Pawn Stars And 19 Other Reality TV Show Sets Fans Can Actually Visit

Fancy some drama, glitter, and glory? Then turn the TV on - your favorite reality TV show is about to start.

From talent competitions to adventure shows, reality TV has transformed the world of entertainment. Although reality shows often spark controversy, many people love watching TV shows in an attempt to escape from their ordinary lives while sitting on the couch.

The number of reality shows in the US, in particular, is unbelievable. Teen Mom, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, 90 Day Fiance, Hardcore Pawn, and so on and on - it seems that the American Dream is the right for each person to participate in a reality TV show.

And as we all love glamorizing fame, here are 20 reality TV show sets fans can actually visit.

20 "Pawn Stars" & Gold And Silver Pawn - Las Vegas, NV


In love with the popular "Pawn Stars" show and all the curious items filmed on it? Then head to Las Vegas, NV, and instead of playing slots, visit Gold and Silver Pawn. According to Vacations Made Easy, the shop is open daily but there’s usually a line.

19 "America's Got Talent" & Radio City Hall - New York City, NY


If you are lucky to visit the City that Never Sleeps, then go and take a picture of Radio City Music Hall - the largest indoor theater hall in the world, as stated by The Madison Square Garden Company. Since 1930, Radio City Hall has hosted numerous shows, including "America's Got Talent."

18 "Survivor" - The Island Of Borneo


Since its debut in 2000, the amazing reality show "Survivor" has taken contestants and viewers to hundreds of exotic places, including Borneo. According to Britannica, Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, after Greenland and New Guinea. From lush forests to sandy beaches, Borneo is just a great travel destination.

17 "Kitchen Nightmares" & Lido Di Manhattan - Manhattan Beach, CA


With his wild attitude and excellent cooking skills, Chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular celeb chefs across the world. According to Reality TV Revisited, Lido Di Manhattan is one of the businesses that Gordon helped succeed. If you are in Manhattan Beach, CA, why don’t you grab a bite at Lido Di Manhattan?

16 "Comic Book Man" & Jay And Silent Bob's Secret Stash - Red Bank, NJ


To all the comic book fans out there - Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash featured on the reality TV show "Comic Book Men" is just for you. The shop is located in Red Bank, NJ, and offers plenty of collector items. As we can see from the picture above, fans and kids can even meet the stars of the show.

15 "American Pickers" & Antique Archaeology - Nashville, TN


Interested in antiques, unique souvenirs, and hidden treasures? Then do not hesitate and visit one of the two Antique Archeology locations. According to Antique Archaeology, there are two filming locations fans can visit: the historic town of LeClaire, Iowa (the original Antique Archeology store), and one in downtown Nashville, TN.

14 "Survivor" - Pearl Islands, Panama


If you want to be Robinson Crusoe and visit one of the most beautiful "Survivor" destinations, choose the Pearl Islands, Panama. The Pearl Islands form an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that is famous for its white sands and turquoise water. According to USA Today, three seasons of the show were filmed there.

13 "Hardcore Pawn" & American Jewelry And Loan - Detroit, MI


If you are in Michigan and you like the popular show "Hardcore Pawn," then we have some good news for you. There are three different American Jewelry and Loan stores across Michigan: Detroit, Pontiac, and Hazel Park. According to Vacations Made Easy, fans can even see one of the owners and get an autograph.

12 "The Bachelorette" & Ojai Valley Inn And Spa - Ojai, CA


While France and Italy compete for the best wine-producing country in the world, California is also a great wine-growing region. So why don’t you visit Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in Ojai, CA - the romantic resort where a date between bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and Bryden Vukasin took place in season 9?

11 "Survivor" - Tikal, Guatemala


Interested in ancient history and obsessed with the exciting show "Survivor"? Then book a trip to Guatemala! As reported by USA Today, the eleventh season of the famous show was filmed in the jungles of Guatemala, near the UNESCO-listed Mayan ruins of Tikal. Interestingly enough, "Survivor" - Season 39 was filmed several months ago.

10 "Duck Dynasty" & Duck Commander Warehouse - West Monroe, LA


If you are in love with the reality show "Duck Dynasty" (and duck calls, of course), just duck into the store owned by the Robertsons and pick a souvenir to remember. The famous Duck Commander Warehouse is located in West Monroe, LA. According to Duck Commander, fans can even spot one of the Robertsons there.

9 "Fort Boyard" - France


Fort Boyard is one of the most famous French game shows, with many foreign versions aired across the globe. In fact, Fort Boyard is like a pioneer in the area of adventure-style game shows and the fourth most exported format ever. Interestingly enough, the filming location of the show is an impressive fort off the west coast of France.

8 "Naked And Afraid XL" - The South African Bush


The extreme show "Naked and Afraid" is there to challenge contestants and fans to survive in the wilderness without anything. One of the seasons of "Naked and Afraid XL" was filmed in South Africa, so if you want to experience the South African bush - with clothes, of course - just book a safari tour.

7 "American Idol" & Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CA


If you love music and you are a fan of "American Idol," "So You Think You Can Dance" and "America's Got Talent, do not hesitate and book your trip to California. Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles has played host to numerous TV shows and venues.

6 "Deadliest Catch" - The Bering Sea


The Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-winning show "Deadliest Catch" is a great reality TV show about crab fishermen. According to IMDb, crab fishing in the Bering Sea (which divides Alaska and Russia) is one of the most dangerous professions ever. However, if you don’t have aquaphobia, you can book a memorable Bering Sea tour.

5 "Kitchen Nightmares" & Leone's Pizzeria - Montclair, NJ


Hungry and in Montclair, NJ? Then do not hesitate and visit Leone’s – one of the US "Kitchen Nightmares" restaurants that are still open. According to The Recipe, the restaurant still gets positive reviews and lots of clients. Perhaps Gordon Ramsey’s insults can help hotel and restaurant owners get back on their feet.

4 "Swamp People" & Louisiana's Swamps - New Orleans, LA


If you ever get bored of New Orleans and are looking for a day trip, explore the wonders of Louisiana’s swampland. As reported by Vacations Made Easy, the popular "Swamp People" TV show was filmed there. Just don’t visit the swamps without a guide because there are numerous dangerous swamp creatures.

3 "American Restoration" & Rick's Restorations - Las Vegas, NV


"American Restoration" is one of the most famous TV shows, which according to Rick's Restorations has been seen in more than 87 countries across the globe. If you are a fan of the early seasons of the show, then put Las Vegas, NV on your to-do list and visit Rick's Restorations.

2 "Made In Chelsea" - London, UK


If you like glitter, drama, and gossip, then the British reality TV show "Made in Chelsea" is just for you! And if you happen to be in London, don’t miss to walk through the posh Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. According to All in London, the area is known for its expensive stores and fancy houses.

1 "The Bachelor"- Vieques, Puerto Rico


Even if you don’t watch the famous ABC series "The Bachelor," there’s one place you’ll fall in love with: Puerto Rico! According to Hotel Business , one of the episodes of "The Bachelor" was filmed at W Retreat & Spa - Vieques, Puerto Rico. Beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and great spa centers... What else could you wish for?!

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