When we travel abroad, there’s always that lingering fear that we could lose our travel documents, and end up racing to the local embassy or rescheduling our flights home. Hopefully, most of us will never experience the horrifying moment when you realize you’re in a foreign country without your passport, but that’s exactly what happened to two British tourists in Greece. Or more specifically, on the runway at an airport in Greece.

Lewis Mundy & Kimberley Floyd are a 27 year-old couple from Portsmouth in the UK. In June of this year, they had planned to take their first trip as a couple, and booked a five-star hotel for their weeklong trip to Kos.


'We boarded the plane to go to Greece, it was very exciting. We sat to watch a film and chilled out on the plane to pass the time’ said Lewis.

Having made it to the airport, checked in, boarded the plane, and landed, it certainly looked as though there was no way for them to miss their trip at this stage. But just moments after disembarking the plane in Greece, Kimberley realized they had left their passports onboard.

Unable to go back themselves due to security reasons, the couple explained that the passports were in a plastic bag tucked into the chairs in front of them. But when the cabin crew member returned, they had some news: the passports were not there.

“It could only have been two minutes tops. They told us we couldn't get back on the plane and the made us wait by the door to the airport while someone went to look but they said there was nothing there' Kimberley said.

The couple quickly realized that this was more than a minor inconvenience when they were informed that they were being refused entry, and would have to return to the UK. Less than an hour later, they were back on a plane headed west.

'They didn't care, they gave us a boarding pass and chucked us on the next flight, we didn't get a choice - it was disgusting', she said.

Despite contacting the two travel agencies they used to book the flights and hotels, the passports remain lost and their £1,400 ($1,867) trip went unused, with nothing offered in the way of compensation.