Across the world, there are various different countries, and every single one of those has their own form of culture and social expectations. For example, there are some people out there that are just used to the concept of living among a lot of people. The population of the area that they live in is so high, that it's impossible for them to get away from it all!

What we've done is pull together some of the places in the world that have such a high population, it may be smart for people to stay away if they struggle with the concept of enclosed spaces. However, don't worry, as we're going to then follow that up with a group of places in the world that are perfect for those who enjoy wide open spaces. Believe it or not, but this planet we live on seems to cater to pretty much everyone, no matter what they do or do not enjoy!

So, we think it's about time that we got right into the sort of places that exist on this planet, whether they're overpopulated, or whether they offer a perfect chance to escape everyone. Well then, let's get started!

25 Beijing, China

"China is home to four of the most populated cities in the world, and Beijing comes in at number two. Plus, the giant city is only expected to rise with a projected population of 27,706,000 by 2030." (businessinsider) We all know that this area of the world is known for having a huge population, so if you're the sort of person that doesn't like being caught in a crowd of people, then it might be best to stay away from this city if you can manage it.

24 Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

Time to relax the eyes and the anxiety a little. This place is wide, open, and doesn't usually have a lot of people around. A treat for explorers who don't want to be pushed and pulled around by others.

"The world's largest salt flat has a hotel made of salt. Oh, and it doubles as a giant mirror when wet." Not only is this place pretty much empty for people to come visit, but it offers a view that barely anyone has managed to see throughout their lives, which is enough of a reason to visit we think.

Take a car, wait for it to get wet, and it will feel as if you're driving along a giant mirror. Can anyone in your life say they've done that before?!

23 São Paulo, Brazil

"With a population nearing 22 million, São Paulo, Brazil, is the most populous city in the Southern Hemisphere. From finance to tourism, São Paulo is a multi-cultural city with diverse industries." (weforum) What with it being known for its huge number of tourists, it's no surprise that when the amount of citizens that live there is taken into consideration, this place can fill up and become a claustrophobic nightmare in no time!

22 Námafjall and Hverarondor Hverir - Iceland

Looking for wide open spaces that offer something a little different? Well then, this is definitely the place for you.

"Hot springs, fumaroles and boiling mud pots make this volcanic wasteland both strange and fantastic" (pinterest).

There's no chance of feeling hemmed in when visiting this weird and wonderful place, so get it stuck on your bucket list as soon as possible!

21 Mumbai, India

"It's easy to see just how crowded Mumbai is by looking at photos of the city's mass transportation. In addition to being one of the most populated cities in India and the world Mumbai is also the richest city in India" (weforum). We don't know about anyone else, but this image alone is enough to get us in a panic. How can people be comfortable this crammed in?! If you have the choice, we reckon it's best to stay away.

20 Tokyo, Japan

One of the most modern cities on the planet, it's no wonder that people want to see it, but it may not be a good idea for anyone that struggles with a lot of people...

"As of 2016, Tokyo is the most populated city on Earth. Known for its modern design, dedication to cutting-edge technology, and crowded streets, Tokyo has long had a reputation of being densely populated." (thisisinsider)

Yes, the most populated on Earth... May not be the best vacation for anyone with claustrophobia!

19 Hadrian's Wall Country - Northumberland

"Back in the second century, the Roman emperor Hadrian commissioned a 73-mile wall that stretches from coast to coast in what is now northern England." Despite the fact that this place may be best known for the wall, we think that it should be on the list as it offers some serious views! It's impossible to feel claustrophobic in this sort of place as it has so much space for everyone to walk around and take a look at what nature has to offer us all!

18 Delhi, India

Delhi is a city and territory in northern India. The urban area is the second most populated city in the world, and it is only expected to grow in the coming years. In fact, by 2030, the UN projects that Delhi's population will grow by nearly 10 million people ( Sure, we've taken an image from somewhere that is known for pulling a lot of people for cultural reasons, but it's still enough to keep us from wanting to visit the city as a whole if we're honest!

17 Rub' al Khali - Asia

"This desert -- aka the world's largest area of continuous sand -- touches FOUR COUNTRIES on the Arabian Peninsula. Much of it remains unexplored."

Feel like a bit of an explorer? Want to know how it feels to take on a truly wild part of the world?! Then this is the place for you!

Seriously though, there are very few places in this world that have yet to be explored, meaning that places like this offer human beings true isolation not found anywhere else.

16 Buenos Aires, Argentina

"As the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is an important city for many of the country's main industries, including tourism, finance, and manufacturing." (weforum)

Being such an important city, it's no surprise that it is often packed with people all year round.

This is something to bear in mind for anyone that was hoping to visit for a quiet and calm vacation, as this is unlikely to happen.

15 Namib Desert

"Larger-than-life sand dunes are the ultimate thrill in a desert some 43 million years old. Be on the lookout for fairy circles -- mysterious, patterned rings that appear in the sand have scientists stumped."

We don't know about you, but to us, this looks more like a painting than a photograph!

Not only will your vacation be filled with calming isolation, but you'll be taking in truly beautiful sights as you walk through this picturesque area of the world.

14 Calcutta, India

"There are a total of 14 universities in the city that are operated by the state government and serve the local population."

It's well known that any city with a university in it is going to have a larger population than others due to the huge influx of students.

Throw 14 into the mix and that is a lot of people all seeking knowledge in the same place at the same time!

13 Shanghai, China

We all know that China has one of the largest populations on Earth, so any city there is going to be filled with people, but which is the most populated?

"As China's most populated city, Shanghai has a reputation for being crowded. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Shanghai is also a financial center." (weforum)

We're not surprised that it's known for being crowded! Definitely one to stay away from if you're looking for wide open spaces.

12 Hitachi Seaside Park - Japan

"Plants range from red to blue to green at this Seuss-like paradise near the beach. Cycling paths meander through the foliage."

We think that the colors in this image are enough to entice us into visiting if we're honest.

We're not sure what else this place has to offer, and we're not sure that even matters! We would spend our entire visit frolicking through the foliage and taking pictures of ourselves with the sort of natural colors we can't find in our own country...

11 New York City, New York

Even the people of New York City know that too many people live there, but they seem to think that it's worth it to live in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. However, how populated is it?

"Over two-fifths of the entire population of New York State, for example, lives in New York City alone." (thisisinsider)

Wow! That is an amazing statistic! Until people realize that there are way too many people in New York City, probably best to stay away.

10 Masai Mara National Reserve

While it may not be the most natural look at the world, nature reserves are a great chance to get out in the open.

"On 938 square miles of grassland, you could run into lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras or hippos. From July through October, you've got a shot at catching the Great Wildebeest Migration."

It's always great to see animals in a safe and open environment!

9 Manila, Philippines

We all know that capital cities bring people from far and wide, for various reasons, which is exactly why this city has a lot of people living there.

"The capital city of the Philippines is known for its booming banking and commerce industries. The Port of Manila is the largest seaport in the country, serving the Philippines' shipping industry" (thisisinsider)

Visiting here will give you an injection of a different culture, but a lot of people have had the same idea!

8 Joshua Tree National Park

"Nearly 800,000 acres span a low desert (the Colorado) and a high desert (the Mojave). The latter is dotted with Joshua trees, named for branches that Mormons compared to Joshua's outstretched arms." It may feel a little barren to the sort of people who want a bustling city for their vacation, this place is a perfect for anyone that wants their visit to be filled with nice silence and wide open spaces. We're booking our flights now!

7 Chongqing, China

This city is a perfect example of natural resources pulling in workers from far and wide!

The city is home to iron, steel, and other manufacturing plants, in addition to natural resources like coal, natural gas, and a variety of minerals. These resources and industries draw workers from all over the country (nationalgeographic).

Worth a look if you can handle a crowd, but certainly not if this image is enough to make you get a little bit sweaty!

6 Lagos, Nigeria

We can surely all agree that this image is proof that too many people either live in Lagos or go to visit there!

"Lagos is Nigeria's commercial capital, and it's also one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. The UN projects that Lagos' population will rise to 24,239,000 by 2030" (thisisinsider)

Seeing as the population is only going upwards, we reckon that people should definitely give this one a miss for a few decades.