While most people are right into summer weather these days, playing in the sun, having BBQ's, and going swimming, we all know that eventually, winter will start working its way back to us. Living in a place that experiences all four seasons does have its pros and cons. We do get hit with some pretty extreme weather at times—from scorching hot summer days to blustery cold winter days, we experience it all.

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There is something magical to be said about the winter, with its beautiful silence, snowy landscapes, and glittering ice. Throughout America, there are stunning landscapes to experience in the winter months. Here are 10 places that offer some of the most photogenic winter landscapes in America.

10 Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming is one of those places whose landscape represents the epitome of winter. With its looming snow-covered mountains and tall, snowy conifers, it is picture-perfect. It is also a perfect time of year to visit Yellowstone National Park, as there are far fewer people there and you can enjoy nature's beauty without interruption.

The park roads are closed off to regular traffic as well, so you can enjoy the majority of the park using only cross-country skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles. The landscape around here is simply breathtaking, with the towering snowy trees and the steaming geysers. You won't want to miss it.

9 Sequoia National Park, California

The enormous Sequoias that live throughout the Sequoia National Park are impressive to begin with, with their incredible heights of 300 feet and trunk diameters of nearly 40 feet! Seeing them looming above a blanket of pure, white snow is simply spectacular.

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This national park is definitely one to experience in all seasons, if possible, but they certainly offer a lot in the winter—fewer people being one of those things! You can go and experience the magic by skiing or snowshoeing through the forest, visiting the sledding play areas, or just hiking along the beautiful trails. Either way, you will surely be impressed by the forest's majesty.

8 Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont has one of those gorgeously quaint downtown cores that you will want to plan a visit around throughout the winter at some point. Charming bricked walkways, little stores and restaurants along the way, and snow-covered trees lining the streets. It is your quintessential winter town.

Vermont is also well-known for its skiing opportunities, which means, of course, that there are snowy mountains nearby! There are many lovely inns and ski resorts that cater to the outdoor enthusiast and offer many fun ways to experience this beautiful landscape.

7 Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is stunning year-round and offers much for visitors to see. But Alaskans sure do know how to embrace the cold and make it fun! With many winter sports and festivals in the area, it is a great place to come and celebrate the cold!

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Experience a dog-sled tour or glacier hike to take in the sparkling scenery, or jump on the Aurora Winter Train and pass through the countryside in the comforts of a train, keeping your eyes peeled for any moose! Throughout the winter months, you also stand a good chance of taking in some of the spectacular Northern Lights!

6 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

With some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, Utah is an impressive place to visit. Bryce Canyon National Park offers awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs and amazing views. Bryce Canyon is actually made up of several different natural amphitheaters, or bowls that have been carved out of the edge of a high plateau.

Bryce Canyon National Park is also conveniently located beside the famous Zion National Park, with its equally breathtaking landscape. Between the two, the views that you will encounter in the winter will be unforgettable. When the orangey sandstone cliffs are blanketed in snow at their base, visitors can hike to various viewpoints throughout the park and capture some amazing photos along the way!

5 Breckenridge, Colorado

With gorgeous weather and surreal surroundings, you will love being outdoors to experience Breckenridge, Colorado. Beautiful blue sky, snow-covered mountains, and sparkling snowy trees are what you'll have as your backdrop.

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With so many different winter activities to choose from, you have plenty of opportunities to catch the perfect landscape photos on your travels! Breckenridge offers visitors the chance to go hiking, dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding, fly fishing, and even taking a gondola ride. As a former mining town, Breckenridge has maintained a lot of its 19th-century style and charm, offering visitors a lovely downtown core to visit as well.

4 Hanover, New Hampshire

The town of Hanover in New Hampshire knows how to have fun in the winter! This town is the home of the country's oldest university-affiliated festival of its kind: Dartmouth College's Annual Winter Carnival, which began in 1911. In February of each year, the university campus is set up to host a wide variety of winter games and activities, including a polar bear swim, ski races, and even an ice sculpture contest.

Among the beautiful campus grounds, glittering with snow and ice crystals, you'll be sure to find some stunning photographic opportunities. The town of Hanover itself also offers lots to do for its visitors, and its quaint and charming downtown has many lovely restaurants and shops to see.

3 Flathead National Forest, Montana

There are so many stunning parks through the state of Montana that it is hard to select only one. If planning a trip out this way throughout the winter months, you'd be smart to plan a bit of a tour around in order to experience the immense beauty this entire state has to offer.

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Flathead National Forest is definitely one of those places, with its majestic backdrop of the mountains and the vast coniferous forests. With many outdoor activities available, there are lots of ways to experience this beautiful forest, including snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing.

2 Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine is the type of quaint, charming coastal town that you visit when you want to cozy up and embrace winter, whether it be around a fire at a lovely Victorian B&B, touring the various lights displays around town, or enjoying some skiing or snowboarding nearby.

The wintry seaside views around town are breathtaking, and the lovely downtown core offers visitors so many ways to relax and enjoy all that the season has to offer.

1 Leavenworth, Washington

This adorably festive town is your quintessential Christmas Village, with its twinkling lights, sweet storefronts, and gorgeous mountain backdrop. It is a lovely place to experience the winter season, and there are plenty of ways to take in this lovely town.

There are lots of holiday activities to do as well, from a tree lighting ceremony, holiday films to watch, a reindeer farm, and skiing nearby. This beautiful little town will put any ol' Grinch into the holiday spirit!

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