Anniversaries are some of life’s most important moments that need to be celebrated in special ways. At first, it might not mean a lot but as the years go by, some of these little special moments might be all one has left of a friend or partner. Hence, the need to take these meaningful dates seriously and celebrate them in special ways. People often have lots of anniversaries to celebrate but whether it’s an anniversary to celebrate love, friendship, or an achievement, here are some exciting out-of-the-box ideas that are sure to create unforgettable memories.

10 Engage In A Scary And Thrilling Activity/ Overcome Your Fears

Moments of extreme fear and excitement are often unforgettable. People often have things they are most scared of doing. It could be visiting a haunted mansion, skydiving, or riding a superfast roller coaster. Decide which activity is most scary and include it on a list of things to do on the anniversary. Nothing sticks more than overcoming your fear on your anniversary.

9 Experience A Massage Together

Anniversaries are moments that should be shared and while it is sometimes exciting to celebrate the moment with thrilling activities, a relaxing massage can also be an exciting activity to mark the event. It's exciting to be able to enjoy the pleasure of a massage with a partner or friend. It feels really good and can also be an interesting thing to talk about later.

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8 Revisit The Place Where It All Started

Every interesting thing started from somewhere. The friendship, relationship, or achievement might have started on a beach, a hiking trail, a parade ground, or even a battlefield. Visit those places again, take note of what has changed, smell the breeze, pause for a moment and remember how it felt on that very first day.

7 Dance And Party Together

Dancing is not for everybody but such an exciting activity should be. For anniversaries, organize a party or go to a club in a party-loving city and dance the night away. Those moments of extreme joy and excitement can be all that’s needed to spark the once-shared passionate connection that might have been lost with time.

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6 Spoil Each Other With Gifts

Who doesn’t like gifts? Maybe aliens don’t, but they certainly would not hate it. Gifts are not just for Christmas. They can also be perfect for celebrating anniversaries. For couples, think of a thing your partner loves and spoil them with it. Make them spend hours unboxing the gifts and watch their faces glow in excitement. Maybe even place a bet on who would buy the most gifts for the other partner. Don’t go broke anyway.

5 Renew Your Love/Retake Vows In Beautiful Places

Indeed, nothing lasts forever and everything fades away with time but renewal can make some things last forever. Maybe make a child or a bar attendant stand as the priest on a beautiful shore and retake vows. This is a great way to renew a relationship or friendship. Simple words such as - “Best friends forever” or “I do” with a toast, can reassure the parties involved of the other person’s undying commitment to the relationship or friendship.

4 Watch The Sunset On A Beach

There are many unique ways to observe an anniversary and watching the sunset on a beach is one of the most exciting. Just sitting by the shoreline with legs planted in the soft sand and eyes fixed on the mesmerizing colors of sunset is enough to commemorate the anniversary.

3 Go On A Road Trip

Besides being a great way to enter the zone of the wild and free, road-tripping; It is also an exciting way to celebrate an anniversary. Get on a bike or car and ride nonstop through scenic places, stopping at certain places to take in the views and then hitting the road afterward. Sometimes such a wild and free adventure can be enough to create memories that stick for a lifetime.

2 Travel To An Island Resort Together

Anniversaries deserve to be spent in secluded, beautiful, and pleasurable places. Island resorts fit perfectly into this category. Some beautiful Islands such as the Maldives, Bahamas, and Barbados feature resorts located in front of beautiful white sand beaches and surrounded by turquoise water and lush forests. Such gorgeous places will have friends or partners enjoying a seaside anniversary filled with lots of seafood and adventurous activities.

1 Go Camping

Camping offers the experience that hotels and resorts do not offer - an intimate time with nature. This activity might even turn out to be a regular one for future anniversaries as it is uniquely exciting. Go all out into the woods with a friend or partner, light some candles, and let the birds, the trees, and the sky be the guests on the anniversary celebration.