We all love to head away during the holidays, whether it be visiting family or going away on holiday.

As it turns out, as reported by MSN, more Americans will be traveling than ever before with a record-breaking 115 million being tipped to travel during that busy period.

Facts Behind The Figures

Most of the travelers in question will decide to travel via car, driving either a few miles or potentially hundreds. On the other hand, you've got 6.97 million Americans who will choose to fly with trains, buses and cruise ships making up 3.81 million.


The split is clear that a lot of people in the United States enjoy driving on the roads as opposed to any other form.

When Will They Travel

The official 'holiday period' is known for being between December 21 and January 1, with this being the highest projection since records began in 2000. The worst day for congestion is going to be December 26 aka Boxing Day which should come as no major surprise.

The busiest time to fly in an overall sense will be between December 21 and December 23 with the specific busiest day being December 22 as people get out ahead of the rush - or attempt to.

The Desired Destinations

While it may seem a little bit more natural to embrace the cold during the winter period, most folks are preferring to head on over to the hot destinations.

The top locations on the list include California, Orlando, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa and Phoenix - although New York City also features.

Mexico and the Caribbean are also very popular.