It's no secret that outdoor trips are becoming more popular and travelers are opting for car rides over air travel. And luckily, statistics studies are proving that these trips are well within the limits of a healthy way to spend time. While vacations have been shown to boost moods (obviously), studies are now revealing the increased benefit of road trips to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Whether one of America's most gorgeous camping destinations is on the list or a hike in one of the many state parks that are open is on the itinerary, they're all happiness-boosters.


According to Travel Pulse, many people are swapping out their original travel plans for investments such as RVs and camping gear, and taking to nature to find the perfect getaway. These brief reprieves still offer all the relaxation of a typical vacation with one added benefit: No stress over crowded hotels, airports, or public transportation. While isolation might be an unusual means to get a vacation, it's one that many are finding joy in as Mother Nature continues to lure travelers in.

A study that was done by Outdoorsy called "Road to Wellness" revealed that 94% of Americans report feeling far less stressed and healthier overall upon returning from their retreat in the woods, so to speak. This was especially apparent for families, who also had young children to consider, many of whom also felt as though they had returned feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The study was conducted with a total of 1,400 people in order to reflect what travel and vacations were now beginning to look like in 2020, and whether or not the benefits were comparable to that of what the average vacation would look like.

Statistically-Proven Reasons To Turn To The Great Outdoors

The study allowed experts to delve even deeper into the positive restoring effects of spending time outside, thus bringing to the table a list of solid reasons for why travelers should consider it for their next getaway. Additionally, the time spent with those we love was shown to have a radically positive effect on a person's mood, especially when combined with the serenity of being immersed in nature.

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Much of the reduced stress was due to the fact that despite canceled plans, travelers were relieved over the fact that airfare and planes were no longer part of their itinerary. Traveling via plane has proven to be tricky and many experts have differing opinions over whether or not it's actually safe, making it confusing for the average traveler. It boils down to whether or not the traveler deems the risk worthy of taking and sometimes, that's a big burden to bear. Other stress relief came from knowing that trips had been canceled and refunded, and there would be no risk taken, regardless of transportation or bookings. With open vacation time and vacation money back in some cases, new - safer - plans alleviated any remaining concern.

Who travelers are going on "vacation" with also makes a difference. While worrying about more than one person potentially being a carrier is concerning, limiting vacations to outdoor spaces or isolated, personal RVs minimizes that risk factor. Traveling together, yet separate, is the new way to take vacations, and it's proving to boost moods all around. The ability to go away with family which travelers haven't seen or to get away with a significant other is definitely something that many have missed and as long as it's not in a crowded place, there's no rule saying otherwise.

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Another factor that played a large role in trips that remained closed to home is the ability to work from home. While many hotels are now including "work from home" packages in their room rentals or allowing rooms to be rented for the day, week, or month, many are still taking to the road. As long as there's an internet connection, travelers are realizing that not only can they get away from the daily stress of life (in a sense) but they can also take their work on the road with them. While this might seem like it defeats the purpose of a "vacation," a change of scenery in order to refocus is sometimes all that's needed.

And finally, the length, variety, and agelessness of new vacations were a big draw for some people. The Great Outdoors has no age limit and this has been a fact appreciated highly by families. Furthermore, the fact that a long weekend can be plenty of time to get away and do absolutely nothing has been a huge selling point. It could be said that travelers are beginning to appreciate the little things, such as escaping to their local state park for a few days or taking a day trip to a secluded area.

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