Skiing can be delightfully addictive. Of course, the feeling of soaring like an eagle—yet without the risk of leaving the ground—is one of the most thrilling sensations. And then there’s the exciting if fleeting, illusion of having some superpowers. A person feels like he’s more than human and assumes, at least in the beguiled imagination, godlike powers.

We also just love skiing because of the freedom, the risk, the adrenaline, and the feeling of living in the moment. Views are a welcome bonus. And—of all the places where skiing can be enjoyed in the US, few places can hold a candle to Palisades Tahoe. It’s not only among the best luxury resorts around Lake Tahoe, a lake that—unlike other destinations—lives up to its hype. In this article, we reveal what exactly makes Palisades Tahoe the best ski resort in California.


For Skiing, No Resort Comes Close To Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe is an exclusive luxury resort with many fun-filled activities and offerings that can all delight travelers. However, its main selling point remains skiing. This is where it has few peers–who all pale in its outsize shadow. What exactly makes Palisades Tahoe a great skiing resort? For starters, the area available for skiing at Palisades is enormous. A skiing area of 6,000 acres (2,428 hectares) is the dream of any athlete. Granted, Palisades has a smaller skiing area than the one at Heavenly, California—its state neighbor—but its skiing area is still among the largest in the United States.

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But skiing is not just about the area. It’s as much about the area as it is about the terrain. And here’s the truth: The skiing terrain at Palisades is the dream of any skier. It’s so vast and diverse as only a 209-page book can detail. There are areas that are steeply pitched, particularly those just off K-22. K-22 itself is arguably the best chairlift in the United States, at least according to Shane McConkey—whose opinion should count for something as he was one of the most revered skiers on the planet. For perspective, K-22 rises up to 2,000 vertical feet and, at Chute 75, drops in at 45 degrees. Palisades itself recognizes Chute 75 as the best line off K-22.

Aside from these stomach-churning lines suitable for skiing experts, Palisades has gentler slopes that newbies can enjoy. These include the slopes at the Olympic Village Valley—or at High Camp, Gold Coast, or underneath Emigrant. For those who want to explore High Camp, there’s no better way for this than by taking a 10-minute panoramic ride aboard Palisades Aerial Tram that will see one soar above mountains of granites and flashing waterfalls. Once at High Camp, standing at 8,200 feet above sea level, one can cool off in a pool or a hot tub, depending on the weather, while filling the lungs with clean, fresh air. For those looking for some decent intermediate runs, there are tree runs eastwards of Snow King.

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Where is Palisades Tahoe Resort Located? Palisades Tahoe Resort is located in the Olympic Valley, on the northwestern side of Tahoe City.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Accommodation In Palisades Resort

Palisades Resort has several categories of rooms—starting from standard rooms at the lower rungs of the price ladder—to spacious, three-bedroom suites. The others are studio rooms, one-bedroom suites, and one-bedroom suites with what they call “Extra Dens.” They also have two-bedroom suites and two-bedroom suites with twin Beds or bunk beds. So, as would be expected, the price that one will pay will depend on the room type. Of course, there are other factors like length of stay as well as the season.

While a standard room will usually go for less than $200, a one-bedroom suite will cost between $200 and $250. On the other hand, a two-bedroom suite will set one back by about $300-$350. Those who are looking for a 3-bedroom suite should budget between $600 and $650. However, the resort has other enticing deals and packages. Those who have an Ikon Pass benefit from a 15% discount on all room types—from Saturday to Thursday. Ikon pass holders who check in on Friday or Saturday get a slightly lower discount of 10%.

Then there are Bluesday packages as well. As the name suggests, these are days, specifically Tuesdays, when the resort hosts a music show in the blues genre. On a Bluesday, one will get a one-bedroom suite at an attractive rate of $159. For a two-bedroom and a three-bedroom, a Bluesday rate is $259 and $359—respectively. Even without considering the facilities and the landscape for skiing, Palisades Tahoe Resort would still be a pretty fine destination. But with skiing—it's a great destination.