If you are planning to travel and do not want to deal with checking your luggage, a simple carryon bag is a smart solution. The fees alone make folks not want to fly.

But if you are the type who just can’t bear to part with your entire wardrobe, a small carryon seems like a travel challenge you are not willing to conquer. C’mon, you can do it!

That said, packing wisely and with a level-headed approach will make your trip so much smoother. You will happily avoid the lines and fees, and once you land at your destination, you can get up and go.


These five tips for packing your carryon are going to change the way you travel. You will feel like a savvy jet-setter with the packing skills of a stewardess...ahem, flight attendant.

Get ready for carryon conveniences you never thought could be possible. Safe travels!

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Color Coordinate – Mix-And-Match With A Few Staple Pieces

Can’t figure out which clothing to bring? Before you shove everything you own into an oversized suitcase, get a hold of yourself and realize your trip isn’t a fashion show. Unless it’s Gigi Hadid reading this. In that case, pack away! She’s probably flying via private jet anyway.

Pick a color or vibe and plan accordingly around it. Pack all the staples and mix-and-match items you can wear more than once, like blazers, jeans, and tanks or tees. You won’t be in a fashion frenzy every morning of your trip when you pretty much know what you’re going to wear.

No one will notice if you re-wear something multiple times since you can jazz it up with your other pieces. Just be careful not to stain or stink up your clothing.

Roll, Don’t Fold – More Room For Your Must-Haves

We have been taught to neatly fold our items into our luggage to prepare for travel, but rolling the clothing actually saves space. It also helps prevent wrinkles, a nice perk.

The tighter the roll, the more you will be able to fit inside your carryon. Pack your things in like sardines and you’re set. You can even take the rolled clothing and stick them inside zip-lock baggies to keep them from spreading. Genius!

Don’t Tote Toiletries – Get ‘Em At The Hotel

Unless you need a personal item or something you don’t think you can pick up where you are going, forgo the basic everyday toiletries. You can get them at the hotel or a nearby convenience store or pharmacy.

Nearly every hotel offers soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and toothpaste. Even hairdryers are often mounted right in the bathroom. They’ll have to keep first-aid essentials on hand, so fight the urge to pack your usual bathroom belongings and you will have more room for other stuff you want to take along on your trip.

Two Pairs Of Shoes Max – One Sporty, One Chic

Unless you’re “Carrie Bradshaw,” your life doesn’t revolve around shoes. They take up tons of space and you probably won’t wear more than two of your favorite pairs during your trip anyhow.

Choose one sporty style and another that is more stylish and sophisticated. Your other shoes will be there for you when you get back.

Bring Along The Biggest Bag Permitted – The More Room, The Better

Find out the size requirements for carryon bags with the airline you are going to be traveling with. If you need the biggest carryon possible, be sure you don’t go over the limit, or else you will have to check it. That’ll be a bummer when you thought you were being travel-savvy.

Call ahead or look online on the airline’s website. You may be surprised at how large you can go.

Have a great trip! Share your carryon knowledge with someone who never seems to pack right. They may just thank you with a thoughtful souvenir.