People flock to Las Vegas to let loose and have fun. The popular hotels, especially those on the strip, are always packed, and when the weather is hot, the hotel pools are the place to be.

These pools are elaborate and exciting. One that is especially fun is the pool at Treasure Island. The guests love to lounge poolside and splash around in the water.

As a prime party city, Vegas brings in those who are ready for a good time. Whether they are in the casinos, dining out, hitting the clubs, or out by the pool, the fun is never-ending.

Check out these 10 outrageous pics at the Treasure Island pool. These images will make you want to book a trip to Vegas as soon as possible.

The water feels fabulous when the temperature is almost too hot to handle. The Treasure Island pool makes the scorching sunshine feel so much better.

10 Where Are All The Peeps?

We’re used to seeing hotel pools filled with folks splashing around and swimming. But once the pool is closed to guests for the evening, the area is still and silent. It’s lovely to see the pool look so pretty and peaceful. But once it opens up for a brand new day, people will be out there and enjoying the energy.

9 Splashing Sensation

Splashing in the pool is never dull. The hotel guests have a great time enjoying the large pool, especially when the Vegas weather is extremely hot. Hanging out by the pool and cooling off in the water is a great way to spend the afternoon. The area may get crowded, but people love luxury.

8 “Barbie” Living Her Best Life

This lady is living it up in her “Barbie” bathing suit. She’s ready to have an awesome time in Vegas in the Treasure Island pool. She’s there to party and play around. While she’s in the pool, she can show off her Barbie style. Others at the pool will admire her cute fashion sense as she swims around.

7 Turquoise Treasure

The Treasure Island pool is a lovely shade of blue. Those who stay at the hotel admire the upkeep and lovely surroundings. When the pool isn’t crowded, people can get a clearer look at how nice the place really is. Once too many guests crowd the area, it’s all about finding a spot to settle in under the sun.

6 Champagne And Chlorine

Drinking and diving are apparently allowed in Vegas. As long as people are careful, it seems to be OK to bring a beverage into the water. Most people aren’t swimming anyway; they just go into the pool to cool off. Since Vegas is all about having a fun time, lots of people enjoy “adult beverages” all throughout the day.

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5 Aerial View Is Amazing

A view from the sky shows how cool the Treasure Island pool really is. The shape is interesting and the space is vast. This shot is fun to observe, especially since most people would never have the opportunity to see it from this vantage point. The area is still cool at ground level, but this aerial view is impressive.

4 Ladies Are Loving It

These gal pals are up for a good time while they are vacationing in Vegas. Time spent in the pool is always enjoyable, and these ladies are loving their stay. Lots of people stay by the pool all day, and once the sun starts to set, they hit up the casinos. Vegas vacations are all about keeping things laid-back. There’s no need to schedule a thing.

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3 Party People In The Pool

When the pool is full and people are having fun, the Vegas vibe is on fire. Folks from all over the world come to Vegas to experience the atmosphere, and they love the way people let loose and make the most of their time off. Hanging out by the pool is always a pleasure, especially when the party people are playing around.

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2 Poolside Pals Saying “Cheers” To The Casino

Friends love to chill by the pool and grab some fruity drinks from the outdoor bar. The beverages are always tasty and refreshing, especially when the temps rise throughout the afternoon. Once these folks finish their drinks, they can slip into their swimwear and splash around in the Treasure Island pool.

1 Sips Before Swimming

These people are making the most of the Vegas element by tossing back drinks before getting into the water. There’s no shortage of alcohol in Vegas, and visitors take advantage of all the beverages the hotels have to offer. The tasty cocktails are always special, and when people are in the mood to get a little tipsy, the bartenders are ready to pour.

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