10 Real Life Outlander Locations You Need To Visit

Outlander fans might not be able to go back in time and find their own gorgeous Scot to fall in love with, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a little of that Outlander experience by visiting some of the places from the series. Whether these are filming locations that got a bit of a makeover for the sake of the show, or places that are the same in Outlander and in real life, any fan of the Starz show will love walking in the footsteps of Claire and Jamie on a trip to the gorgeous Highlands.

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And while the show takes place over multiple countries, every location on this list can be found in Scotland, so that you don't have to make your Outlander trip a world-wide one to enjoy these gorgeous spots.

10 Doune Castle (Castle Leoch)

Doune Castle became Castle Leoch for the filming of Outlander, but other than the name change, you'll feel just like you are at the seat of House MacKenzie as soon as you pull up to this ancient castle. The courtyard and exterior were used extensively for filming, and the kitchen was reproduced exactly... although a set was used, because the actual kitchen was a little too small to be filmed in. As well as Outlander, Doune Castle has also appeared in Game of Thrones, so don't expect to be the only fandom here!

9 Drummond Castle (Palace of Versailles Gardens)

Of course, you could always take a trip to France, and visit the actual Palace of Versailles... but for anyone who wants to stick to Scotland and re-create some of their favorite Outlander scenes, take a quick trip to Drummond Castle, instead. The gardens of Drummond Castle were used for scenes in season 2, when Claire and Jamie met Black Jack Randall in France. They are also stunningly beautiful formal gardens, worth a visit on their own.

8 Culross (Cranesmuir)

Scotland is dotted with picturesque villages, and Culross is not just beautiful, but was also the stand-in for the fictional town of Cranesmuir in Outlander. This is where Geilis Duncan lived near Castle Leoch, and where Claire was nearly burned at the stake!

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No fear of that happening now, of course, and visitors to Culross can enjoy the Culross Palace (and buy produce from their organic garden!), as well as a wander through the town and a visit to the recognizable town square.

7 Culloden Field

This one isn't just a filming location, it's a truly historic one. While many of the events and locations in Outlander are fictional, the Battle of Culloden is heartbreakingly real. Now, Culloden Field has been restored (as far as possible) to how it looked during this time period - but with the addition of a visitor's center where you can learn about the history of the battle. This is definitely one of the more somber spots to visit for Outlander fans, but as a huge part of the series and of Scottish history, it is well worth the visit.

6 Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness

Any visitor to Scotland is likely to take a day trip (at least) to the famous Loch Ness, and Outlander fans may even be more keen than most to try and spot the fabled Loch Ness monster. And even if you don't manage to see Nessie, there are plenty of shops and cafes, Loch Ness Monster museums (check out some old footage, even if you miss the live monster!) and of course, the stunning Urquhart Castle.

5 Clava Cairns (Craigh Na Dun)

If you had to pick the most important location in the world of Outlander, it would probably be Craigh Na Dun, the standing stones where Claire is first transported (accidentally) back in time. There are actually many, many, stone circles in the Highlands of Scotland, and you may stumble across one just going on a hike! However, if you want to visit the place where these scenes were shot, that's Clava Cairns, a bronze age burial grounds.

4 Wardlaw Mausoleum

Any Outlander fan who wants to visit the places that have a real connection to the history mentioned in the book, and not just the filming locations, will love a visit to Wardlow. Yes, this is a Mausoleum, so it may not be the cheeriest of spots to check out, but it is the family burial place of the real-life Lovat Frasers.

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The 'Old Fox', the Lord Lovat of real Scottish history, is even buried here (although there is some debate about that...). This is a perfect way to connect to the real history of Jamie's family.

3 Glencorse Old Kirk

While there's plenty of adventure in the series, Outlander is primarily a romance - and one that starts (rather than ends) with a wedding! The Glencorse Old Kirk is the beautiful church where Claire and Jamie first tied the knot, and is the perfect spot for couples who are Outlander fans to visit. However, unlike most of the spots on this list, this is not usually open to the general public. Anyone can have a look from the roadside, but with a little planning, it's possible to contact the owners for a private tour.

2 Glencoe

Glencoe and the Glencoe valley are gorgeous spots to visit - and are heavily featured in Outlander's opening credits (and they've also appeared in many other famous films, including Harry Potter). While this may not be somewhere where fans can recreate their favorite shot from the TV series, it's definitely somewhere to get those Outlander vibes. It's also got connections to the real-life history of the Jacobite rebellion, as it isn't far from the Glenfinnan Monument - dedicated to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites.

1 Dysart Harbor (Le Havre)

Finally, Dysart Harbor was a stand-in for Le Havre, in France. This location is actually not far from Edinburgh, so Outlander fans can check out the beautiful and busy harbor... and then make their way to Edinburgh itself. Wander around this gorgeous city, or even take an Outlander-specific tour, and discover all the spots in Edinburgh that Claire and Jamie would have walked.

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