When kids find out they’re going to Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, they can’t hide their excitement. It is one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children, especially when their little ones can look forward to meeting their favorite Disney characters. It’s been the ultimate magical getaway for more than 60 years already and the hype is just getting bigger with every year.

Magic and excitement aside, Disneyland demands moms come prepared with much more than their cameras. Waiting in lines, eating and walking around tires even the most energetic children. If you are curious how a day at Disneyland goes in the company of toddlers and children, it is best to look at photos captured by ‘regular’ moms.

20 Moms Love Sharing Priceless Moments With Their Children

Moms love nothing more than seeing their children happy and taking them to Disneyland guarantees wide smiles and giggles. Even since Disneyland opened in 1955, it has been the go-to place for happy families who like roller coasters and adventurous Disney-themed rides.

19 Disneyland Is Fun For The Whole Family

While parents mostly decide to go to Disneyland to make their children happy, it does not mean they have no fun there. The above photo of a father and son makes us wonder who enjoys these fun rides more: is it the kids or the grown-ups?

18 Moms Have To Do Their Research And See What Rides Their Kids Can Go On

Children are not allowed on just any ride in Disneyland. Depending on their height, age and sensitivity, it’s best that parents do their research before coming to the park, so they don’t lose their precious time lining up for rides they cannot take or ending up upsetting their children.

17 The Happiest Place On Earth Allows Tears

Every mom understands that children can fall and become cranky and that usually brings out tears. Some adult visitors are actually extremely annoyed by children’s shenanigans and temper tantrums. Moms are the true superheroes at Disneyland for trying to cheer them up (with the help of some legendary Disney characters).

16 Moms Make Sure Their Kids See Their Favorite Characters

Meeting their favorite Disney character is a must experience for every child and many mothers make sure to snap a picture of these wholesome greetings. Disney staff do not have a simple task: sometimes, they are asked to hold children and are even bribed to do special favors.

15 Everything Is Mickey Mouse Shaped

Mickey Mouse’s ears are a signature shape of many items found at every Disneyland. Pretzels, waffles, sweets and even burgers often look like the Mickey Mouse ears. Kids love to nibble on them, and the shape probably excites them even more than the taste of the snacks.

14 It's Important To Understand Children Can Get Tired Really Fast

Amusement parks are busy and tiring for visitors of all ages. Moms have to consider that many children skip their nap time to get as much out of Disneyland as possible, but they might have to cut their day short because of it. Try to take it easy, moms!

13 Moms Love It When Their Partners Carry The Kids Around

Children love to climb on their father’s shoulders so they can get a better view of the castles and all the exciting rides the park has to offer. Moms take this time to unwind and relax, as they do not have to have their eyes fixated on their children.

12 Stroller Is A Mom's Best Friend

Walking through Disneyland, you will see more strollers than you can count. Putting a child in a stroller saves their energy for the rides and meeting their favorite characters. It’s also easier to manage bigger families if children are sitting down while exploring this huge amusement park.

11 Some Moms Hate Childless Guests In Disneyworld

There seems to be a bit of a war going on between mothers and childless adults. Some moms believe that adults with no children have no place in an amusement park dedicated mostly to kids. They seem to forget that all of us have a little child within us.

10 Moms Know That Their Kids Love Disneyland Food

Disneyland understands the food preferences of small children. Their food guide helps parents choose what are they going to eat and no child is disappointed to eat the special Mickey-Mouse-shaped chicken nuggets and other foods we have mentioned above. There will probably be no complaining about the food in Disneyland.

9 Attractions Come And Go: From Big Thunder Ranch To Star Wars Land

In 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm and with it, the beloved Star Wars franchise. What followed is a special section dedicated to Star Wars in Disneyland and it’s a popular spot among parents and children alike. Before it opened, the area featured Big Thunder Ranch which closed in 2016.

8 Pixar Pier: The Best Boardwalk In Disneyland

Pixar Pier enjoys stellar reviews for a good reason: Inside Out inspired Emotional Whirlwind allows children of all heights to take a fun spin and there’s also a picturesque Jessie’s Critter Carousel that is slow enough even preschoolers can ride it. Moms whose children love Pixar definitely have to visit.

7 There's Some Eye Candy For Moms In Disneyland As Well

Are you a mom that is single and ready to mingle? Well, there is no shortage of eye candy for women in Disneyland. In a magical place like Disneyland, princes and princesses are a regular thing. Who knows, maybe some find their very own princes or princesses while visiting.

6 A Trip To Disneyland Requires Planning And Motivation

You can’t just show up at Disneyland. There are many things to consider before visiting. What kind of tickets will the family buy, where will the family stay and is it worth buying an annual passport? For those who want something special, there are special event tickets that feature Disney After Dark.

5 Children Make Their First Disneyland Memories At The Teacups

Those with toddlers and sensitive children will most definitely stop at teacups. This ride offers magical views, slow-paced fun and an opportunity to snap amazing photos. Those moms who want their children to play with their peers will definitely meet some parents who are looking for the same at teacups.

4 Children Love Christmas In Disneyland

Disneyland goes all-out for Christmas. The most special time of the year in the happiest place on Earth sounds like a delightful way to spend your holidays. The Sleeping Beauty Castle is decorated with Christmas lights, making it even more magical and other-worldly than it already is.

3 Spiderman Is One Of The Newest Additions To Disneyworld

So many kids absolutely adore Spiderman and it is the highlight of their visit to take a photo with them. Avengers Campus is the newest planned land at the Disney California Adventure Park. It is going to be a hit since most parents and children share a love for Marvel characters.

2 Meeting A Princess Is A Dream Come True

Expansions and modern heroes aside, children love to meet their favorite princesses whose charm is timeless. On the photo above, a little girl can’t hide her glee meeting her Disney idol. The most popular characters are Mickey Mouse, the Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston, and the Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa.

1 Seeing Your Child So Happy Is Every Mom's Dream

Visiting Disneyland is not all fun and games: it can be tiring, busy and loud. But most mothers who want to see their children happy will make an effort to show them the magical amusement park at least once before they grow too old to appreciate it.