Airports, travel and flying, some of us totally love it and some of us absolutely dislike it. While it’s true that some people get super excited about air travel, it’s also true that having a good flight is not always something we can predict or ensure. We don't like how true this is but the people we sit next to on the flight play a major role in how good our flight is. Sure, turbulence and delayed flights are unfortunate, but after reading this article, I’m sure you’ll agree that you’ll take any of those inconveniences over any of these thirty types of passengers.

Airplanes are such small spaces that it seems as though all our pet peeves are amplified. Whether you can't stand strong smells, noises, or you’re claustrophobic or maybe just an introvert, chances are you’ve encountered these bad flyers. This list's awful flyers might bring back some bad memories from a terrible flight, give you some tips and tricks as to how to behave on your next flight, or maybe remind you of someone you know that’s done something embarrassing ion a plane before. Avoid being like any of the people on the list for your next flight. They have a way of making everyone totally miserable, you’ll see!

29 People Who Are Very Nervous Flyers

No one really loves flying, but sitting next to someone who’s nerves are over-the-top really sucks.

Their deep breathing, nervous fidgeting, profuse sweating and desperate clinging to BOTH armrests is difficult to endure.

Not only do you feel bad for this nervous passenger, but it also kind of starts to rub off on you. You might start to find yourself getting antsy at the first sign of minor turbulence and desperately dreaming of walking on the ground again.

28 People Who Snore

There’s absolutely nothing worse than getting settled into your seat, thinking the flight will be a breeze and then quickly realizing there’s a snorer amongst the passengers.

It's never the quiet snorers, it's always the loud, bellowing ones, that sound like a lawnmower that manage to sleep the whole flight!

The most frustrating part is that every obnoxious snore they make feels like a reminder of the fact that they’re very much asleep while you’re desperately trying to get some sleep. It’s not their fault, but it’s completely upsetting.

27 People Who Are Messy Eaters

There’s always one person on the plane that is extremely hangry. The flight attendants pass around the, typically, bland airplane meal, and while most people fearfully pick at it, there’s always one passenger that devours their meal without resting for a napkin break.

They must need to devour it without taking time to taste it.

Sitting next to these kinds of people is so painful, considering that it’s totally gross and makes you start wondering how many oily fingers have touched your seat and tray. Germaphobes beware!

26 People Who Get Too Comfortable

We’ve all been through this. Sitting down for your flight, finally finding a comfortable position and then getting completely squashed by the person sitting in front of you who decided to lean back their chair extremely far.

This is one of the most selfish things you can do while flying.

I mean, sure you’re much more comfortable, but the poor passenger behind you is left to suffer miserably. The worst part? There’s literally nothing you do or say about this since they’re completely allowed to do this.

25 People Who Are Smelly

This one happens more often than it should. It’s common sense that when you’re in such a tight-knit place with loads of other people, it’s common courtesy to hold the garlic potatoes at lunch, double up on the deodorant and make sure to shower the same day.

But when people, purposefully, do something that they know will smell, like take off their socks, we need to draw a line.

However, it seems some people missed the memo. Unfortunately, when picking your seat on a flight, there’s no way to avoid sitting next to someone with really bad B.O. or smelly feet.

24 People Who Stare

Plane rides are boring, I’ll give you that much. However, there’s still no reason as to why anyone should constantly be staring at you, your phone screen or your television.

This little guy seems harmless enough, but he is the only one we will accept.

It’s so annoying to have the person sitting next to you constantly peaking to see what candy crush level you’re at, or what episode of Friends you finally settle on. While they might not be doing this intentionally, it’s so off-putting to feel constantly watched by a total stranger.

23 People Who Play Loud Music

It’s always those you don’t expect. They sit down and look like they’re pretty easy to endure throughout the flight until the announcement is made that they’re allowed to use electronics.

Suddenly, they whip out their headphones and listen to same Dua Lipa song on repeat for hours on end…. HELP!!! There’s no easy way to spot these people, but they have a way of making your flight miserable.

22 People Who Are Major Chatterboxes

Whether you’re flying alone or with friends, it's common sense that an airplane is not the place to be loud or have obnoxious conversations. The worst thing that can happen to you is sitting near a group of gossipers.

They tend to speak loud enough so that just about anyone can hear about their gossip.

You try to block them out with headphones, but you still can faintly hear them over your music and you start to narrate their weird conversations in your own head. While this can be quite funny, it’s also extremely annoying so beware of the airplane chatterboxes.

21 People Who are prepared with snacks

Ok, let me make one thing clear, these people are not bad people, they’re just a bit more prepared than all of us.

They’re incredibly frustrating because of how brilliantly prepared they are.

I aspire to be the airplane snacker that causes you great envy in the future. They bring a delicious buffet of food that makes your teeny and unsatisfying airplane meal seem even more abysmal. While you sit hungry, thirsty and dreaming of a zesty meal, these people munch away at their pretzels and pineapple…. How rude!

20 People Who Clap When The Plane Lands

Here’s a controversial one: clapping passengers. This is something I’ll never fully understand and I know I’m not alone in this. I just don’t get why people clap at the end of a flight.

It’s like clapping before getting off the subway…. No one does that because it’s totally unnecessary.

Also, the pilot probably can’t even hear the passengers rejoicing because he’s far away in the cockpit behind a closed door. Clapping at the end of your flight is just so weird it becomes annoying.

19 People Who Have Ants In Their Pants

This person just can’t seem to sit still. They’re always headed somewhere, whether it's to go to the bathroom or to stretch their legs in the aisle. They also never seem to be the people in the aisle seat.

It always feels like they’re straddling you to get somewhere.

Not only does it feel like a violation of your personal space, but it also requires you to constantly be woken up by them poking you and frantically pointing to the aisle. Pro tip: If you love to get up during the flight, please do not request the window seat.

18 People Who Constantly Kick Your Seat

If you arrive at your plane seat and you notice there’s a child or shorter person sitting behind you, you know what’s going to go down throughout this flight. They’re gonna wiggle down comfortably in their seat and dig their feet or knees into your chair.

Every movement they make will make your seat move incessantly and cause you major discomfort throughout your entire flight. This is one of the most upsetting things to happen on a plane because you can’t nap or get a moment of peace.

17 People Who Are Barefoot

I’m all for getting comfy on a flight. Go ahead and arrive in sweats, bring a neck pillow, maybe even a blanket, but please… PLEASE, do not feel so comfortable as to remove your socks.

Not only do feet generally smell pretty bad, which we addressed above, but they’re also really gross to look at.

It’s just a little bit too weird to just bare your toes while sitting less than 15 cm away from a total stranger. I beg of you, on your next flight, pack a pair of cute reading socks and spare us all the sight.

16 People Who Are Overly Social

Most of us love to sit down on a flight, plug in our headphones and kick back. If you’re slightly introverted like me and are terrified of small talk, sitting near a talkative person is a literal nightmare.

Whether it’s a quick flight or an overnight one, it’s impossible to endure having someone constantly trying to chit chat and ask you questions.

The absolute worse thing is that there’s no way to escape the wrath of this social butterfly, as you’re pretty much stuck either sitting in your seat and hearing them out or locked up in the claustrophobia-inducing bathroom.

15 People Who Are Inattentive Parents

Don’t get me wrong, kids are cute and I’ll never say anything bad about a crying baby or sick toddler, but there’s just something really upsetting about parents who just don’t seem to care.

Whether their kids are kicking your seat, screaming really loudly or poking your head non-stop, at least act like you’re trying to do something about it.

There’s nothing worse than parents who act like they can’t even see their child dropping their juice box all over your lap.

14 People Who Take Up Too Much Space

You’ll find these culprits anywhere really, on the train or metro, at the movies, but they’re the MOST annoying on a plane. Whether they hog both armrests or spread their legs wayyyyyyy too wide, they’re just in your personal space in ways you didn’t think possible.

They seem to feel entitled to more space than they were allotted. You have to watch them in your peripheral vision getting super comfy, while you’re stuffed in a tight spot and feeling pretty miserable.

13 People Who Vlog Their Whole Experience

The 21st century brought about a lot of cool changes: the internet, the iPhone, Youtube and Netflix. However, it also brought about lots of teen Vloggers who love to document their every move. I’m sure it’s happened to you before, you’re certain someone is talking to you but when you turn around to respond you realizing they’re blabbing away at a camera.

Some of these youtubers are very successful and probably aren’t flying economy, but those that are can be quite bothersome.

12 People Who Are On Their Honeymoon

Getting married is definitely one of the biggest moments in our lives, one that we all look forward to and will all look back on. The honeymoon is one of the happiest, most carefree and romantic times you will live. They don’t call it the honeymoon phase for nothing, right?

While this is all very cute, there’s nothing more disruptive than sitting next to a couple that’s overly in love. You find yourself sitting there, closing your eyes to avoid overt PDA …. How awkward.

11 People Who Seriously Over Pack

While planes are incredibly impressive inventions, let’s be honest it’s quite the tight spot. There’s not much leg room and the overhead compartment is not very spacious.

The most frustrating thing is having to keep your backpack at your feet, muddling up your leg room, because someone on the flight decided to bring their entire home with them on the flight.

Let’s be real, if you want to pack gigantic luggage please check them in and bring a smaller carry-on.

10 People Who Chew Loudly

This one is a big pet peeve for lots of us, even outside of a plane. Chewing is honestly a disgusting sound. It’s one that can cause goosebumps or can even be nauseating, but the grossness of this sound is only amplified in the small space that is an airplane.

We’ve all been in a situating where the person sitting near us is munching away on something ultra-mushy, be it some grapes or a PB&J sandwich, it’s just so gross and makes the entire flight unbearable.