Solo vacations have become a modern practice for travelers both young and old. The liberating experience of finding yourself in new and different cultures, without the burden of trying to appease someone else, has brought limitless joy and perspective. It can seem daunting at first, but once takeoff, nothing can feel more freeing.

Before you can begin this solitary journey, however, it's vital that you make sure that you bring all of the necessary supplies. Remember, there won't be anyone there to pack you up in the event that you forgot your credit card. There are a few small items that are recommended for traveling alone, but they always seem to be products that travelers forget. These are the ten things everyone forgets to pack on solo vacations.

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10 Toiletries Bag

Is it necessary to bring toiletries on a solo vacation? Yes. Is it necessary to bring a toiletries bag for those items? Absolutely. This bag will not only save you space, but it can act as a reminder of what to bring. Most come with convenient-sized pockets that will perfectly suit your toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-tips, razor, and feminine products. It's a portable knapsack that you will really appreciate if you have to share a restroom.

9 First Aid Kit

Single travelers don't think to pack a First-Aid Kit generally because these supplies are available in any country. However, considering you never know where or when you may sustain an injury, it's important to remember to pack a small, compact traveling First-Aid Kit. That way, you won't be down and out if you get a cut on your hand while backpacking up a mountain in Peru.

8 Warm Layers

Checking the weather for your upcoming travels should be a primary tact before setting off into the world. But, even in the event that you are taking a sea-diving trip to the Maldives, solo travelers should pack layers. You never know when that heavy jacket or light cardigan will come in handy. Planes themselves are always chilly, but having just one simple layer may not do the trick during your vacation. The weather may also feel different than what you're used to, despite what the temperature gauge reads.

7 Medication

Before you travel, make sure to set a doctor's appointment to see if there are any shots or vaccinations you should have. On top of that, your doctor will be able to recommend certain medications that may make your solo travel easier. Pills for altitude or sea sickness can sure to come in handy. Simple medications such as aspirin will also be missed if you wind up getting a headache in your hotel room with no one to run to the store for you.

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6 A Lock

A lock will come in handy for a number of reasons, though most people don't think about this until it's too late. When traveling abroad, having a lock in your pack might be necessary should you run into a situation where you need to quickly and safely stow your belongings. If you are staying at a hostel, you will definitely need one of these for your lockers, especially since you will be bunking with strangers. It's better to be safe than sorry, even in regards to your suitcase, which should also come equipped with a lock of some sort.

5 Water-Proof Bags

An easy way to remember to pack waterproof bags is to start by gathering your most important packing items: your cell phone, tablet or laptop, travel documents, cash, and credit cards. Once that is all out in front of you, remember that all of these things are what will get you back home.

You'll realize it's time to quick order these waterproof bags to ensure that none of this stuff gets damaged. Once you have them, simply pack these items in waterproof bags to ensure you don't forget them! And remember to bring extra for costly souvenirs.

4 An Adapter

Adapters are absolutely necessary to pack when you are traveling alone. You never know how hard it may be to track these down once you're in another country. The best way to remember to pack this is to leave it in your staple traveling suitcase at all times. If you don't have one yet, go out and get one today. It doesn't matter if your venture is in a year from now, you should always have one of these in your possession as a traveler.

3 Rain Gear

You might not want to pack your bulky rain boots, but, at the very least, you will want to own and pack a non-disposable poncho. Even if a slight rain drizzle doesn't generally bother you, you don't want to get sick on your travel expedition. Hiking, beach destinations, or even vacations involving theme parks will definitely warrant this material. If ponchos aren't your thing, pack a small compact umbrella that will easily fit into your carry-on.

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2 Back-Up Credit Card

Typically, people have more than one credit card. While you shouldn't bring all of them with you on your solo vacation, you should remember to bring more than one. Despite having pre-communicated with your credit card provider about your travels, there is still a chance that your credit card may not work right away. This is when cash and a second credit card can save you. Bring a second credit card—preferably from another provider—that you know will hold you over until you main card has time to take effect.

1 Laundry Bag

People forget to back laundry bags simply because they think they'll never use it. While this might be common for quick getaway or family travels, once you have had time to explore the world on your own, you will come to appreciate this little accessory. Laundry bags make separating your soiled laundry much easier, plus it makes your trip to the laundry that much less frustrating.

If you're staying at a hotel, you might get lucky and be able to ask for one from the front desk. However, never underestimate that need for a good old laundry bag, especially for solo travelers.

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