25 Photos Of Nikki And Brie Bella Living Their Best Lives

Famous twins Brie and Nikki Bella’s have been on the rise for almost a decade. Known simply as The Bella Twins, the WWE tag team made their Divas debut back in 2011 and have been winning titles together and separately ever since. They reached a whole new audience when they were featured on the E Network reality show Total Divas, and after three seasons of scene-stealing the two now have their own spin-off, Total Bellas. Both twins retired in 2017, but 2018 was officially their comeback year. After Brie welcomed her first child and Nikki recovered from neck surgery, The Bellas returned to the ring for the 25th anniversary of WWE’s Raw and found success in new ventures.

Outside of television, the Bella twins have also launched a few new businesses. They launched their own wine label, Belle Radici, in collaboration with the Hill Family Estates in Napa Valley. They also launched Birdiebee, an intimates and activewear brand named after Brie’s daughter (Wikipedia). The Bellas have become millionaires a few times over, but they play just as hard as they work. Their respective budgets leave plenty of room for luxurious vacations, exotic cars and beautiful homes. Here are 25 photos proving Nikki and Brie Bella are living their best lives.

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25 Nikki Bella And John Cena Dress Up For Date Night


Because of their careers in professional wrestling, most of John Cena and Nikki Bella’s time was spent working out and breaking a sweat. So when the former couple got together for their date nights, you better believe the pair went full on glam. From large bouquets of flowers to rocking suits and gowns, Nikki and John definitely went out of their way to impress each other, even after six years together.

24 The Bella Twins Take A Private Jet To Napa Valley


Nikki and Brie may look practically identical, but the sisters are actually quite different. This is one of many reasons viewers always love watching the two of them interact. But one thing they can both agree on: flying private. The Bellas were all smiles in stylish outfits as they posed together for social media before boarding a private plane. They headed to Napa, California where they produce their own wine, Belle Radici, which roughly translates to “beautiful roots” in Italian (@thebriebella).

23 The Bella Twins Posing In Paris


The Bella Twins have made it known that they love Paris, taking advantage of every opportunity they get to spend time in the city of lights. Brie posted a photo to Instagram posing with Nikki at a photocall with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The two also visited the famous landmark in person, which was caught on camera for the reality show Total Divas. Nikki also posted several photos from the trip, which included wine and cheese tastings, bike rides and shopping.

22 Nikki Bella Gets Serenaded By John Cena


There’s no doubt that Nikki Bella and former fiancé John Cena enjoyed a pretty glamorous life together, complete with grand gestures on occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. In a photo Nikki shared to Instagram, she showed off John serenading her on the piano, topped with a bouquet of red roses that almost look too perfect to be real. The couple was dressed to the nines, with John rocking a suit and Nikki rocking a fur coat and Christian Louboutin stilettos.

21 Nikki Bella Moving On In Miami


Less than two months after calling off her wedding to John Cena, photos of Nikki Bella flirting with a mystery man on the balcony of a Miami hotel began circulating all over the internet. A few days later, Nikki admitted to TMZ that the whole thing was a prank to mess with the paparazzi, who had been following them throughout their vacation. The man in question was a bartender/model hired by E! to serve the girls drinks in their penthouse suite.

20 The Bella Twins At The Oscars


Staring in not one but two successful reality shows on the E! Network has its perks. Since the network hosts red carpet specials for major award shows, the Bella twins get to join in on the fun. Brie shared a photo of herself and her sister on her social media, encouraging her 6.5 million followers to tune in. Both sisters looked glamorous dressed for the Oscars red carpet, but Brie stole the show with an extra accessory: her baby bump.

19 Nikki Bella Pairs Her Gown With a Private Plane


Now that Nikki is a single lady for the first time in six years, she’s learning to become more comfortable being alone. She opened up about her struggle to be herself during the relationship on her show Total Bellas, admitting to the cameras “I became a ‘yes’ girl. I felt like I lost myself and it has nothing to do with John, but everything to do with me.”

Nikki has been quite vocal about what she gave up for the relationship, including her dream of becoming a mother, after John refused to give up his stance on becoming a parent (People).

18 Brie Bella Also Loves to Fly Private


We’ve already established that the Bella twins love to fly around on private planes. Brie traveled without her sister for an appearance wearing a baseball cap that said “Bee Fearless.” The phrase comes from their WWE mantra, which both girls wear on their tops when in the ring. Brie also has her own catch phrase, “Brie Mode”, but doesn’t seem to wear anything with her mantra printed on it. The hat is from their own line, BirdieBee, which they launched in late 2017 (Wikipedia).

17 Nikki Bella Has A Tea Party In Paris


During her engagement, Nikki Bella spent nine days in Paris for her bachelorette party. Her sister and friends were also with her as the cameras rolled for her reality television show Total Bellas. The couple called off their wedding prior to the episode airing, but viewers got a glimpse into why. Bella stated “It’s funny because the closer and closer I’m getting to the wedding, the more of these deep feelings that I’ve had over the past six years are just coming to the surface.” (E! Online).

16 Nikki Bella's Post Break-Up Getaway


When John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their wedding less than a month before the big day, the Bella twins discussed going to Napa on what would have been Nikki’s wedding day. Brie told People “Napa is literally our heaven on earth. Every time we go there, we can just let our brains shut down. We love sitting out and hearing the birds and feeling the breeze and drinking great wines. Any time we need to recharge or need a break from the limelight, we go to Napa.”

15 Brie Bella's Girls Trip to Sedona


Nikki isn’t the only Bella that enjoys spending time on the west coast. Brie shared a photo with her 6.5 million followers on social media of her and WWE broadcaster Renee Young enjoying the view in Sedona. Brie captioned the post “Sedona is the best bonding trip.” Sedona holds a very special place in Brie’s heart, as she and husband Daniel Bryan got married at L’Auberge de Sedona, which was filmed for her reality show Total Divas in 2014. According to Hotels.com, rooms at this four-star hotel start around $679 per night.

14 The Bella Twins Making Wine...Literally

Instagram @thebriebella

Since starting their new company, Belle Radici, the Bella sisters have been spending a lot of time in the Napa Valley area of California. Brie Bella posted several photos to her instagram account showing the twins stomping grapes at the Ink House boutique hotel in Saint Helena, California. Bella said in her caption this particular trip was “by far my most favorite trip to Napa.” Of course, the trip was captured by cameras for their reality show on E.

13 Brie Bella Hiking In Orcas Island

Instagram @thebriebella

By the looks of Brie Bella’s Instagram account, she has really fallen in love with the Seattle area of Washington. Brie posed for a photo with close friend and WWE broadcaster Renee Young on Orcas Island. Located off the coast of Washington, Orcas island is one of several that make up the San Juan Islands in the northwest Pacific. The small island is the perfect destination for a nature-lover like Brie, with plenty of outdoor activities to choose from like hiking, kayaking and whale watching (Orcas Island Getaway).

12 Nikki Bella and John Cena's Weekend In Wine Country


After Brie Bella and husband Daniel Bryan welcomed their first child together, Nikki Bella decided to stay in Arizona to be closer to her sister, which became a pivotal storyline on their reality show Total Bellas. This put her and boyfriend John Cena living on opposite ends of the country, so the couple took advantage of some rare free time to spend some time together. Nikki took to social media to share a photo of the pair posing at a winery on a weekend getaway in Napa, California.

11 The Bella Twins Enjoying The Beach


Nikki Bella obviously loves spending a lot of time in California. Nikki shared a photo of her, along with sister Brie and three friends, enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset over the ocean. According to People, Nikki is taking time after her breakup to focus on her friends and family, and that dating is not a priority right now. The couple called it quits not once but twice in 2018, calling off their wedding just three weeks ahead of time and parting ways again just a few months later (People).

10 Nikki Bella Settles Down In San Diego


Before splitting up with fiancé John Cena, Nikki Bella enjoyed their home together in San Diego, California. Details of the home’s exact size are scarce, but the former couple gave the cameras a tour on the Bella Twins’ Youtube channel, showing off a wine cellar in the basement and a large game room. Nikki told Extra that it was actually a gift from John for their fifth anniversary in 2017. Since splitting up for good the following year, Nikki reportedly moved out and is now shopping for her own piece of property in the $1 million range (Forbes).

9 Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Buying In Washington


While Nikki Bella may have chosen to live in a glamorous mansion, her sister Brie chose something much more eco-friendly. Brie and her husband, fellow pro-wrestler Daniel Bryan, snapped a photo while searching for a piece of land to build on in the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. The two ended up purchasing something, but with the intention to renovate and remodel with their family’s needs in mind. Their new home also includes a custom ventilation system, with handles they can pull to let fresh air in from the outside for energy efficiency. (One Country)

8 Nikki Bella Drives John Cena's Ferrari


Nikki Bella not only has expensive taste in homes, she also has expensive taste in cars. The professional wrestler has posted several photos to her social media account posing with this vehicle: John Cena’s 2004 Ferrari Spider. In a video featured on Auto Geek’s Youtube channel, John shows off his six-figure car, which features thousands of dollars worth of upgrades to the Italian supercar that include quilted leather seats and a stainless steel shifter (Auto Geek).

7 Brie Bella's Melbourne Penthouse


The Bella sisters make appearances both together and separately all over the world, staying in some pretty sweet accommodations along the way. Brie snapped a photo for Instagram looking out at the skyline from her penthouse hotel suite in Melbourne Australia. Both sisters were in Australia for a WWE appearance, but it was Nikki that got all of the attention. While in Melbourne, she was seen out shopping with ex fiancé John Cena, two months after the couple confirmed they had split for good (Wrestling News).

6 Brie and Nikki Bella Together In Napa


Sometimes it seems like The Bella twins do literally everything together, and that includes enjoying their vacations. Brie and Nikki can combine work and play when they go to Napa, where they not only relax, but also work on their wine, Belle Radici. The two have given viewers a first-hand look at how they spend their time in wine country on their show Total Bellas, which currently ranks among the top ten primetime cable programs for women ages 18-49 (Cosmopolitan).

5 Brie Bella On A Yacht In Lake Tahoe


The Bella Sisters have quite the ability for mixing business and pleasure. While filming for one of their shows, Total Divas, they vacationed with the cast at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The six WWE ladies enjoyed activities like hand-gliding, jet-skiing and taking in the summer sun. They also rented a small yacht to cruise around on the lake, where Brie and Nikki took pictures separately. The girls trip was featured on the eighth installment of the E! Network reality show (Prowrestling.com).

4 The Bella Twins Fiesta In Mexico


Despite the fact that Nikki Bella’s engagement to John Cena ended, that didn’t stop everyone from celebrating nonstop during the year they were betrothed. The cast of Total Divas threw Nikki a ladies-only blowout engagement party weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This was Brie Bella’s first trip away from home since giving birth to her daughter, Birdie. Though she was stressed about wearing a bathing suit, the former Divas champion was able to relax and enjoy her vacation (WWE.com).

3 Nikki Bella Rides Around In A Rolls Royce


While they are no longer a couple, Nikki Bella and fellow WWE wrestler and actor John Cena were in a relationship for six years. They met through work and eventually moved in together and got engaged before calling it quits. During their time together, Nikki enjoyed the perks of dating someone worth a reported $55 million (Men's Health), including a collection of up to 20 luxurious cars. Judging from her social media, her favorite for driving around on their date nights was a 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom, worth a reported $300,000 (Hot Cars).

2 The Bella Twins In Hollywood


Nikki Bella borrowed former fiancé John Cena’s Rolls Royce Phantom for an appearance and impromptu photo shoot. The Bella twins took the luxury vehicle from Los Angeles to Redondo Beach, California. The two were in town to for an appearance at Total Wines to promote their own label Belle Radici. Brie posted the photo to her Instagram promoting the appearance. Nikki posted a photo from the same photo session, instead choosing to caption the photo “happy early birthday” to her sister.

1 Nikki Bella Is Lovely In London


During a WWE international tour, Nikki Bella took advantage of her stop in the posh city of London. Nikki spent lots of time enjoying her hotel, the five-star Ritz London. The London landmark not only boasts a top-floor salon and spa and beautiful ballrooms, but also hosts daily tea time and other events (Luxury Travel Advisor). Nikki was all-dressed up for a fancy dinner party in the hotel, wearing a gown and elbow-length gloves. In an interview with Sky Sports, Nikki said she always buys new outfits when she goes to London because “everyone always looks so sharp.”

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