Proposing can seem like a daunting task, as you struggle to organize the perfect moment for you and your significant other to share for the rest of your lives. You have to find a photographer, pick out the perfect ring, and most importantly, choose a destination for you to pop the question.

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You can't just choose anywhere, as it has to be somewhere almost as unique and special as your significant other. It can be a tough decision to make, but hopefully, with the ideas listed below, we can provide you with some inspiring ideas for the best destination.

11 A Balloon Over the Temples of Bagan: Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma)


This romantic balloon ride over the Temples of Bagan in Myanmar (Burma) would be an amazingly romantic way to propose to your loved one. The cost would be $350 per person, or you can choose the premium option for $450 per person. The two flights provide you with free in-flight photos, as well as glasses of sparkling wine after you land to celebrate your proposal.

The only difference between the two is that the more expensive flight has a compartment for your basket lunch in each balloon, as well as a full continental breakfast waiting for you when you land. It is an intimate experience combined with the breathtaking views of the temple and it will ensure your S.O. says yes when you drop to one knee.

9 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: Santa Cruz, California

You and your significant other might be children at heart, or maybe you met at a carnival, as they tend to do in the movies. Either way, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk might be just the place you were looking for. It is filled with an abundance of rides and activities and it only costs $40 to ride all day long, which is a nice cheap deal after you just spent thousands on a ring.

You could choose to propose during a game of minigolf or wait until the day is drawing to a close, proposing on the beach to profess your love at sunset. No matter what you choose, your S.O. won't ever forget this moment.

8 Bow Bridge in Central Park: New York City, New York

This iconic bridge in New York City has been used in blockbuster hits like Manhattan and The Way We Were, making it the perfect spot for you to make your own memory. People choose to propose on the bridge, but others use the platform across the way, so the bridge is in the background of their shining moment.

Some ideas you should consider adding to the moment are showering the ground with flowers, or perhaps arranging to have a small band play as you ask the life-changing question. All you need to know is that it's an offer they can't refuse, because the destination you chose was everything they had hoped it would be.

7 Iguazu Falls: Misiones Province, Argentina

The falls raining down on the moss-covered rocks is a thing of travelers' dreams, which is what makes it the perfect place for you to propose. There are two platforms by the falls, one provides an overlook of the falls and the other is a view of Devil's Throat.

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They are both great options, but the overlook does have a professional photographer available to take pictures. You could talk with the photographer beforehand, to ensure that your big moment is on camera as your significant other cries tears of joy as you drop down onto one knee.

6 Cliffs of Moher: Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland

This is a popular destination for proposals, and it is easy to see why. It looks like a fantasy, as the dark cliffs in the background contrast with the crystal blue water. There are several photographers in the area who are willing to work with you to take pictures of your big moment, and the memories they provide you with will be of epic proportions.

There are also plenty of restaurants in the area to celebrate after your big reveal, allowing you both to indulge yourselves as you begin a new chapter of your lives together.

5 Cinque Terre Riviera: Liguria, Italy

This destination is unique because it actually provides its own proposal packages. They have four options, which allow you to choose a private room, scenic restaurant, an apartment terrace, or a boat ride as your proposal location.

They all provide you with flowers, candles, and a bottle of sparkling wine. It will be utterly romantic; both of you are immersed in the culture and colors of the area, completing your perfect day with a proposal all of your friends will envy.

4 Mystique Hotel: Santorini, Greece

This is a luxury resort in Santorini, Greece which will provide an amazing setting for your proposal. It is located on the Caldera Cliffs and provides views of the active volcano. Their rooms vary in rates from 500-euros to 2,250-euros a night, but the amenities you receive are astonishing.

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The more costly rooms have their own villa, as well as a private pool and whirlpool for you to enjoy. You could propose on your balcony overlooking the sea, or you could put a reservation in at a restaurant and have your big moment there. No matter how it happens, it will be the romantic venue you were hoping for.

3 Moraine Lake: Alberta, Canada

The beautiful Moraine Lake in Banf Park is an unforgettable spot to pop the question. It provides beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery, and your S.O. won't expect a thing if you are avid hikers. It will seem like any other day you spend hiking, except this one will end with you becoming engaged.

There is also an option for you to propose on a canoe in the middle of the lake, which you can rent from the lodge. It will be a moment you and anyone watching will never forget, as the love of your life says yes to your unforgettable proposal.

2 Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

Paris is not only the most romantic city on earth, but it is also home to several proposal planners. There are companies in the area who will assist you in making your idea come to life, as they help you choose the perfect spot beneath the Eiffel Tower to ask the momentous question. They take the stress out of planning, so your main focus can be on your significant other.

You might be thinking that this proposal is way overused, but there are so many twists or individual details you can add to make it special for your loved one.

1 Mount Tantalus Lookout: Honolulu, Hawaii

This location in Honolulu, Hawaii does involve a bit of a hike, but the astounding backdrop for your proposal will be worth the time and sore legs. You take ʻUalakaʻa Trail up to the lookout, where you can view miles of the city, as well as Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor.

There are pavilions available, so after you pop the question you could end your day with a romantic picnic. Or, you could choose to hike back down to the city for a special dinner date.

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