Travelers are always hoping for a good and calming flight experience, but unfortunately, they can come across a passenger with bad habits that can make the flight disastrous.

There have been way too many occurrences of passengers who seem to only think of themselves while they are on a flight. While you may think a passenger reclining their seat in front of you is annoying, there are plenty of other things that people do that just make flying unbearable.


Some of the most annoying things passengers have been guilty of doing include jumping right out of their seat and into the aisle once the plane lands, and feeling like they should share their entire life story with the person next to them who just wants some peace and quiet.

Here are five things more annoying than a passenger reclining their seat in front of you that you may have experienced yourself.

A Restroom Only For Dogs

Japan's Osaka International Airport is thinking about the dogs. Instead of improving restrooms for travelers, the airport has built the first airport bathroom for dogs so travelers won't have to worry about their pooch not being able to hold it in case of delays.

The dog-only restroom is located by the airport's pick-up and drop-off area, and is intended for dogs to use before they enter the airport. This may help take some stress off a traveler who might be worried their dog will "go" in the airport or make a mess if they have a delayed flight.

The dog rest area features showers, a "pee pole" that cleans itself, spaces for dogs to walk around, and freshwater. The bathrooms are opened from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and also feature a roof, just in case it rains.

Will other airports around the world follow suit?

The Passenger That Wants To Chat The Entire Flight

Travelers are able to pay for a particular seat on board a flight, but they can't choose who sits next to them. One of the most annoying things than a passenger reclining their seat in front of you is a chatty one. Being the victim of a passenger who wants to have a conversation with you the entire flight can be dreadful, especially if you were planning on having some peace and quiet.

A little bit of small talk is okay, and you should greet your fellow neighbor with a simple hello, but there is absolutely no need for the person sitting next to you to share their life story with you. People have the right to be left alone, so please do not be that passenger and chat the entire time.

The Passenger That Darts Into The Aisle Once The Plane Lands

Why do travelers still feel like they can stand up and take up the aisles as soon as the plane touches the ground? Passengers should disembark a plane in an orderly fashion, which means that the aisle in front of you should be allowed to go first and then you follow suit and so on. Why is this still so hard to understand?

Doors are still closed and nobody is going anywhere, so there should be no reason for a passenger to get up and make their way up the aisle. Not only is your backside close to someones face for what seems like forever, but you might also be in the way of a passenger trying to make a connecting flight.

Have we not learned anything about having some patience and courtesy on a plane yet? Please don't be this passenger and remain in your seat until it's time for you to get up and get going.

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Bringing Along Smelly Foods

Nothing is worse than having to sit next to someone on a flight who brings along food that has a pungent smell. We don't blame you for bringing food from home since airplane food isn't exactly the greatest, but please don't bring anything strong smelling that'll bother other passengers all around you.

Passengers can be sensitive to certain scents and you don't want to be that person to cause someone else to have a bad flight experience. Passengers have even shared stories of getting migraines or headaches from having to smell their neighbor's food. So, if you're thinking of bringing along something to munch on while on a flight, make sure it doesn't have a strong scent.

Taking Off Socks

What would you do if you were this woman on this flight? Passengers who take their shoes and socks off as if they where in their own homes are the most annoying people on a plane. There is not one person who wants to see bare feet let alone have another person's feet dangle on top of their headrest on a flight. Not only is putting your bare feet up absolutely rude, but it's also horrifying.

There are numerous photos on the web of passengers placing their feet on a plane's seatback screen and even using them to change channels, on tray tables and on the armrest of a passenger seat in front of them. While a passenger reclining their seat in front of you may seem frustrating, nothing beats having to deal with unsightly feet for a long period of time.

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