When it comes to the attention that is given to celebrities by photographers, it's interesting how things begin to change over time. Struggling actors and music artists are often careening to try and get noticed by the media but there is also a pitfall to getting that much sought-after attention. There have been numerous celebrities that have come out about the difficulties of dealing with the constant attention by the media and those that have really grown upset about having to deal with photographers hounding them at every turn. However, there are many people that take the stance that the constant media attention and hounding photographers are just part of being famous and should simply be endured.

There are some celebrities that really seem to handle it well and they even go out of their way to open themselves up to the media and to their fans. From constant posts to let the world know about their whereabouts and their day-to-day mood to reality shows that have cameras following them wherever they go, there are definitely some celebrities that don't seem at all bothered by the attention. Yet, there are others that have been known to really fight against the constant attention and media coverage. Check out our list of the 15 photos celebrities didn't want to take while traveling and the 10 that actually posed for their picture and see which famous faces seem to be handling their fame in the best way.

25 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a world-renowned Hollywood actor that has starred in a plethora of noteworthy films throughout his time in the limelight. With such notoriety as an actor, it's no surprise that photographers would hound him wherever he went. Yet, he seems to find a way to travel the world without stirring up much of a frenzy. This particular photo was taken during an excursion to Venice. The Daily Mail reported on it in 2013 and stated, "Leonardo was promoting his latest movie at the Cannes Film Festival and then enjoyed a stint in Monaco and Ibiza before traveling to Venice." He donned this mask in order to hide from photographers and fans and was even able to grab a slice of pizza, just like a regular tourist.

24 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a celebrity that seems to have been in the spotlight for her entire life since she first appeared on the reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, at an extremely young age. Yet, things really seemed to heat up for her once she began her modeling career and started walking on runways all around the world. With Jenner jet-setting around the globe in order to get from one modeling job to the next, it's not surprising that she would find herself a bit anxious. People reported on an interview Jenner did with LOVE magazine where she stated, "But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else. The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back.” This particular photo showcased one trip through the airport when she didn't seem keen to stop and pose for the cameras.

23 Posed for: Selena Gomez

There seems to be a definite clique when it comes to the members of Young Hollywood and Selena Gomez has consistently appeared in various girl squads on both the red carpet and around the world. This particular photo was taken when Gomez traveled to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Photos of the excursion were seen around the world and there was even more attention because the trip included Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Devon Windsor, and Cody Simpson (okmagazine). This particular photo featured Gomez partaking in a Private Falconry Experience by Platinum Heritage in Dubai. She definitely wanted to pose for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and she was heralded for looking stunning in local garb with a real-life falcon.

22 Kristen Stewart

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart had already appeared in a number of roles prior to receiving the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight film series, it was this vampire-loving role that really turned her into an international movie star. Throughout the Twilight film series, Stewart was constantly hounded by photographers due to the speculation surrounding her romantic relationship with her fellow costar, Robert Pattinson. Yet, the increased attention was partly at fault for the incident that involved photographs being released of her then-director, Rupert Sanders. The photos resulted in headlines around the world and it put a stain on the actress that was shunned for her dalliance with the married director. This particular photo was taken in 2012 (hawtcelebs) when Stewart was caught having dinner with the director in a restaurant in Berlin.

21 Ben Affleck

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner first embarked on a romantic relationship, there seemed to be mixed feelings about their love story. There were some people that didn't think that they were well suited and others that couldn't help but remember their former partners. Yet, the two ultimately married in 2005 and the public soon warmed to their romance. Seeing them cultivate their family and have children together really seemed to make people believe in love again in Hollywood but that didn't last very long. From the incident with the nanny to the filing of divorce, the headlines quickly changed regarding their romantic relationship. This particular photo was taken in 2015 when the family was spotted on a family vacation to Disney Land and it was obvious that he wasn't exactly having the best time.

20 Posed for: John Stamos, Josh Peck, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier

When the television sitcom, Full House, first aired in 1987, no one could have predicted how hugely popular the show would become. People really seemed to resonate with the cast of characters and many of its cast went on to bigger and better things. Although the series came to an end in 1995, that didn't mean that the fascination over the character and the storyline had ended. The series got a reboot in 2016 and people loved seeing their favorite characters build onto the storyline of the show. In 2017, John Stamos celebrated Caitlin McHugh's birthday and chose to pose with his Fuller House cast members. The photo was captioned by Dave Coulier and stated, "Best day ever is getting to spend the day @disneyland with these three funny gents."

19 Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift was first introduced to the world, she was seen as a young country artist that was incredibly talented as a songwriter. Yet, her public persona started to change once she began making headlines for her romantic relationships and she ultimately changed to pop music as her genre of choice. As the public saw her evolve and grow as a woman, it was interesting to see her hobnob with other well-known celebrities and jet set around the world. This particular photo was taken in 2015 when the music artist stopped in to BBC Radio 1 (hollywoodlife). However, it doesn't look like she was enjoying all of the photographers congregating outside of the studio and this picture probably wasn't one that she wanted to circulate the world.

18 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner was first introduced to the world as the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan in the reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yet, things really seemed to change for the reality star as she continued to grow and evolve in front of the cameras. While she was once overlooked by the public, she eventually became the breakout reality star that was known for having an ultra-savvy business sense. Yet, the increase in popularity also led to an increase in attention by the media. She was hounded by photographers wherever she went and there was an abundance of speculation regarding her personal relationships. This particular photo was taken in 2015 (celebmafia) when she was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport and it was obvious that she didn't want her picture taken.

17 Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a celebrity that has become known for being multifaceted in his public persona. While some know him for the over-the-top characters that he's portrayed on the big screen, others know him for being quite outspoken about battling his drug addiction and voicing his strong views on politics. On top of that, Brand received even more attention when he began dating the pop artist, Katy Perry, and the two were ultimately married. While the marriage was short-lived, the divorce actually led to even more media attention. While other celebrities might love a bit of extra attention from the media, Brand definitely wasn't the one to enjoy the constant hounding from the paparazzi. This particular photo was taken when a photographer became a bit aggressive and Brand could be seen pushing him a bit, which later led to charges being pressed (glamourmagazine).

16 Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a hugely successful music artist that is known for being both behind the scenes and forefront on stage. Yet, his personal style hasn't always been heralded in the same way as his musical style. A great example is the vintage Vivienne Westwood hat that he wore at the 2014 Grammy Awards. This oversized cowboy hat was ridiculed to the point of people actually creating parodies of it and it made people think of his style in a completely different way. It may have been this style snafu that caused him to dress in disguise when he traveled through Los Angeles International Airport. The artist showed up with a surgical mask to cover his identity and hide from the paps.

15 Posed for: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been known for traveling around the world, whether it's for one of her numerous business ventures or just a family vacation. Fans of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality television series have seen her travel all around the world with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, whether it was their Greece vacation or their trip to Costa Rica. This particular photo was taken in 2013 when she vacationed with Kanye West. The two were spotted in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and posed in front of the country's most famous statue (dailymail). Despite the fact that there were many other tourists around, the couple stopped to pose in front of the statue and it was actually quite endearing to see them do something like so many other travelers do when they go to Brazil.

14 Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj first emerged as a burgeoning talent in the world of rap music, it didn't take long for her to garner a huge fanbase. People loved seeing her bubblegum style mixed in with street lyrics and her over-the-top looks became back-to-back headlines for the rap artist. Yet, being known for her incredible looks can come with a bit of backlash since she may have felt pressure to constantly appear as the stage performer she had built her public persona to be during the early years. This particular photo was taken at Los Angeles International Airport (hiphollywood) while the artist was traveling in 2014. It was obvious that she didn't want her photo taken and she even covered her head in order to hide from the flashing lights.

13 Sia

When Sia first emerged as a music artist, part of her public persona consisted of constantly having her face covered. This wasn't exactly a new concept in the world of the music industry since other stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga had also been known for their over-the-top looks. Yet, there was something distinct about Sia since she didn't just express herself through her look but she actually tried to cover her face at all times. The Daily Mail reported on Sia in 2015 when she was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport and stated, "She usually hides away in public beneath an oversized blonde wig or elaborate headgear." In this particular photo, she used a multicolored scarf in order to get through the airport.

12 Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a hugely celebrated actress that has really garnered a great deal of praise and respect from both the industry and fans alike. While some remember her for her role in the High School Musical film series, there have been a number of other roles that have proven that she is far more talented than her early roles gave her credit for in the eyes of the public. With an increased number of roles, there has also been a increased amount of attention. The public has wanted to know more about her professional and personal life and the media have followed suit. This particular photo was taken in 2017 and it shows Hudgens trying to disguise herself a bit while she traveled through Los Angeles International Airport with Austin Butler.

11 Kanye West

While Kanye West has been known for being a hugely successful rap artist with fans all around the world, he's also been known for some peculiar antics throughout his appearances on everything from award shows to interviews. This particular photo was taken in 2013 when West traveled to Europe to attend Paris Fashion Week. While his attire seemed fitting for the venue, it wasn't exactly pulled together well. His suit jacket was cinched tightly around his neck and slung over his shoulders. Yet, the real kicker was the bright red ski mask that he wore to cover his face. This may have been an attempt to hide from photographers (harpersbazaar) but that didn't stop people from snapping pictures of the oddly dressed rap star.

10 Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber first started to gain attention for his singing talent, it didn't take long for the world to sit up and take notice of him as the newest pop star. After numerous stage performances and a slew of hit singles, he quickly became the most sought-after pop star by photographers and he was constantly hounded by the paparazzi. This particular photo was taken in 2013 when Bieber was seen traveling throughout London. During this European trip, Bieber was hounded by the media and it seemed like he had finally received his fill in this particular picture. Instead of hiding his face behind some sunglasses, he chose a gas mask to cover (harpersbazaar) his signature boyish good looks.

9 Katy Perry

When Katy Perry first emerged as a pop artist, it wasn't just her signature sound and catchy lyrics that seemed to garner the attention of the public. Her over-the-top style was a huge draw to her as a pop artist and the public couldn't get enough of her cupcake bras and colored wigs. Yet, that didn't mean that she was constantly looking to be seen as that flamboyant performer and that was definitely evident in this 2012 picture. Perry was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport in March 2012 and couldn't be bothered to stop and pose for the throngs of photographers. Instead, she chose to cover her face behind a pair of dark sunglasses and a blanket. She even pulled her hood up to try and dodge the flashing lights.

8 Lily Allen

Lily Allen is known for being multitalented since she's not just a singer and songwriter. She's also made quite a name for herself as an author and television presenter but that doesn't mean that there haven't been a few snafus regarding this standout music artist. She ultimately released all of those old issues when she wrote a memoir entitled, My Thoughts Exactly. In September 2018, The Guardian sat down with Allen and went over some of the most noteworthy aspects of the memoir. Allen spoke about her drug addiction and stated, "I was pretty brazen with all my behavior. I think I just didn't care." With the public learning more about what was going on in her personal life, pictures like these of her covering her face while traveling through airports around the world seem to make more sense.

7 Posed for: Beyonce & Jay Z 

Beyoncé and Jay Z have been known for traveling all around the world, even before the two were married. As global superstars, it's not surprising that they have traveled to far corners of the globe for their tours and stage performances. Yet, things became a bit different once the two were married and started a family together. While they still embark on worldwide tours, they also indulge a bit on vacations that help them spend some quality time together. This particular photo was taken during their European vacation in 2014. The picture was taken in France (popsugar) and it was obvious that the couple wanted to pose in front of one of the most well-known paintings in all of the world.

6 Posed for: Rihanna

When Rihanna first became known to the world as a hugely talented singer from Barbados, no one could have predicted the amount of fame she would eventually receive through her professional and personal achievements. She's currently known as one of the most popular music artists in the entertainment industry but she's also known for wanting to have a bit of fun when she's not working. She's constantly posting photos of the ventures during her downtime and she's often seen jet setting around the world. This particular photo was taken in June 2015, during a trip to Turks and Caicos (fashionsizzle). She really got into the spirit of the location and she happily posed for the camera during her vacation from the Anti Tour.