Enchanting settings, dramatic soundscapes, and thrilling rides may be found at Phantasialand in Brühl, near Cologne. The themed park converts into a magnificent ocean of shimmering lights throughout the winter season.

This thrilling paradise provides entertainment for the entire family. This winter dreamland is divided into different regions and radiates beauty around every curve. In Berlin, tourists can wander down beautiful shop-lined streets, discover colorful China Town, or embark on a thrilling adventure.


Getting There

Via Air

  • Nearest Airport - Cologne Bonn Airport- 30.7 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around 25 minutes to reach the destination.

Via Bus

  • Nearest Bus Stop - Brühl Phantasialand Bus stop
  • It is a three-minute walk to the destination.

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What To Do

Explore The Phantastic Theme Worlds

The Phantasialand amusement park offers a wide range of activities, including the Seven Realms of Alter Berlin, Fairytale, Mexico, China Town, Mysteries, and Abyss of Africa. The next best part of exploring Germany's capital is experiencing Alt Berlin.

Several of the city's most famous landmarks, including the Brandenburg Gateway, and Wintergarten, are recreated for tourists. Beyond the country, China Town has the greatest concentration of Chinese architectural style. The stupas and ornate walls can be admired at convenience.

On to Africa's succeeding division! Tourists can observe folklore dancing or ride the Black Mamba intense rollercoaster ride to get their pulse racing. Mystery, known for its massive Mystery Palace, is a legendary settlement based on Norse Mythology civilization.

Eventually, there's Fantasy, which is home to a fierce queen and fairytale creatures.

Rides And Rollercoasters


  • Taron is a multi-launch metal rollercoaster that gives riders amazing air time and is located in Klugheim, the park's exceptionally well-themed region.
  • Even though Taron is only a ride, the architects went to great lengths to make sure that even the strolling and queuing areas are designed.
  • Taron is exhilarating not just for the passengers but also for the interested spectators, thanks to its layout constructed around the track.
  • The route whirls ascend and descend, darting between the small spaces of rocky walls and roofs and falling over itself.

Colorado Adventure

  • In the middle of Germany, visitors may feel the American Wilderness!
  • This rollercoaster ride is a replica of an old mining locomotive that ascends hills, vaults sideways through caverns, and rushes through hairpin corners.
  • Tourists can sense the thrill of the gold rush as energy rushes through their veins.

Black Mamba

  • The iconic Bolliger & Mabillard built Black Mamba, which has an upside rollercoaster ride.
  • As riders board the attraction, the ground underneath them drops and vanishes, enabling their feet to hang as they swing through spirals and helixes.
  • The rollercoaster corkscrews and spins as it winds its way past caverns and chasms.
  • The most exciting aspect is the near-miss phenomenon, where visitors believe as if they are about to be smashed into the wall before the coaster abruptly spins and saves them.

Winja's Fear And Force

  • Winja's is a combination of two whirling roller coasters.
  • Since a segment of the ride tilts forth and back on the Dread rollercoaster, while the Force rollercoaster sways sideways, there are more aspects of fright on the Fear ride.
  • Both rollercoasters have a shortfall at the end of the ride, which makes passengers shout with delight.


  • Raik is described as a family ride, however, it is far from the normal family rollercoaster; in fact, some smaller kids might find it too rough.
  • Raik is not as exhilarating as its twin Taron but still reaches a top speed of 64 kilometers per hour.
  • It is the world’s highest, biggest, and fastest familial whiplash ride and runs both forth and back despite its reduced speed.

River Quest

  • River Quest, a whitewater water coaster, is best reserved for the summertime because it is arguably the wettest roller coaster imaginable!
  • The whole coaster offers falls and dips after drops.
  • It is a delightful ride that allows tourists to have a nice time laughing and howling with their friends and family.

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Where To Stay

RS Hotel

  • The hotel offers family rooms as well as a patio for visitors.
  • There is complimentary Internet Access available.
  • Car parking can be accessed for an additional fee.
  • Every accommodation at the hotel has a lounge area, a Television, a secure storage box, and an en suite bathroom with a tub, dryer, and complimentary toiletries.
  • Some accommodations include a kitchen with an oven, refrigerator, and minibar.
  • Each accommodation at the hotel includes beddings and bathrobes.

Schlosshotel Domäne Walberberg

  • This majestic castle hotel, which dates from the 12th century, is nestled in a beautiful meadow.
  • The hotel has spacious accommodations with hardwood furnishings and a Television.
  • Each accommodation features a contemporary private bathroom with a shower, and some units have complimentary internet access.
  • Daily morning, the hotel serves a delicious continental breakfast.
  • There is always fresh orange juice, milk, and espresso in the buffet.

H+ Hotel

  • The hotel has luxurious accommodations as well as a relaxing spa.
  • The hotel's accommodations all include a stylish private bathroom.
  • Guests can use the internet for a standard fee.
  • The hotel's dining delivers delectable regional and world cuisine.
  • Guests can unwind and treat themself in the hotel's gym and wellness center, which includes a hot tub, a Finnish bath, and sports gear.

There are many wonderful and thrilling attractions to experience at Phantasialand. The theme park is a must-see, from children to the most experienced adrenaline junkies. Every thrill seeker's wishlist should include it.

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