Grab that hat, lace up those tennis shoes, zipper up that cardigan sweater, and get ready to take a nice and simple stroll towards yesteryear -- a walk to forever remember through the much-loved sights of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Yes, cool kiddos, it is now possible to trolley back in time to experience all the "good feelings" that were had when watching those signature half-hour episodes that were expertly punctuated by puppet segments that highlighted the daily happenings that occurred in the infamous Neighborhood of Make-Believe.


These days, tourists and travelers who grew up watching the show -- which aired from 1968 to 2001 -- and who are planning a trip to Pennsylvania can find themselves rightfully reminiscing and reliving all sorts of childhood memories along the new Fred Rogers' Trail, which officially opened, according to Travel + Leisure, to commemorate the iconic television show’s fiftieth anniversary this year.

The latest attraction also coincides with the recent release of a new documentary titled “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”, which, having grossed $12.4 million in less than six weeks, has undoubtedly helped the public rekindle interest in Rogers' legacy.

It's been deemed as one of this year's biggest documentaries to have hit the box office and fans of the new film have gotten a chance to clearly view Rogers as "a gentle man who preached kindness and tolerance as an antidote to the turbulence of the late 20th century," as USA Today notes. The film has easily "struck a chord" with those in pure opposition of the harshness occurring amidst pop culture and politics in this and age.

Beginning in Rogers' home sweet hometown of Latrobe, the superbly self-guided trail takes visitors along a perfectly packed three-day itinerary across the entire Keystone state and stops at just about fifteen or so spots that were either influenced or inspired by the "American television personality, musician, puppeteer, writer, producer, and Presbyterian minister," as Wikipedia introduces him as.

From "museums, memorials and his childhood home and church," tourists who take the trek will be able to able to visit Rogers' old high school, viewing treasures such as old yearbook photos of Rogers buddying up with late golfer Arnold Palmer, as well as the Fred Rogers Center, where original show memorabilia such as the delightful Daniel Tiger’s clock and Rogers’ treasured sweaters and sneakers can be found.

“We’re inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the life of one of Pennsylvania’s most beloved icons by walking in his shoes and journeying through the past; if there’s anyone right now who needs a pick-me-up, I encourage you to follow this trail dedicated to a man filled with kindness and patience,” Dennis Davin, Pennsylvania Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development, said in an official statement.

This newest trail is bound to be a pure and pleasant pick-me-up indeed. So go on and get ready to experience a beautiful day in Pennsylvania -- courtesy of none other than our dear old Mister Rogers.