The Salt Flats in Bolivia are one of the most spectacular places to visit in South America. Let yourself get completely blown away by the sheer size and amazing vision of the Uyuni Salt Flats. Imagine natural salts as far as the eye can see. They create mesmerizing glittering reflections that create a magical landscape that seems otherworldly! So no matter what kind of vacation you’re hoping to plan, visiting the Uyuni Salt Flats could be an amazing experience. This sparkling place of natural phenomenon could be a wonderful romantic vacation or a fun-filled adventure for the whole family! From exploring geysers to colorful lagoons in the desert valley at over 5000 meters above sea level, there is so much to see and do!It’s important to keep in mind that the grounds at this magical place could be a bit dangerous and slippery. It’s important to wear proper shoes and follow the guidelines for safety while walking through the land. Make sure to also bring your camera to get some miraculous photos to brighten up your Instagram posts.


The Salt Flats are Huge

As the name suggests the lands in the salt flats in Bolivia are giant open areas made entirely of salt! It’s truly salt surrounding as far as you can look! The area of the Salt Flats is over 4,000 square miles, making it the largest Salt Flats in the whole world! Because of the size, it’s best to plan for several days to make sure you see it all. Uyuni offers a wide variety of 3-day tours through the Salt Flats to help make sure you get the most out of your experience. The most common tour offered is a 3-day and 2-night tour with a guide who speaks English. Make sure to stay through sunset to see the best reflections through the salt lands, check to see how late the tours stay in the Salt Flats to see the sunsets!

There are many tours to choose from that usually start and end in Uyuni, or, start in Uyuni and end in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Make sure to check the ending destination and how close it is to your hotel location. Uyuni is also the cheapest place to do Salt Flat tours.

Important Information About The Salt Flats

The Salt Flats were created by prehistoric lakes that evaporated, leaving behind trails of salt. The salt is several meters thick and converts the entire flat area next to Uyuni. In fact, the Bolivia Salt Flats is one of the flattest places on earth! This beautiful landscape gives you the opportunity to have fantastic photoshoots that look like you’re in another world, the future, or anything else you can come up with. It could even be a fun adventure for the kids to bring little dinosaur toys and take photos like prehistoric times.

It’s important to note that between January and March, much of the Salt Flats is closed due to flooding. It’s usually very dry during the months of June to December, but the nighttime can become very chilly and get down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of this, the most optimal times to visit would be April and May. The weather during this time is mostly dry, but there are still some residual rain spots left over to create more sparkling and amazing sites through the Salt Flat. You’ll also experience mostly warm weather, and it’s almost a guarantee that there won’t be any closers.

While visiting the Salt Flats, extend your stay and visit some other close areas. San Pedro de Atacama in Chile could be an amazing place to visit. This is just across the way from the Salt Flats in Bolivia. There are tours that offer trips across the way from the Salt Flats to San Pedro de Atacama. There are specific four-day long tours from San Pedro for only $200 US dollars, and it even includes meals!

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Another great place to visit around the Salt Flats is Tupiza. This town is also a very convenient location with tours that stretch to and from Tupiza to the Salt Flats. This amazing land has a wonderful four-day tour to explore starting at just $700 US dollars. Keep in mind to check the language that each tour guide speaks, often they only speak Spanish.

Lastly, despite being a little farther away from the Salt Flats, visiting La Paz is quite a worthwhile experience. There’s a tour that takes you on a small flight over to La Paz from Uyuni. This will help save funds and time during your trip and still give you an optimized vacation experience.

The Salt Flats Experience

The Salt Flats are an amazing experience with beautiful views but that’s not the only thing you can see there! You’ll be visiting several deserts, a few different lakes, a train graveyard, geysers spewing steam, hot springs, flamingos, and more!

The sun at the Salt Flats can be strong and a little harsh, it’s important to wear sunscreen, bring a hat and good sunglasses. Also, be sure to bring a lot of water since not all tours will carry this on their experience.

Gather your family and friends and get ready for an amazing experience across one of nature's most amazing phenomena.