The world is a pretty difficult place even at the best of times, and a lot of that can be put down to money. The stress of it, the pressure of it and the overall sigh-inducing nature of it can make everything seem a little bit more catastrophic than it actually is. Of course, that isn't always the case, especially if you find yourself in a position of wealth: kind of like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The 50-0 professional boxing legend has had quite the career, as one of the only high-level boxers to ever retire undefeated. While some feel like his personality leaves a lot to be desired, there's no real way you can deny just how well he's done financially. He is one of the highest earning sportsmen of all time, which is quite the accomplishment in itself.

While we can't climb inside his mind and know the specifics about what he enjoys purchasing and what he doesn't, what we can do is go off of the information we already have. Mayweather is an open book in more ways than one and is quite happy to invite the world into his life, whether that be a good thing or bad.

To just know the figures involved is staggering enough, but once you realise what he spends his millions in it gets taken to a whole new level. We aren't going to pretend like we're the biggest Floyd fans in the world because we're not, but as we've already said, you don't need to be.

24 Private Jet - Off He Goes

Floyd Mayweather does what Floyd Mayweather wants, and that’s not exactly a stretch to believe. The guy has all the money in the world and can do with it as he pleases, with an example of that being his two private jets. He has a Gulfstream IV and a Gulfstream V, with the jets believed to be worth in the region of $15 million to $45 million.

It’s all well and good saying that those fees are absolutely ridiculous and they could be spent elsewhere, but when his nickname is ‘Money’, can you really be surprised by some of his antics?

23 Yacht - What A Way To Travel

Floyd has a 100-foot yacht that some have suggested cost him in excess of $200 million. Whether or not that figure is true is pretty irrelevant, because a yacht just generally doesn’t seem like the kind of form of transport that you’d expect from someone like him.

He’s more about jetting off instead of setting sail, but perhaps this is a sign that he wants to calm things down a little bit. There’s no guarantee of that, of course, but he’s moving into the twilight of his career and into the next phase of his life – so investing in a yacht doesn’t seem all too ridiculous.

22 Celebrity Friends - High Profile

Floyd has been pictured with just about everyone you could imagine when it comes to having a high profile, with this shot of him and Justin Bieber being the tip of the iceberg. It seems to be pretty simple: if you’ve got a lot of money, then the undisputed king of boxing is going to be interested in meeting you.

It makes sense given that a lot of these celebs can’t exactly mingle with everyday folk, because they just don’t understand what it’s like to live their lifestyle.

Can you imagine what his contact list would look like? We’d love to catch a glimpse.

21 Hotels - A Standard Expense

Luxury hotel rooms are a big part of the gig for Floyd, especially when it comes to him preparing for fights. He usually has a busy schedule on a day to day basis, especially leading up to one of his famous scraps, so he needs a place to just crash and forget about the world and his troubles.

He often doesn’t even bother with packing, either, regularly leaving some of his own personal items behind when he departs the hotel. Some will call that lazy but if you asked the man himself, we wouldn’t be surprised if he saw it as his own personal form of charity – which is something we’ll come onto a bit later.

P.S: Yes, we’re referring to presidential suites when it comes to the magnitude of these hotel rooms.

20 Sporting Events - Front Row Seats

From the Super Bowl to the NBA Finals, Floyd Mayweather knows that it’s important to keep himself in the spotlight. He lives for the attention that he receives from the masses and we’ve seen that play out on multiple occasions over the years, not least of which at these type of events.

The papers and the websites often focus on which celebrities appear in the crowd, and you just know that Floyd reads through that kind of stuff. He’s all about the numbers and he’ll generate a lot of those just by showing up in the front row for a sport he isn’t even a part of.

19 Vegas Club - Welcome To Girl Collection

Girl Collection is a boys-only club in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it’s probably one of the things that Floyd invests the most time and money into. In the last few years it’s one of the only subjects he’s wanted to talk about in interviews, as weird and disgusting as that may seem.

It’s entirely up to you to decide what you think about these establishments, but it says a lot about how little Floyd seems to care about the public perception of his image. He’s going to do what he wants to do nine times out of ten, and it’s just a case of coming to terms with that.

18 Press Tours - Bigging Himself Up

Due to the nature of how he conducts his business, Floyd has always been pretty heavily involved in how his fights are promoted. As such he’ll make decisions in regards to how his press tours work, who is involved in them, and what kind of cities he wants to visit.

Case in point: the fight against Conor McGregor. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle for that contest was selling it to casual fans, and boy oh boy did they do it. They spent millions in order to get stops in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London, and we wouldn’t hesitate to say that it paid off.

17 Taxes - Oh, Conor

One of the most intriguing storylines heading into Mayweather vs McGregor last year was the rumours surrounding Floyd and his tax problems. It’s no secret that Conor does his homework on his opponents in order to try and get into their heads, and by the time the world tour was over, it was no longer a secret that McGregor firmly believed Floyd owed $100 million to the IRS in unpaid taxes.

Regardless of whether or not you believe that it’s still crazy to think that we’re dealing with those kinds of figures, and it’s even crazier to think that he probably felt like it was the equivalent of a parking ticket.

16 Training - Staying In Shape

Retired or not it’s important to stay in shape, because you never know what kind of opportunities could be waiting around the next corner. Floyd stays in shape throughout the year courtesy of his many fantastic training facilities, and it helps that he happens to have some of the best trainers on the planet around him.

We personally believe that it’s of vital importance that everyone works as hard as they possibly can on their fitness, but that’s even more true of professional athletes because it can be really easy to fall off of the wagon after years of commitment and dedication to the cause.

15 Exhibition Fights - Making Moves

Floyd made the announcement not too long ago that he actually takes part in exhibition matches sometimes for certain fees. Of course, he’d also have to spend some of his own money in order to make that happen, which is the situation we find ourselves in with his upcoming ‘exhibition’ against Tenshin Nasukawa.

The Japanese sensation is set to square off against Mayweather at RIZIN’s New Year’s Eve card, and while many fans are expecting quite a dull affair, you just never know what could happen in combat sports.

If nothing else, it’ll be intriguing to see what Floyd looks like in this kind of setting.

14 Charity - Yes, This Happens

Ironically enough Floyd has actually been criticised in the past for not giving enough of his finances to charity, and it all really depends on what you consider to be a lot of money. The man himself was recently given some stick on social media and in the mainstream media for videoing himself giving a homeless man $1,000.

It felt like something of a ‘cheap’ move, even though giving away that kind of money, for a lot of us, would be a pretty big deal.

He can do what he wants with his money, at the end of the day but we’ll leave this one up to the readers to form your own opinions.

13 Shoes - Keeping Stylish

It won’t come as all too much of a surprise for people to learn that Money Mayweather has a shoe collection in his home, or that it takes up the equivalent of an entire wall.

He likes everything from standard sneakers to more extravagant selections, and we can respect that. A man who doesn’t care what people think about his shoe game is a man that clearly has enough money to forget about those kinds of troubles and in many ways, we’re terrified to imagine just how much he’s forked out on footwear over the years.

Then again, at this stage, there isn’t all too much that would shock us with Floyd.

12 Mayweather Promotions - Building The Brand

While we don’t know this for sure, we’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the creation of Mayweather Promotions was a fairly monumental moment in the career and life of Floyd Mayweather Jr. He has built a career for himself from the ground up, and now, his legacy will continue long after he’s gone.

Mayweather Promotions has the goal of boxing domination, by all accounts, and it’ll be intriguing to see how they fare in that regard over the course of the next few years. Either way, it must be pretty cool to be able to say you’ve got your own company.

11 Personal Barber - Wait, What?

Floyd Mayweather Jr has a personal barber called Jackie Starr that often travels with him wherever he goes. While this may initially sound ridiculous to some who will happily point out that Mayweather is, in fact, bald, there seems to be a method to his madness for just about everything.

Our assumption is that he wishes to be absolutely hairless for any kind of meeting or fight or business gathering that he is a part of, which is why Jackie accompanies him so often. Either that, or his hair secretly grows back faster than any of us could’ve possibly imagined.

10 MMA Interest - Teasing The Masses

Do we think that a 50-0 professional boxer in his forties is ever going to enter the cage or Octagon? No, absolutely not, but the man himself seems to be hell bent on teasing that it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

We all know that one leg kick would likely be enough to send Floyd running, but he persists with videos of him in a cage and this half-hearted association with RIZIN.

It’s frustrating to see it play out because it actually would’ve been really interesting to see in his prime, but nobody will gain anything from it going down in 2019. Still, at least you know he went to the trouble of renting out a cage.

9 His House - Living In Style

The following shot is of a $10 million mansion that Floyd purchased within the last few years in Las Vegas, which is the definition of the house that he built (well, not really, but he’s certainly had some influential and high profile fights in the city).

In terms of a final figure regarding how many properties he actually owns, we couldn’t tell you one way or another. What we do know, however, is that he could probably buy houses until he’s blue in the face and it wouldn’t phase him.

For all of those first-time buyers out there trying to get a mortgage, we feel your pain.

8 New Clothes - Brand New Threads

From the fur coats to the many, many unique outfits that he’s worn over the years, Mayweather has never been subtle when it comes to his fashion sense. In fact, he’s never been subtle about a lot of things, like revealing he spends more than $6,500 on underwear a year because he disposes of a pair after wearing them just once.

We’ve heard about celebrities doing that in the past but not quite to that extent, because it just sounds ridiculous. Still, if you can afford to get away with it then, erm, good for him, we guess? Something like that.

7 TMT Merch - He Loves It

Confession time: we actually quite like some of the designs with the TMT (The Money Team merchandise, especially those stemming from his tour with Conor McGregor last year.

Floyd has had his fair share of sponsorships over the years but there’s nothing better than being able to promote your own brands, which is what this entry represents. A lot of youngsters want to be able to say they’re a part of The Money Team, and investing in some merch, as bizarre as it sounds, helps them feel that kind of attachment.

Would we wear it when walking down the street? Debatable.

6 Food - Stay Classy

Mayweather is believed to be a huge fan of Japanese food, and to be honest, it seems like Japanese culture, in general, is right up his street. One of his favourite Vegas restaurants is the Musashi Japanese Steakhouse, with some people suggesting that he spends up to $12,000 a week there – which translates to over half a million dollars a year.

As crazy as that may seem from the outside looking in, this is how the other half lives. We can guarantee that 80% of you reading this would spend the majority of your time out on the town eating as opposed to cooking if you had this kind of money in your bank account.

5 Building Partnerships - The Harsh Truth

Floyd Mayweather Jr has been building partnerships from a business perspective for years now, often travelling around the world in order to do so. We’ve pictured some of his advancements over in Japan which are quite interesting, mainly because we don’t want to reference some of the more controversial dealings in his past – but you all know that they exist.

He’s probably a businessman before he’s even a boxer because he just seems to have this overbearing obsession with money, which will probably never leave him. Even if it does, we’ll almost certainly see him making appearances long into old age.