Boston is a beautiful city with incredible photo-worthy spots to fill social media feed with fascinating history, magnificent architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. Finding epic photos to rocket Instagram likes is something everyone is after, and the city comes with plenty of opportunities. Boston boasts gorgeous museums, beautiful historic sites, and some of the most spectacular locales. Another good news about Boston is that it is extremely walkable, and finding photogenic sights is easy. From picture-perfect streets to some of the most impressive libraries on earth, these are the ten most photo-worthy spots in Boston.

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10 Acorn Street

Arguably, Boston’s most magnificent street, Acorn, is a cobblestoned walkway running through incredibly stunning homes made of bricks. Located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, the street is the most photographed in the city. Surrounded by red bricks, old-school architecture, and lush greenery hanging almost everywhere, this street will definitely up travelers’ Instagram game. The street is so famous because it is probably the original cobblestone street on earth, almost impossible to find today. The historic structure lining the street date back to the 1700s and 1800s.

  • Address: Boston, MA 02108, USA

9 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

With incredible architecture influenced by the Venetian palaces of the 15th century and a stunning flourishing courtyard, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is definitely a photo-worthy spot. Isabella Gardner founded this museum back in 1903 and collected over 7,500 pieces of art, which are all displayed in the museum. The building’s balconies and archways overlook its spectacular courtyard on each floor, giving incredible views. Travelers visiting this museum will feel like they’re home, thanks to the beautifully displayed art in its furnished rooms.

8 Boston Public Library

The good thing about visiting this library is travelers won't spend a penny to explore it. And being one of the most photo-worthy spots in the city, visiting it is totally worth it. The public library is brimming with incredible Instagram photo opportunities, from magnificent architecture to a stunning courtyard to an art exhibit and hundreds of years of manuscripts. The library was first launched in 1848, but its current location was commissioned in 1954. Boston's Public Library's mid-19th-century architecture is breathtaking and is definitely photo-worthy.

7 Boston Public Garden

Located adjacent to the Boston Common, Boston Public Garden is one of the best-known city parks. While it sits next to the first public park in the United States, the garden is arguably the most visited. The park features a man-made pond with a footbridge passing over it, making it an incredible photo-worthy spot, with a skyline at the back. One can also take nice pictures near the pond to have the beautiful bridge captured in the back. The flowers and the green plants in the garden make this place a fascinating seasonal photography destination.

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6 Tatte Bakery & Café

Tatte Bakery & Café is one of Boston’s most beautiful restaurants and offers an incredible Instagram-worthy spot, thanks to the stunning white-tiled floor, marble tables, and delicious pastries. Add to the picture-perfect cups and plates travelers will get on their tables and the all-white décor, and this place guarantees epic photos that will make a different story on social media feed. Located about a 10-minute drive from the heart of the city center, it's super easy to get there.

5 Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Commonwealth Avenue Mall is definitely one of the most photo-worthy places in Boston and is very popular on Instagram. The pedestrian thoroughfare is lined with spectacular homes. Travelers can tour across the bridge and enjoy taking pictures among the plenty of stunning colored rows. The flowers change appearance depending on the time of the year, making this spot an incredible seasonal photo-worthy place. Brimming with beautiful historical buildings, stunning trees, and incredible monuments, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall comes with many photographic opportunities.

  • Address: 484 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02116, USA

4 Louisburg Square

Located in the Beacon Hills area, Louisburg Square is a picturesque public square featuring stunning historical buildings, hundreds of beautiful flowers and plants, and other photo opportunities. Most homes were constructed in Greek Revival style, and a picture with a backdrop of one of the buildings would make an incredible social media post. This place not only provides visitors with photo opportunities but is also a perfect destination for escaping from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life.

3 Rouvalis Flowers & Gardens

Rouvalis Flowers & Gardens is one of the city's most famous florists and come with fantastic photo opportunities for travelers. The posh flower shop offers picture-perfect local and imported blooms and a seasonal exterior display that is definitely Instagram-worthy. The shop is family-owned and operated and has served the greater Boston for more than 40 years. The flowers are handpicked from local farms, some imported from New Zealand, South Africa, Holland, Italy, and South America.

  • Address: 40 W. Cedar St. Boston, MA 02108
  • Contact: (617) 720.2266
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Mondays to Saturdays

2 Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor is beautiful day and night – and it is nearly impossible to miss it when looking for super photogenic areas in the city. what could be better than relaxing by the water and watching as the boats come and go out of the harbor? To get the most impressive photos of the Boston Harbor, one should head downtown, almost near the North End. The best times for incredible pictures are sunrises and sunsets. It is important to note that this spot is a common place for hosting community events. So, be sure to check online before making it there to see if it is not busy.

1 Boston Common

The oldest park in the country, Boston Common, is another hard-to-miss location in the city. It is the city’s central, historic park, situated right downtown, near the Park, Boston’s busiest and most popular train station. The Common is brimming with beautiful spots that photography enthusiasts can use to up their Instagram game. The city skyscrapers can make incredible backdrops for the pictures taken within the park. There are many fun things to include in the photos and a lot to walk around and explore.

  • Address: 115 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116, United States