Rolling hills, pubs on every corner, and friendly people. That's what we think of when we consider taking a trip to Ireland. While it's always possible to have a great vacation based on popular tourist recommendations and attractions, especially when the place we're going is just plain awesome, it's when we learn what locals love that we can really have a great time.

The people who live in a city or country are always going to have the best information on food, things to do, and more. Of course, you'll want to go to Dublin when visiting Ireland, but there are some other places to keep in mind.


Here's what the perfect itinerary looks like so you can see Ireland like a local.

Stay At A Bed And Breakfast Instead Of A Hotel

One way to have the perfect trip to Ireland is to stay at a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel. This recommendation comes from a local posting on Reddit. They wrote, "I hate when I see tourists staying at soulless hotels dotted around motorways" and said that they will be much cheaper than a hotel, too. They continued, "They're often family-owned and run by people who REALLY care that you enjoy your stay. They have their homes and livelihoods invested in that."

We love this idea because it just sounds so cozy and warm, and it sounds like a nice way to experience this country. One good choice is Adare Country House. It's located in Adare, Ireland, a County Limerick village. There are many local restaurants, and it couldn't be a more charming B&B. Trip Advisor reviewers love the owners. If you want to stay in Dublin, consider Pembroke Hall. It's a townhouse that offers up an amazing breakfast.

See The Sweet Dingle Peninsula

Locals know that the Dingle Peninsula is absolutely worth checking out during your trip to Ireland. According to, you can rent a car in Dublin and drive over. Trip Advisor describes the Dingle Peninsula as "A scenic stretch of land surrounded by rugged coastline."

There are so many fun places to check out here. You can go to the Dingle Distillery which makes gin, vodka, and whiskey, and you can take a tour. When you're hungry, grab a table at Out Of The Blue Seafood. This is a unique restaurant that only offers up fish, not meat, and the restaurant closes during the wintertime. That's a good reminder to travel to Ireland anytime but the winter since you don't want to miss out on certain cool spots.

Via Hero says that you have to go to Murphy's for ice cream when in this area. The company's website lists the available flavors as Smooth Chocolate, Elderflower, Honeycomb Caramel, Irish Brown Bread, and more, which sound delicious.

When you're in Dingle, you can also stay at Murphy's B&B. It's located on Strand Street and there are only six rooms, so it's definitely going to be cozy. You'll get breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and can walk over to a number of pubs. The staff often sing and perform music.

Check Out A Traditional Irish Pub Plus Some Restaurants Locals Recommend

You'll want to spend some time in Dublin, and a popular thing to do is head over to a pub. A local recommended The Flowing Tide on Reddit. They wrote that it's "good if you're looking for a proper Dublin pub close to everything. Pubs of its kind are starting to disappear from the city centre so have a look in if you can." It's on Abbey Street and has a really comfortable feeling to it. Grab a pint of beer and also try the pizza.

Thanks to a forum on Trip Advisor about the restaurants where locals enjoy going to in Dublin, we know about two places: The Duke and Avoca. The Duke is great for the kind of grub that you find in pubs, such as fish and chips, as we can see from the left side of this photo.

Avoca has stores, cafes, and markets. You can go to Suffolk Street and eat at the cafe there. People love the breakfast here, and you can order "pancakes with macadamia nuts and blueberries (or bacon)," "French toast with crispy bacon and maple syrup" or "granola with berry compote, Greek yoghurt and honey" according to the website.When you're considering a trip to Ireland, make sure to check out these recommendations that locals have for the best food, places to stay, and some activities to do. It's going to be a charming, wonderful vacation.NEXT:  Dublin Museums No History Buff Can Afford To Miss