Are you planning to stay in a hotel sometime soon, for a vacation or maybe a business trip? You should consider staying in a five-star hotel room if your budget allows for it. You may have heard of the excellent perks you'll receive staying somewhere that excels at luxury.

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But it can be hard to tell which of those perks are part of an elaborate television fantasy and which are real things you can anticipate when you begin your stay. We've compiled a guide of ten genuine perks you can expect if you plan on staying in a five-star hotel.

10 Receive complimentary turndown service

Almost all hotels and motels will change the sheets for you every day. Unless you put a do not disturb sign on your door then you can anticipate your bed to be made fresh at even the cheapest of hotel rooms. However, one special perk that you'll probably only experience at a 5-star hotel is the optional turndown service.

The turndown service involves the staff coming in and prepping your bed and room for sleep. That means they pull the blankets down, fluff your pillows, leave pillow mints, and even spritz relaxing scents in the air. They can also draw you a bath and optimize the ambiance to your preferred sleep environment.

9 Incredible architecture and designs

If staying somewhere that looks like a luxury hotel are important to you then you'll want to stay in a 5-star hotel. Not only will you receive exceptional service but 5-star hotels are known for having exquisite architecture and beautiful art and designs. Many of them have rich histories with stunning artwork.

You could spend time simply roaming the hallways and the lobby to admire the craftmanship taken in creating a spectacular and luxurious stay. Normal motels and hotels all look mostly the same after a while but 5-star hotels stand apart from one another due to their elegance and special designs.

8 The security is top-notch

If you've ever stayed at a seedy roadside motel then you're aware that security in certain places can be lax, at best. It is not uncommon for the late-night front desk clerks at hotels and motels to keep a weapon nearby or a panic button in case something bad happens in the dead of night.

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At five-star hotels that are unlikely to happen as the security is top-notch. Both guests and employees can expect to stay safe and not have to worry about potential intruders, no matter the time of night. They only hire the best security and utilize state-of-the-art alarm systems.

7 Many five-star hotels offer welcome snacks and drinks

Five-star hotels do their best to ensure all of their guests are treated like royalty. They want you to continue to come back time after time. When you first arrive, you can often expect them to welcome you with special treats and drinks.

Don't be surprised if you get to your room and find a bottle of champagne and a box of macaroons or some other elegant sweet waiting to welcome you for your stay. It's not always just on the first night either. Often they will leave something for you before you check out as well. Guest satisfaction is their main priority.

6 You might encounter influential people

Because five-star hotels are top of the line, expensive, and located in the most exclusive and fancy cities in the world, don't be surprised if you potentially encounter celebrities or wealthy business executives. Celebrities are typically accustomed to staying at five-star hotels.

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The odds of you running into them in the lobby are higher than you might expect. Of course, in terms of influential businessmen and women, they might be harder to spot but keep yourself open to new experiences. You never know what connections you could make simply by being in the right place at the right time!

5 They maintain their secrecy well

Speaking of celebrities, one of the main reasons they enjoy staying at five-star hotels is because they value secrecy. All hotels have a degree of secrecy when it comes to protecting their guests but not the same way that five-star hotels do. They take keeping their guests' anonymity and secrets extremely seriously.

For the average person, secrecy might not be a big concern but it's nice to know the staff will have your back regardless. It's another reason that high-ranking military members or government officials like staying in places like this too to ensure everything that occurs in conference rooms and beyond will remain under lock and key.

4 You'll be surprised by the personalization

As we mentioned before, most of the time when you first arrive at a five-star hotel, they will surprise you with welcome gifts. They also like to supply their guests with goodbye gifts too. By doing this, they can let their guests know how pleased they were to have them stay at their hotel and hope they return again in the future.

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But you might be surprised by the level of the personalization hotel staff will add to make you feel seen and welcomed. Don't be surprised if you receive customized notes or if they pay attention to your room service orders when giving you a parting gift.

3 The in-house dining and hotel bars

Most hotels offer some kind of food service in their lobbies. They may have a casual bar or a restaurant as part of their set-up. But they won't be on par with the dining experience you'll receive when staying at a five-star restaurant. For starters, some of them offer Michelin star restaurants.

You'll never eat somewhere better than a place with Michelin-star chefs. Plus, if you're on a business trip or simply with friends, the bars are often beautiful and serve sublime cocktails. Spending the evening at a sky bar is a great way to see the stunning sights of the city.

2 Everything is pristine

It should go without saying that five-star hotels will be pristine. No more worrying about what you might see on the hotel sheets if you had a blacklight or fearing the strange mold growing in the shower corner. Five-star hotels are clean as a whistle and if even the slightest thing is amiss you can rest assured the staff will be on it immediately and even help you move rooms if necessary.

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They take maintaining their reputation for cleanliness extremely seriously. If you've stayed at a lot of hotels, it might be nice to stay somewhere you know is going to be in perfect order for a change.

1 The recreational amenities are incredible

Between spa facilities, state-of-the-art gyms, tennis courts, walking trails, and more, five-star hotels offer the best and most versatile arrangement of amenities you'll ever experience during a hotel stay. This is especially beneficial for people who intend to stay at the hotel for multiple days, or even weeks, at a time.

You won't have to worry about missing your workouts since they generally have the best gyms in the city. Plus, you can treat yourself to a spa day or massage in their luxurious facilities and more. If you're into sports or swimming, you can be sure they'll have epic swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor) and plenty of courts for you to get some fresh air.

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