We all know that looking perfect at the beach is impossible — everyone has had an awkward beach moment, and today we thought we would take a look at some celebs who just couldn’t agree more. After all, a beach is a place where one can easily get covered in sand or get wet in places they can't dry themselves which is why things are bound to go wrong there. From Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman and Leonardo DiCaprio embarrassing themselves to pop stars such as Britney Spears and Katy Perry looking scared — this list is filled with plenty of familiar faces who were absolutely not photo-ready while on the beach.

Alright, now here they are — Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves and eight other celebs who were caught off guard while on the beach!

10 Let's Start Off With Kesha Needing A Little Help

To kick our list off we decided to go with singer Kesha who was spotted getting out of the water on the beach. As you can tell, Kesha needed a little help getting dry — but she didn’t expect these pics to live on the internet forever!

9 Here's Hugh Jackman Doing A Weird Thing

Next on our list are these photos of Hollywood star Hugh Jackman doing weird things in the water. Honestly, we have no idea what’s going on and why the actor is putting his arms up in the air like that — but the pics are certainly entertaining!

8 And Britney Spears Hoping She Survives

Singer Britney Spears also made it onto our list because these pics of her trying to stop the jet-ski are absolute gold. It’s clear that the star didn’t feel safe and was very happy to finally get off it — and she probably won't get on one anytime soon!

7 Lady Gaga Wears No Eyebrows To The Beach

Let’s move onto pop star Lady Gaga, who was spotted enjoying a day on the beach with what seemed to be bleached eyebrows. Now, we all know that the singer is a fan of extreme fashion and beauty trends but we still thought these photos were worth including!

6 Katy Perry Isn't Too Happy With What She Saw Underwater

Another pop star that deserves a spot here is singer Katy Perry. As you can tell from the pics above, Katy was frowning after snorkeling and we really wonder what it was that she saw underwater that made her pull such a face!

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5 And Here's Taylor Swift Screaming

Next on our list is pop star Taylor Swift who was seen screaming in the water — something we don’t see the singer do too often. It’s clear that Taylor was overwhelmed with how cold the water was and that was her natural reaction!

4 Lindsay Lohan Is Clearly Very Stressed About Getting A Sunburn

Let’s move on to actress Lindsay Lohan whose face definitely makes us think that she is very worried about something. The redhead was spotted leaving the water looking quite miserable and the first thing that comes to our mind is that she is stressed about getting a sunburn!

3 Keanu Reeves Tried To Change His Clothes

Another Hollywood star that made it onto our list is Keanu Reeves. As you can tell from the pics above, the actor was trying to change out of his wet swim trunks — but the paparazzi caught every moment of it!

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2 And Beyoncé Rolled In Sand

How funny are these pics of singer Beyoncé covered in sand while walking on the beach? The diva was spotted walking around the beach after getting buried in the sand — and you bet the paparazzi managed to capture those moments!

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1 Lastly, Here's Leonardo DiCaprio Trying To Figure Out His Camera

To wrap our list up we decided to go with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio getting out of the water because he clearly couldn’t figure out how his camera works. And yeah, we don’t know what the actor's doing with his mouth either!

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