Not everyone has the time, budget, or inclination to travel. But if you do have some time off, don’t veg out on the couch all day and waste that precious time doing nothing.

The “staycation” is the perfect way to take a vacation without going anywhere. You can make the most of your home and local area while relaxing like you would while away.

Plenty of people use their days off to catch up on household chores or even sleep, but that’s a shame when there’s so much one can put into a stellar staycation. Not that you don’t need to keep the place tidy and catch your zzzs, but there’s enough time in the day to do it all.


These five reasons below will have you planning your next staycation soon. Who needs the hassle of airport crowds, high hotel fees, and packing suitcases? With the perks of a staycation, things are much simpler, cheaper, and all up to you. Who’s in?!

Consider having a staycation the next time you have some days off from work. You may never travel out of town again!

“Tourist Attractions” – Locals Often Skip The Stuff They’re Used To Seeing

When you are used to where you live, you often look over the things you see every day. But when tourists or visitors come to town, they are mesmerized by the area attractions and interesting things to see.

Take a fresh look at your town or city, and you will notice what a gem it really is. Not every place is as amazing as another, but there’s something special and unique about every spot on Earth.

Walk around, go in and out of shops and museums, and find out what other things you’ve been missing. You can research your area online to find out about some places you may have never even known existed.

Time For Bonding – Changing Up Your Routine Allows For Conversation And Connecting

When you do the same thing day in and day out, routines become predictable. Spice things up by breaking away from your usual ways.

Use the time at home on staycation to reconnect with friends and family. Your time together may be otherwise rushed or taken for granted.

With the time to take for yourselves, spend it wisely and develop a closer connection.

More Money To Splurge – Without Hotel And Travel Expenses, You Can “Do It Up” In Other Ways

When you do not have to pay for travel or hotel expenses, you have more money in your wallet. Use it wisely, but indulge a bit.

Perhaps you can buy a more expensive bottle of wine than you normally would, or go out for a 5-course dinner.

You can make your staycation extra special by getting a new outfit to wear around town.

No need to go overboard, but a splurge here and there will make your staycation more fun and fabulous.

Invite Friends/Family From Out Of Town – Be The Host With The Most

Just because you’re not leaving town doesn’t mean your friends and family can’t travel. Play the part of the host or hostess and invite the crew over to your place to spend some time together.

You can cook meals and dine as a group, go to shows or movies, eat out at area restaurants, grab some drinks at the local pub, or pack up a picnic to take to the park.

Stay up late watching TV and talking. Pop some popcorn and have a big slumber party!

Everything’s Up To You – No Constraints Or Confusion

Your staycation is whatever you want it to be. It’s your home, so you don’t have to worry about hotel rules. Since you’re not traveling, you don’t have to deal with public transportation or getting anywhere on time.

Get up when you want to, stay up late, and go about your day as you desire.

You can make each day special by planning ahead, or play it by ear and experience whatever comes to mind.

Have an amazing staycation! You'll love it when you make the most of where you already are!