Choosing what to pack on a cruise to Alaska might be a challenging process to complete successfully. An Alaska cruise, in contrast to other cruises, will expose tourists to a variety of weather conditions, necessitating the packing of clothing that will keep them warm at a consistent temperature throughout the journey. So here is a packing list that tourists should consider bringing with them when traveling to Alaska.

15 Vest

While onboard a cruise ship, bringing a high-quality vest can make a significant difference in the overall comfort level in terms of warmth. Tourists can utilize it by layering it over a long-sleeve T-shirt when the weather gets chilly or wearing it as an additional layer under a coat when the weather is a little milder. This will surely be a good thing to bring when going for an Alaska cruise.

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14 Windbreaker Or Raincoat That Is Both Waterproof And Windproof

A raincoat or a windbreaker is a must-have in one’s luggage in case of unexpected downpours. Outdoor activities benefit greatly from rain jackets that can be folded up and carried around easily in a backpack or other small carrying case. This is a must-have so one need not forget to bring one!

13 Waterproof Footwear

To make the most of an Alaskan cruise's best excursions, tourists will need a pair of waterproof shoes. If planning to go hiking through Alaska's untamed wilderness or take part in other outdoor activities like zip-lining, kayaking, or any other activities it is recommended for travelers to make sure they have a pair of water-resistant hiking boots or waterproof boots.

12 Bring Binoculars

The wildlife tourists will see while on an Alaskan cruise is one of the most appealing aspects of doing the trip. Regardless of how far away they are from anything they like to see, binoculars will let them get the greatest view of the wildlife in Alaska's wilderness from their balcony or the ship's deck. A whale-watching trip in Alaska necessitates this. So, tourists should not forget to bring binoculars!

11 Waterproof Bag

Consider taking a waterproof bag in a suitcase if planning on participating in any of the many outdoor activities that an Alaskan cruise has to offer while on board. Kayaking, fishing, or participating in any other aquatic Alaskan experience will be much more enjoyable without having to worry about belongings becoming wet. So it is recommended for tourists that along with waterproof footwear, they also bring waterproof bags for their clothes and other things that should not be wet.

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10 Insect Repellant

When traveling to Alaska, it is common to spend some time in the fresh air and outdoors to enjoy the sceneries it offers. While it is reasonable to expect that the cold weather will keep mosquitoes away, this is not always the case. Tourists still should pack some insect repellent in their suitcases because the Alaskan outdoors may be quite moist. Bringing insect repellents will keep them safe from mosquito bites while they are exploring the location.

9 Sunscreen

One might think that because they won't be resting on a beach on their Alaska cruise, they won't need to bring any sunscreen with them. However, this is not the case because they still need to take into consideration that they will be participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Tourists may be standing in the sun for an extended period of time while admiring the beauties of glaciers and wildlife, so it is recommended for them to carry along a bottle of SPF to protect their face and neck from the sun's harmful rays.

8 Bring Hats And Gloves

Hats and gloves are small but still necessary items to include in a tourist’s Alaska cruise packing list as temperatures that fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit necessitate the use of thick beanies and caps. Meanwhile, a pair of thick gloves, which let tourists swipe through their phones while wearing them, is highly recommended, especially when it's cold.

7 Water Bottle

People can easily become dehydrated, even if the weather isn't particularly hot in Alaska. This is true, particularly for those who choose to engage in more physical activities such as trekking. To avoid dehydration, it is recommended for travelers to bring a water bottle along with them.

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6 Bring Gadgets To Take Pictures

A cruise to Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the majestic glaciers up close from the comfort of a stateroom balcony or to get up to see the state's diverse wildlife. When it comes to photographing the natural beauty of the trip, it's a good idea for tourists to carry a waterproof camera, chargers, memory cards, and extra batteries.

5 Bring Sunglasses

Most of the tourist's time will be spent near or on the water. In order to see more clearly on the water, they should wear sunglasses.

4 Insulated Travel Mug

It is recommended that travelers bring insulated mugs on their own so they can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea when on the balcony enjoying the view of Alaska.

3 Bring A Reading Material Such As Magazines Or Books

Anybody can be bored while on deck so to lessen that boredom, it is recommended to bring any reading material such as novels, books, or even magazines. Bringing something for tourists to entertain themselves is a good idea for when there may not be things to do onboard.

2 Bring A Swimsuit

There are indoor swimming pools on deck, so if tourists get bored with nothing else to do, it is recommended to swim those worries away in the pool. Those pools of course are heated for the tourists and will surely warm their bodies against the cold weather in Alaska.

1 Do Not Forget Toiletries

Despite the fact that cruise lines will supply the rooms with shower gel, shampoo, and soap, it is still recommended for tourists to bring their own toiletries. This is especially important if they want to use something that is effective on them or they usually use.

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