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For an ultimate relaxing hideaway in Thailand, away from the bustling cities, find the paradisiacal Phi Phi Islands, which are parts of the Krabi Province. The islands have attracted many tourists in the past thanks to the British-American film - The Beach featuring Leonardo Di Caprio. After the release of the movie, many tourists flocked to the islands causing much damage to its ecosystem, but with new regulations, tourists can now make the most out of the breathtaking destination, all by respecting the environment.


Phi Phi Islands are made up of several pristine islands tucked in Thailand between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast. The largest island is Ko Phi Phi Don and is the most populated island among the other islands. One of the perks of holidaying here is that visitors can include touring the Phi Phi Islands for a day in their seven-day itinerary when exploring Thailand. Thanks to the easy access and close location, one can hop to the different island destinations and enjoy the balmy weather, white beaches, and see an old cave.

Amazing Phi Phi Islands Adventure In Just One Day - Private Boat Tour

There are many tours when it comes to the Phi Phi Islands but imagine having your loved ones with you on a private boat tour to explore the pristine beauty of this picturesque attraction. Enjoy the natural beauties of the place at your own pace in just one day, specially designed for visitors who are exploring Thailand for a limited time frame. One of the best ways to skip the hassle of booking transportation and activities to the Phi Phi Islands is by booking this amazing package that covers hotel pick-up and a personal guide that can give insights about the Phi Phi Islands (available in English, Chinese, and Arabic languages), and safety measures. Whether it’s about snorkeling in the translucent water to encounter gorgeous Clown Fish or meeting the Monkeys at the Monkey Beach, or simply lazing on the sun-soaked beach, there is simply so much to do when visiting the Phi Phi Islands. Did we mention the enigmatic drawings of the Viking ships or the unique bird nests made by bird saliva?

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Places Of Interest To Enjoy In Phi Phi Islands

5-Star Marine - Briefing

One of the most secure and comfortable ways of exploring the magnificent beauty of Phi Phi Islands and its beautiful coral reefs is by choosing a private VIP speedboat tour with 5 Star Marine that can offer a bespoke itinerary (upon request). Their recommended tour includes exploring the sublime Maya Bay, Piley Bay (for its best snorkeling spots in the region), Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, Ko Phi Phi Don, Nui Beach, and Ko Rang Yai.

With your family and friends, embark on a private tour. Arrive at the 5 Star Marine meet-up point, and the staff will give a briefing about the day to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Relish a light breakfast and kick-start the day with an adventurous spirit.

  • Duration: Around Thirty Minutes

Maya Bay - The Jewel Of Phi Phi Islands

There is a very good reason why beach lovers come to Maya Bay - its long stretch of white beach, crystal clear aquamarine water, and secluded setting have won many hearts. This place is blessed with soaring limestone cliffs; no wonder it was featured on ‘The Beach,’ which unfortunately has attracted many tourists who have impacted its environment. Owing to this, the Thai government had to restrict visitors since restoring its pristine environment was crucial for the survival of the ecosystem. Thanks to the effort, now visitors can enjoy the beautiful bay but with new rules which allow eight speedboats at a time to dock with a maximum of 300 tourists per round. Thanks to such an initiative, now tourists will be able to take pictures and enjoy the popular attraction by respecting the environment.

  • Duration: Around One Hour Thirty Minutes

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Piley Bay - A Dream Location In Phi Phi Islands

This beautiful gem is a wonderful place to snorkel in the shallow and turquoise water, which makes it the best spot to snorkel, even for those who don’t know about swimming. The impressive lagoon is only one meter deep, and the water is most of the time warm. What makes this place spectacular are the three towering limestone cliffs which protect the place on three sides, making it a safe place to enjoy the turquoise water and see colorful fishes. This is definitely the perfect place to soak up the sun, relax on the soft beach, snorkel, and take some epic pictures.

  • Note: Snorkeling gears will be provided
  • To Do: Snorkel, laze on the soft white beach, swim, and take pictures.
  • Duration: Around One Hour

Viking Cave - An Old And Mysterious Cave

Besides the white beaches and blue waters, Phi Phi Islands are also filled with wonder and mystery, and one such place is the Viking Cave, situated north of Piley Bay on the eastern coast of Phi Phi Ley. This cave is between 10 and 15 meters in height and has old drawings of Viking ships which are believed to be drawn by sea gypsies or pirates who would stop here to shelter from the storms. But what makes this cave even more unique is the fact that it is home to thousands of birds called Swiftlet, which make their nests by using their own saliva. These nests are called white nests and are edible and expensive. The white nest can cost about $6000 per kg.

Monkey Beach - Encounter The Adorable Monkeys

Another famous spot in the Phi Phi Islands is, hands down, Monkey Beach, home to many adorable but wild monkeys. Get a close-up view of these monkeys and greet them by stopping at the beach. The beach is surrounded by green trees, and the setting is pretty wild. Take pictures and meet the monkeys but do not feed them.

  • Note: Monkeys living on this beach survive by hunting. Be careful since they can sometimes snatch personal belongings.
  • Duration: Thirty Minutes

Ko Phi Phi Don - Stop For The Lunch

After spending much time in the wild and rejuvenating nature, it’s time to make a stop at the bustling Ko Phi Phi Don, which is the main island of the Phi Phi Islands. There is an eclectic range of facilities, including hippie bars, restaurants, and accommodations. The island was initially inhabited by Thai Malay fishermen, and today it has about 3000 Thai residents. Meet the locals, and experience the local cuisine with fresh seafood.

  • Duration: One Hour Thirty Minutes

Enjoy Pristine Beaches In The Afternoon

After relishing a delicious lunch set for the Nui Beach, also called the Camel Rock. Relax and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. The area is also perfect for snorkeling. The adventure culminates at Ko Rang Yai, where visitors will be able to enjoy fresh fruits and some snacks. Watch the spectacular sunset and then take a short cruise back to the pier.

  • Nui Beach: Around One Hour
  • Ko Rang Yai: Around 45 Minutes

Phi Phi Island Adventure: What Is Included?

  • Destination: Phi Phi Islands
  • Duration: 8 Hours
  • A personal guide that can give insights about the different destinations in English, Chinese and Arabic languages and safety measures.
  • Bottled water
  • Soda/Pop
  • Snacks
  • Use of Snorkeling equipment
  • Private transportation
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Restroom on board
  • Lunch
  • National Park Fees (400 THB per Adult and 200 THB Per Child)

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