There are many reasons why Disneyland is a magical place. Disneyland is a place of childhood nostalgia, pretty fireworks, thrilling roller coaster rides, and happy faces. Even Disney's newest cruise ship is equipped to make visitors' vacations a magical experience! However, many people may argue that part of Disneyland's allure is its numerous food options. For years, Disneyland enticed travelers to visit the park with their innovative twist on classic theme park fare, often creating cute treats that resemble Disney characters.

Every year, Disney concocts cute creations that entice people to visit the park. However, there are some classics that the park has kept in modern times that still capture the hearts of many parkgoers. Take a look at Disneyland's most popular foods and how they've changed (or haven't changed).

8 Mickey Waffles

What's better than waffles? Mickey-shaped waffles! In the early 1980s, Disney wanted to design a waffle to resemble the mouse mascot's face, struggling to develop a waffle iron that would create a robustly-shaped waffle. Throughout the decades, Mickey Waffles has been a morning institution enjoyed at numerous Disney resorts, Disney-themed cruises, and throughout the park.

The shape of these cute waffles hasn't changed since their creation. However, today, parkgoers can enjoy these waffles in various flavors at different locations throughout Disneyland. Even in Tokyo Disneyland, visitors can try seasonal flavors of the Mickey Waffle at The Great American Waffle Company.

7 Popcorn

Warm, fresh, buttery popcorn is a staple at many county fairs and movie nights. But this salty snack is also a classic snack enjoyed at Disneyland since the park's opening in 1955. For decades, parkgoers can enjoy not only a bag of salted popcorn but also popcorn featured in a myriad of flavors. Guests can also chow down on some sweet caramel kettle corn or other varieties like butter toffee almond, truffle, or even blueberry almond. Tourists can also collect a unique array of popcorn tubs as souvenirs from their park visit!

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6 Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake

How can one make PBJ better? If it's transformed into milkshake form, of course! In 1989, Disney chefs probably kept this in mind when creating the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake for Disneyland's 50s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. Since its creation, the PBJ Milkshake hasn't changed much throughout the decades because it's such a hit at the park! There's not much to improve perfection, and the PBJ Milkshake at Disney it's a perfect example of this! This treat is an ideal blend of sweet and salty, with a dollop of whip cream to add to the shake's richness.

5 The Mickey Bar

Despite its simplicity, the Mickey Bar is an iconic treat that is one of the most-recognized snacks linked to the theme park. This sweet treat is an ice cream bar dipped in milk chocolate in the shape of Mickey Mouse. This treat was released in 1985, but originally, the treat was only an oval shape. Then, in the 1990s, Disney decided to transform the bar to resemble Disney's most famous mascot. Today, the treat can be enjoyed and bought from ice cream parts at Disney's four theme parks. However, this favorite ice cream bar can also be found in grocery stores!

4 The Mickey Pretzel

How can a pretzel be made better? If it's shaped like a fun character, of course! Like the Mickey Bar, the Mickey Pretzel is another staple at the Disney theme parks. This handheld treat is made to resemble the face of Disney's most iconic mouse. Despite its simplicity, the rocks of salt and its cheesy dipping sauce have made this soft snack an all-time park favorite since 1982. Few people in the world can resist a soft pretzel, let alone a Mickey Mouse-shaped one!

3 Mickey Rice Krispy Treat

Many diehard Disney park-goers may remember chowing down on a Mickey Mouse-shaped "crispy rice" treat when hanging out at Disneyland. This classic is still yet another popular snack at the park, and visitors can even watch how cast members make these special treats at Disney World's Main Street Confectionary. Throughout the decades, visitors could enjoy an array of Rice Krispie treats of different shapes, sizes, and flavors. From giant head-sized Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie treats to smaller lollypop confections, visitors can try the treats dipped in different chocolate flavors and toppings. The toppings may have changed throughout the years, but one thing has remained constant: these treats are huge!

2 Dole Whip

There's a lot of competition on this list, but many visitors of Disneyland can't get enough of the Dole Whip served at the Walt Disney World Resorts and Adventureland. After making essential stops in Animal Kingdom, the Dole Whip is also a nice dessert to indulge in afterward. This cool treat was introduced to Disneyland's Tiki Bar in 1986 and was also released alongside the Dole Whip Float. The Dole Whip is a soft-serve dessert that tastes like pineapple (though flavors like orange, raspberry, mango, lemon, and strawberry are now available at the parks).

Hungry vegan travelers seeking plant-based cuisine can rejoice: though today's Dole Whip is a certified vegan treat, it was originally made with dairy products! Disney's Dole Whip is currently made with non-dairy creamer, sugar, and various flavors.

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1 The Grey Stuff

It may harbor an unappetizing name, but it's delicious according to Beauty and the Beast! In 2012, the park opened a restaurant after this classic Disney movie. The restaurant also released a dessert called 'The Grey Stuff,' which was only reserved for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. A year later, in 2013, the park decided to release The Master's Cupcake, which consisted of a chocolate cake garnished with the Grey Stuff. However, it would only be until 2017 (and for a limited time) that Fantasyland released a particular menu item called the Grey Stuff Gateau—a red velvet cake with hints of raspberry and the Grey Stuff.

Compared to other snacks at Disneyland, the Grey Stuff is a reasonably new menu item; yet, in a short amount of time, it's managed to capture the heart of passionate Disney fans worldwide!

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