boy, that escalated quickly!

6 “Airbnb House in Mexico” - Unexpected Company

While we’ve heard scathing testimonies from Airbnb hosts who’ve had less than pleasant guests staying in their home, let’s hear what the guests have to say about their experiences at the rented houses they’ve stayed at. Last year, for instance, a large family rented an Airbnb home in Mexico near the city of Puerto Vallarta. According to Airbnb Hell, things were bad right off the bat when they found out that the house didn’t come with a stove microwave or fridge. On top that, random people started showing up at the house and even had a party on the premises.