Traveling is usually tiring. Whether it's puddle jumps or long-haul flights, or anything in between, travel days and nights tend to take a lot out of people. Even celebrities struggle, despite being able to afford first-class travel. This is why so many stars are caught looking very unhappy at airports.

Paparazzi lie in wait at LAX, because so many celebrities fly in or out of this Hollywood-area airport. However, LAX isn't the only airport where the celebs on today's list have been caught looking angry, or exhausted, or miserable.

When celebs aren't flying, they are traveling in other ways, whether they're using limos, riding motorcycles, piloting helicopters, trying to find a little privacy on holidays or whatever. Photographers know that pics of celebs may be sold for a nice profit. The bigger the star, the more a picture will be worth. Money drives the paparazzi to follow stars wherever they roam.

In return for fame, wealth and prestige, celebs trade their privacy. Some are more gracious about the loss of privacy than others.

Some celebs, such as Cardi B and Russell Brand, are known for being loose cannons. Others, such as Chris Martin of Coldplay, manage to stay calm while being followed as they travel, even though they're obviously not thrilled about being photographed in traveling situations.

Now, it's time to look at a bunch of traveling celebs who would rather not have cameras aimed at them while they're getting from Point A to Point B.

25 Cardi B Hides Out At The Airport

Cardi B is a huge star. This hip-hop sensation raps about money and she's open about the problems in her life. Lots of fans relate to her. She seems very real. When Cardi B doesn't feel like being photographed at airports, she'll cover up in a stylish purple blanket, or just get mad at the people who are bothering her. She's not a star who pretends to be happy when she isn't.

Cardi is balancing new motherhood with a very busy career. She has her off days when she just wants to lie low. Most people can chill out at airports. Celebs like Cardi B can't.

24 Russell Brand Pushes Through The Paparazzi

Russell Brand is rebellious and he will lash out if he feels annoyed. During his high-visibility relationship with Katy Perry, the paps hounded him. They wanted shots of him alone or with his famous girlfriend, whom he eventually married.

Russell got in trouble with law enforcement after wrangling with a photographer at an airport. Of course, it all went down at LAX. Brand had to pay 20 grand in bail due to his impatience with the paparazzi. Now that Russell isn't married to Katy anymore, he doesn't get pursued by photographers the same way that he used to. He's still a star, but out of Katy's orbit.

23 Chris Martin Can Never Go Incognito

Chris Martin tries to focus on the positive things in life. If you've been to one of Coldplay's shows, you already know that he wants to be happy and wants his fans to be happy, too. He's generally gracious, but doesn't look really stoked to be targeted by the paps while at the airport.

Celebs do have a hard time in public places like airports, where fans may approach them and photographers may follow them. There's really no place to hide. At least, there's no place to hide until celebs make it to their luxury cars, or glide into airline VIP lounges.

22 Gwen Stefani Skips The Red Lipstick At LAX

The prospect of flying unleashes the inner slob in many of us. When we dress down for flights, we find it easier to feel comfortable in our seats. Sure, celebs like Gwen Stefani aren't crammed into economy seats. They're living it up in first class, where they are catered to.

Still, many stars prefer to tone down the glam when they fly. Gwen Stefani hardly ever tones down the glam, but even she skips the red lipstick and high heels sometimes when she flies. When she does go easy on the glam, she doesn't look too happy to be photographed.

21 Emma Stone Can’t Even Hail A Cab Without Being Papped

Emma Stone was just spotted out on a date, at a basketball game, with a Saturday Night Live director named Dave McCary. Emma and Dave have been spotted together many times over the past year.

Emma tends to keep her personal life low-key, but does get caught by photographers while she's going about her business. Emma is typically very polite. She's not one of those celebs who gets visibly angry when the paparazzi follow her. She's obviously not thrilled about being followed, but is stoic. She may wish for more privacy, but treats everyone with respect, including fans and photographers.

20 Naomi Campbell Would Prefer Privacy At JFK Airport

Naomi Campbell has been known to get angry. She's a model who has a reputation for being difficult. That's why it's no surprise that she glared at a photographer while making her way through the busy JFK Airport in NYC.

Tyra Banks has said that Naomi gave her a hard time back when Tyra was just starting out as a model. These days, Naomi and Tyra have made peace and Naomi is currently flirting it up with One Direction member, Liam Payne, via social media. If Naomi and Liam embark on a relationship, she'll be in the headlines more than she has been lately, which means even more attention from the paparazzi.

19 Mariah Carey Can Afford Plenty Of Helicopter Rides

Mariah Carey's former assistant is currently taking to the courts because she claims to have been mistreated by the pop diva. Mariah may wish that the details of her private life weren't splashed across the tabloids every day, but she'll be in the spotlight for a while, thanks to this new litigation.

When Mariah travels, she goes first class all the way. Would you expect anything else? Mariah's been pictured preparing to board a fancy helicopter. Helicopters whisk celebs away, over traffic jams. These small aircraft make it easy for stars to get where they want to go, but helicopter rides aren't cheap.

18 Even Scott Disick and Bella Thorne Have To Go Through Airport Security

When a celeb is lined up, waiting to check in for a flight or go through airport security, everyone can gawk. Stars do get VIP treatment, but still have to follow some rules, just like the rest of us.

Bella Thorne and Scott Disick were caught in an airport lineup and their presence caused quite a commotion. These days, when everyone has smartphones with cameras, celebs are always being photographed and filmed. This makes it impossible for them to keep their traveling schedules private.

Scott is tracked by the paps 24/7 and was recently spotted at a ceramics painting shop with a slew of Kardashians. He does profit from all of this publicity.

17 Taylor Swift Hides Behind Shades At The Airport

During the whole Hiddleswift débacle, when Taylor dated "Loki" from Thor, Taylor Swift was in the news every single day. That relationship didn't survive. Nowadays, she's enjoying romance the low-key way, thanks to a relationship with actor, Joe Alwyn, who seems to prefer shunning the spotlight.

When Taylor travels, she'll often do the Hollywood thing and hide behind dark glasses. Her shades create a little barrier between herself, her fans and the paparazzi. Taylor's airport style is definitely on point. She's been spotted in some pulled-together, fresh and interesting ensembles while arriving at airports worldwide. She's stylish in transit, even when she's hiding out.

16 Angelina Jolie Tries To Go Unnoticed At LAX

Angelina Jolie has a recognizable face. Her face is her fortune. Sure, she's an awesomely talented actress, but her features haven't hurt her as she's made her way onto Hollywood's A-list. Her naturally glam appearance makes her hard to miss, even when she's trying not to get noticed.

Now that Angie isn't with Brad anymore, she's living a whole new way, but still traveling a lot. Jolie is a globe-trotter who brought together two buddies. These friends of Angelina's went on to create a gorgeous luxury hotel in Namibia, Africa. Maybe Jolie will be flying out to Namibia for high-end holidays sometime soon.

15 Harrison Ford Flies To Get Away From It All

Harrison Ford is a cinematic icon of the highest order. He's Han Solo and he's Indiana Jones. He's the persecuted and innocent doctor from The Fugitive. He's made so many roles his own. To get away from it all, Harrison takes to the skies, in helicopters or private jets. Once in a while, he's captured by photographers, whether he likes it or not.

In 2015, Ford was piloting a WWII training plane, when the aircraft's engine failed. Harrison had to do a crash landing on a golf course in California. He was 72 when the plane went down. He had to have an operation due to his injuries.

14 Brad Pitt Can’t Escape The Paparazzi

Brad Pitt is regrouping. He's building a new life after Angelina Jolie. Now that his court battle over custody is complete, it's time for Brad to put the past behind him, secure in the knowledge that he'll have quality time with his children. When Brad travels, he's under the media microscope. He often covers up, in a hat and dark glasses, to try to go unnoticed. The paparazzi find him anyway.

Brad recently surfaced at a tribute concert for the late Soundgarden and Audioslave singer, Chris Cornell. He introduced Cornell's daughter before she did a song at the event. Brad let his beard go gray when he appeared onstage.

13 Cara Delevingne Looks Uneasy

Cara Delevingne is a successful high-fashion model who comes from a posh family. This British model has made a smooth transition to acting. While she didn't blow away movie critics in Valerian, she didn't make a fool of herself, either.

Cara is known for having a little bit of an attitude. A Vogue story on the model highlighted Cara's lack of punctuality and general lack of enthusiasm for being the subject of an in-depth Vogue profile.

If you stare down this model while she's at an airport, don't be surprised if she gives you "that look". You have been warned.

12 Kendall Jenner Was Caught By Surprise At Nice Airport in Italy

Kendall is hugely successful, but has her issues. She's been open about her struggles with her complexion. This is one reason why she doesn't particularly enjoy being photographed when she isn't all made up. When she travels, she sometimes skips the heavy cosmetics, probably to give her skin a chance to breathe. When she arrived at an airport in Nice, Italy, she was very fresh-faced and didn't look happy to be caught by the paparazzi.

Kendall is now the face of Proactiv, which is an anti-acne skincare line. Proactiv would have had to pay Jenner a ton of money to become their spokesmodel.

11 People Won’t Leave Rihanna Alone When She Rides The Subway

How could subway riders fail to notice the glamour and charisma of Rihanna? Rihanna is a confident woman who is clearly secure enough to ride public transit, even though she's going to get gawked at while she does it. She does put on dark glasses to avoid eye contact with everyone who is staring at her.

I would expect Rihanna to go nowhere without a bodyguard, but she doesn't seem to have one by her side here. Maybe she truly enjoys riding the subway. Public transit puts her in touch with plenty of regular people, rather than just the Hollywood elite.

10 Andrew Garfield Didn’t Appreciate The Attention

Another celeb who doesn't shy away from the subway is Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone's ex looks a little vulnerable onboard, probably because people are pulling out their smartphones to take pictures of him. In this pic, Andrew was on the New York City subway system. It's a convenient way to get around.

Even though he can afford limos, town cars and cabs, he may love the simplicity of the subway. Lots of celebs, including Naomi Watts, have been pictured riding the same subway system. Andrew Garfield has been linked with Rita Ora, who has been coy about their relationship during interviews.

9 Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Faced Dog Smuggling Problems

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard looked picture perfect, at airports and everywhere else, but there was trouble under the surface. Their relationship was not a happy one for very long. Also, there was that big problem of dog smuggling. They brought a pooch into Australia without the right paperwork, which is a big no-no.

Since Johnny and Amber called it quits, Johnny has been keeping a relatively low profile. Amber has been involved with painter Julian Schabel's son, Julian. Johnny had a tattoo in Amber's honor, which spelled out the word, "slim". That was her nickname. Now, the tattoo reads, "scam".

8 David and Victoria Beckham Were Caught In Traffic

When you're uber-famous and caught in traffic, in a posh convertible that leaves you exposed, you may not feel comfortable. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham experienced Los Angeles gridlock in a sleek Porsche and the paparazzi took full advantage of the fact that they couldn't escape.

As of late, David and Victoria have been dragged in the press about the state of their marriage. They deny any marital woes. They have four kids together, including their youngest (and their only daughter), Harper. David and Victoria have been together for a long time now. Victoria finds the press coverage of their marriage upsetting.

7 Michael Fassbender Must Get Tired Of This

Michael Fassbender changed quite a bit after he met Alicia Vikander, whom he later married. He used to be a bit more temperamental with the paparazzi. Now, he keeps it cool, calm and collected, even though he surely doesn't love the fact that photographers with huge cameras swarm around him at airports.

Michael's relationship seems to be a soothing influence. These days, he smiles graciously for the cameras. He's come to terms with the price of fame. It is smarter, from a PR perspective, for celebs to look friendly when they're being photographed. Photos of them looking angry tend to go viral.

6 Katie Perry And Orlando Bloom Were Just Trying To Relax on Holiday

Katy Perry has had an on-again, off-again relationship with LOTR alumni, Orlando Bloom. This relationship is currently "on". She's been papped while traveling with Orlando. It's unfortunate that this cute couple can't find much privacy on vacation. In many shots with Orlando, Katy is clearly just trying to relax with her partner. She's not playing up to the cameras and neither is Orlando.

Katie hasn't remarried yet, after her turbulent relationship with Russell Brand hit the wall years ago, but maybe she will in the future. Things are looking solid with Orlando these days. These two definitely try to keep their relationship private.