10 Restaurants You Must Visit In Paris (& Their Most Popular Dish)

What comes to mind when you think of Paris? It may the breathtaking Eiffel tower, the Champs Elysees, the iconic Louvre Museum or perhaps the enthusiastic ambiance which justifies why it earned the name of ''City of Lights.'' Every year, millions make their way to this beautiful city so they can live a bit of the magic it contains, at least for a short while.

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Although there are countless things to do and enjoy in Paris, it is fair to say food makes for an important part of the experience it and of itself. Getting a taste of French cuisine remains indubitably essential to truly experience the city. As such, here is a list of 10 restaurants you must visit in Paris and their most popular dish for you to enjoy. Because to visit Paris is to eat in Paris.

10 ASPIC Restaurant

Led forth by the informed direction of master talented chef Quentin Girou, the ASPIC is a cozy restaurant serving foods with fresh ingredients coming straight out of French gardens. This place's uniqueness lies in its familiar, homely experience which is reflected in the cooks live-in cooking sessions where you can watch your foods being prepared from start to finish. Enjoy ASPIC's seven-course menu for a reasonable price of 69 euros and enjoy a unique dining experience.

9 Le Chalet Des Iles

This eatery also offers a top-quality experience of fine French cuisine and so with a breathtaking view. In the summer evenings, you can enjoy a great meal on the patio where burgeoning colors and bright lights will serve as your backdrop. Additionally, guests of Le Chalet Des Iles can take a jab at the restaurant's most popular dish: a delicious risotto served with truffle and a generous portion of Rockette. Although this location is a bit further away, it retains its charm by offering a more quiet ambiance away from the crowded and loud streets of Paris core.

8 La Nouvelle Seine

This budget-friendly restaurant proves that you do not need a fancy restaurant to experience the best of food in Paris. La Nouvelle Seine offers the city's best take on seafood dishes like its popular dish, a fresh salmon with a mango topping. The restaurant's location which nears the dazzling Notre-Dame cathedral makes it an ideal stop amidst a lengthy tour. Additionally, La Nouvelle Seine grants its visitors a compelling view of the city of lights, making its ambiance both attractive and romantic.

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7 Zerda Cafe

This food spot is one of the first Algerian restaurants to set up shop in Paris. Should you be looking to taste high-quality North African foods, then you must definitely visit Zerda Cafe. Not only is the restaurant's interior decor beautiful and reminiscent of Algerian culture, but the food is also authentic and will take your tastebuds across the shores of Algeria. The location's most coveted dish includes a lightly spiced couscous served with seasoned lamb. A reflection of the country's rich history and cultural distinction outpours the walls of this fabulous eatery.

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6 Guy Savoy

The owner of this restaurant is the mastermind responsible for teaching Gordon Ramsay everything that he knows. Therefore, you will definitely want to stop by Guy Savoy to get a taste of Paris' finest cuisine. This restaurant is the epitome of French cooking with its classic Parisian menu options like lobster, oysters and allegedly the best foie gras in town. Although this restaurant does stand on the pricier side, it does hold a Michelin-star rating which may mean it's worth all your money after all.

5 Beefbar Paris

This historic restaurant is the ideal option for red meat fans as the entire menu caters to serving an array of different beef cuts. While the decor is not extraordinary, the interior environment does stand between relaxed and over-the-top. Though we must mention that this restaurant is located near the impressive Champs-Elysees. This place is usually frequented by businessmen and women looking to talk business over a good steak or choosy lovers with fine taste. One of its most popular dishes is the French Terrior Beef Plate, a succulent dish with varied cuts of meats like filet mignon, center-cut filet and juicy Chateaubriand.

4 L'Abysse

L'Abysse offers a well-orchestrated blend of French and Japanese cuisine via a series of original signature dishes. This option is best suited for individuals with curious palates, looking to try new and delicious options. The guests can enjoy a unique dining experience from the moment they enter the restaurant and take in the elusive decor. They are then seated at one of the many velvets seats cushioned neatly behind low tables. Several courses are both served and offered based on appetite levels. Make sure to try L'Abysse's popular dish of the white sashimi, served with citrus fruit bread crumbs and red tuna.

3 Girafe

This just might be the best place to go eat if you're looking to enjoy a meal while gazing look at the Eiffel tower. The Girafe offers a modern seafood menu and worldly cuisine.  The decor is astonishing from its Art Deco light fixtures to its beige-colored leather benches. Delicate cuisine is served with wonderful service. A very popular dish consists of the exciting sea bream ceviche, a dish served with coconut milk and a pinch of lime. To the meal's completion, a topping of passion fruit seeds is added as a final touch. Savor this dish with the restaurant's high-quality cocktails like the Minuty Rose. Bon appetit!

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2 Dans Le Noir

This originality of this restaurant lies in its dining experience where visitors eat in complete darkness. The deeper meaning behind this is to convey the reality of the visually impaired by providing a somber dining experience. This innovative style of eating has even led to replications across the globe. Essentially, you get to truly be in touch with your palate and tastebuds as you savor the numerous, delicious dishes served herein (that also changes regularly to keep guests on their toes).

1 Lasserre

If there ever was a scale of quality, Lasserre would be at the top with regards to French gastronomy. This three-Michelin-star restaurant offers traditional and classic French eats with a few revisions to previous favorites. Once a small bistro, this restaurant has a rich history and finds its roots all the way back to the 1937 World Fair. Some of its famous guests include the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Salvador Dali. Moreover, the interior design is simple, chic and crisp with an open roof revealing a beautiful star-lit sky.

The go-to signature dish appears to be the truffle macaroni, a delicious combination rated five-stars online. Finish it off with its popular dessert, the Crepe Suzette.

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