While staying at a hotel, it is always fun to go down to the hotel bar or a restaurant within the hotel to enjoy an “adult beverage.”

Some hotels keep the cocktail menu straightforward and simple, with the usual offerings you’d see pretty much anywhere.

Then there are the hotels that really step it up a notch with amazing cocktail creations that are almost too artistic to drink. But of course, you do anyway. That’s what they’re there for!

Whether you are in the U.S. or vacationing abroad, there are so many hotels - both every day and extravagant - with interesting cocktails to be had. Most of us can’t travel to all of them, so this list of 10 will narrow things down.

Not only do these cocktails look lovely, but they are probably delightfully delicious too. Bartenders and mixologists from near and far put in plenty of effort to serve up a drink that dazzles.

11 The Mega Moscow Mule At Dream Midtown NYC

The Moscow Mule is nothing new, but this one from the Dream Midtown NYC is an over-sized option for those who are especially thirsty...or something like that. This drink is a classic, but when in the Big Apple, you gotta go big! This woman isn’t even sure where to start.

10 Behold The Bloody Mary At Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar In The LINQ Hotel

Celeb chef Guy Fieri never does anything basic, so leave it to the wild fella to whip up a Bloody Mary that’s mega-sized. This drink is more like dinner, or perhaps brunch since that’s when lots of folks enjoy this type of drink. Vegas is the place to go wild, so why not start with something spicy?

9 Cotton Candy Creation At Tir na nog In Ginza

Who says cotton candy is just for kids? This sinfully sweet drink looks like a dentist’s worst nightmare, but those who enjoy it don’t much care about the cavities. This is so creative and fun, but sticky hands are part of the process. How exactly does one pick it up?

8 Martini To The Max At London’s The Savoy’s American Bar

Martinis are a go-to drink, but not many places serve them up quite like this. Paired with all the fixin’s and even some shellfish, this prime platter is meant for sophistication and big spending. Cheers to something special, but remember to stick to just one...these cocktails are strong, even if they don’t look daunting.

7 Do It Up At Disney’s Yacht And Beach Club In Orlando Florida

Disney is fun for the whole family, and when big cocktails are part of the vacation, things for mom and dad get even better. We wonder if you can go on the rides after having one of these bad boys. There must be a rule about this somewhere in the amusement park literature.

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6 A Leg Up – “Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan” At Eau de Vie In Sydney & Melbourne Australia

The Cosmopolitan became super popular thanks to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, but her drinks never came served like this. Perhaps the girls should have taken a trip to Australia to get this Cosmo experience. NYC may have been their playground, but the Cosmos are far more creative “Down Under.”

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5 Three’s Company At STK Ibiza

When a cocktail is large enough for three people, you know the bartender had something in mind. This giant drink sure looks tasty, but hopefully, they all share equally. If one sipper slurps it all, it’s just not fair to the others. Not to mention how tipsy they’ll be after one-too-many sips.

4 One Cool Kiwi – The “Kiwi Vanilla” At The Hotel Bar In Tenerife

Kiwi and vanilla together sounds quite tasty. Who knew these flavors would be so delish in a creamy cocktail? Not only does it sound yummy, but the drink itself looks artistic and creative. When the weather is warm, this drink looks like it would go down the hatch with no effort at all.

3 Who’s Thirsty? – PBR Rock Bar & Grill In Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this gal is sure to tell all her friends about this enormous cocktail she guzzled down while partying in “Sin City.” Hopefully, this huge glass isn’t overloaded with alcohol, but even drinking so much juice could make a person jittery. She doesn’t seem to feel any effects…yet.

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2 Drawing Straws – At The London House Rooftop Bar In Chicago

Another huge drink means sharing is part of the process. These two have plenty of straws to select from, and they could even invite another guest (or more) to take a sip. Since when is sharing cocktails a trend? Wouldn’t most people prefer to order their own? How about some food too, folks?

1 Chocolate To Chug At The Chocolate Bar At The New York Hotel In Las Vegas

The chocolate lovers who can’t get enough sweet richness in their lives are sure to crave this lineup of martinis at the New York hotel. This one looks more like a decadent dessert than a cocktail, but it sure seems delicious. Those who are watching their waistline should probably choose something else off the cocktail menu.

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