We love Paris as it is but plans are in motion to make the City of Lights even better. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they’ll affect travelers.

The Changes To Be Made Ahead Of The 2024 Olympic Games


In 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympic Games. Preparations for the event have already begun, with several projects poised to revitalize the city and take it in a bold new direction. Termed ‘Reinventing Paris’, the city’s urban renewal campaign will strive to make Paris more pleasant, attractive, and accessible to the thousands of tourists set to arrive for the Olympics.


As part of the campaign, several spaces in Paris that are considered dated or neglected will be renovated and transformed into entertainment, accommodation, and dining locations. CNN Travel writes that over the next four years, a series of new restaurants and eateries, themed hotels, museums, and leisure spots will start appearing all over the city.

The Reinventing Paris campaign has been in motion since 2014, with the operation only accepting the most innovative and eco-friendly ideas. Only proposals that promise changes that will be of use to the general public are being considered, with special preference being given to developments that strive for inclusion.

Some of the major areas that officials are focusing on in an effort to give Paris a new look before the Olympics of 2024 include two major tourist points of interest: the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

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The campaign seeks to clean the river to the point where it is hygienic enough to host the swimming component of the games. The cleanup operation, which is costing one billion euros, will use advanced technology to greatly reduce levels of toxins in the water.

The campaign has its sights set on the Eiffel Tower with the hopes of addressing existing problems like accessibility and overcrowding. There are currently 30 million visitors to the landmark every year, and while officials aren’t aiming to reduce this number, they do want to transform the space around the tower so that it resembles more of a green space with a family-friendly feel.

The city is also set to create the world’s largest urban farm in a bid to make Paris eco-friendlier. Taking up the size of about two and a half football fields, the farm will be built on the rooftop of the convention and exhibition center.

Finally, Paris has plans to develop a new sports-themed hotel and a new art and culture complex known as Aerog’Art.

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The Experiences Visitors Will Be Able To Have In Paris In The Future


The changes currently set in motion aim to revitalize Paris before the Olympic Games, but they will also have an effect on the tourists who enter the city forever after.

As it stands, the River Seine serves as a scenic backdrop for visitors to Paris, but the cleanup operation will give both tourists and locals the chance to enjoy swimming in the river. The idea for an urban outdoor beach in the heart of the city has already been tested, with the Bassin de la Villette canal transformed into a swimming space in 2017.

More than 110,000 people swam in the canal in 2018, giving the city the green light to develop more swimming spaces. By the year 2025, the campaign hopes to have created five swimming sites along the Seine within the borders of Paris. The goal is for there to be 23 swimming sites in total, stretching into other areas of France.

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The Pont d’Iéna bridge currently links the Eiffel Tower to Trocadéro Gardens and is a busy thoroughfare for cars and scooters. In an attempt to make the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower feel more like a park, the campaign is aiming to replace the concrete with grass, plant more trees and make the bridge a promenade for pedestrians only. This means that those visiting the Eiffel Tower will be able to walk across the bridge from the gardens without having to negotiate traffic.

The abandoned subway station Métro Croix Rouge is one of the neglected areas that the government hopes to revitalize with plans of turning it into a dining destination. From 2022, tourists will be able to enjoy yet more eateries in the French capital, including in the subterranean dining hall that was once the subway station. The plans feature food courts, restaurants, wine bars, and cocktail bars that will stand in what is now 246 feet of subway platforms.

Tourists will benefit from the sports-themed hotel, which will provide special amenities for athletes (both professional and amateur) to prepare for and recover from their events. In addition to the sea of attractions already available in Paris, visitors will also be able to visit the Aerog’Art from 2025, which will contain a museum, a restaurant, an art lab, and art exposition spaces.


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